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Liberal Lexicon: Learning the Language of Leftists

liberal dictionary [1]Words mean things.  But leftists are masters at manipulating the language to fool low-information voters (and non-voters) into thinking their radical and often malevolent ideas are mainstream and benevolent.

This is hardly a new development.  As far back as the Russian Revolution, the minority Communist revolutionaries referred to themselves as the “Bolsheviks,” which roughly translates to “majority,” and to the majority of the country who opposed them as “Mensheviks,” which roughly translates as “minority.”  The Communists knew even then that when people believe their views are in the minority or fringe, they are less willing to exert the courage to fight for or even express those views.

Ever wonder how a movement leftist like Barack Obama, whose radical views actually are shared by only about 20% of the public, wins elections in a country in which an outright majority identify themselves as conservative?  Obama and his fellow travelers enjoy “news” media partners who for decades have portrayed leftism as our country’s mainstream majority view and conservatism as a fringe alternative.  That’s why, to this day, establishment “news” programs almost always have round-table discussion panels consisting of 3-4 liberals and 1 token conservative (if that).

One of the most prominent ways that the establishment “news” media routinely marginalize conservatives and conservatism and promote leftists and leftism is through the language, by routinely disguising both radical leftist ideas and mainstream conservative ideas with deceptive language.

So, in an effort to combat this tactic, I present for your convenience and ease of reference the start of the Liberal Lexicon, a dictionary of leftist propaganda terms.  I intend to regularly repost the Liberal Lexicon with additions, revisions, and updates, and I hope you will use the comments section to offer your own examples of Liberal Lexicon.  I will add any good submissions to the list as we go along.

Most importantly, we all need to stop using the Liberal Lexicon in everyday conversation and discourse.  If we’re going to reclaim our country and culture, we need to stop playing on the leftists’ ball field.

Abortion rights – abortion

Affordable Care Act – legislation designed to destroy the private sector health insurance industry in order to force the American people into a single-payer health system

African-American – any black person regardless of anthropological origin or national citizenship

American patriot – right-wing extremist

Anti-abortion rights – pro-life

Anti-choice – pro-life

Assault weapon – semi-automatic rifle that is incapable of firing more than one round per squeeze of a trigger but that looks scary

Bigot; racist – Any conservative who is winning an argument with a leftist

Bipartisanship – A small number of liberal Republicans helping the Democrats to advance their agenda

Black conservative – race-traitor; Uncle Tom

Christian – right-wing extremist who believes in a mythological being that requires him to hurt and kill non-believers

Christmas – holiday contrived by Christians for the purpose of offending Jews and other non-Christians

Civil rights – in current form, movement to advance leftism by fraudulently convincing black people that the majority of white people hate them so as to frighten and enrage them into remaining in the Democrat Party and to deflect attention from the fact that Democrat Party policies have been the primary cause of distress in the black community for the past half-century

Climate change – pseudoscience inspired by eugenics movement and designed to destroy capitalism that asserts that human activity that, in its entirety, has altered the environment less than any typical volcanic eruption throughout the entire planetary history is responsible for changes to a climate that has always been dynamic and never has been static (previously known as new ice age or global warming)

Common sense – any Democrat/leftist idea

Community organizer – one who incites hatred and violence to achieve leftist ends

Congress – Legislative branch of government whose duly passed laws are to be interpreted or ignored by the president as necessary to advance the Democrats’/leftists’ agenda

Conservative Democrat – Democrat, usually from the South, who hides his liberal voting record with conservative rhetoric

Constitution – living document with language that is to be interpreted or ignored as necessary to advance Democrat/leftist agenda

Conservative – moderate liberal

Deficit – theft on a massive scale of the wealth of future generations to provide for the luxury of current Democrats

Democrat – person with pure motives dedicated to social justice and all that is good and right

Democratic Party – party entitled by nature to govern regardless of election results

Democratic Socialist – socialist

Entitlement – taxpayer money taken from those who earned it and redistributed to people who are not entitled to it

Extreme; extremist – any mainstream conservative idea or proponent thereof, esp. Republican

Extreme weather – attribution of weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes that have been occurring for billions of years to climate change

Fact-checker – left-wing propaganda presented by the mainstream news media as “corrections” of (often accurate) assertions by conservatives

Fair share – whatever amount of taxation of the rich is necessary to ensure that they bear the entire burden of financing the government, including all entitlement programs

Global warming – Climate change

Gun control; gun reform – efforts to repeal the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms

Invest – spend obscene amounts of taxpayers’ money on wasteful government programs

Living wage – government-mandate requiring that unskilled workers be paid the same amount as those who went to the effort of gaining an education or skilled training

Liberal – no such word exists in the Liberal Lexicon

Mainstream – Any Democrat/leftist idea

Mainstream news media – Leftist/Democrat Party propagandists

Mass shooting – any mass shooting involving minority victims or that can otherwise be portrayed in a manner to advance gun control or civil rights (Note:  Mass shootings are never committed by Muslims)

Middle class – Democrat voters

Moderate – liberal

Muslim – person of Islamic faith who is therefore, by definition, dedicated to peace and non-violence

Muslim Extremists – fictional bogeymen created by Republicans and right-wing extremists to defame Muslims caught in acts of violence

Neoconservative – Jewish right-wing extremist

New ice age – climate change

Obamacare – what the Affordable Care Act was called before it forced millions of people to change insurance providers and doctors and dramatically increased their premiums

Partisanship – Republican efforts to advance their agenda

Police – government military force dedicated to killing black people

President – Chief executive of United States who is empowered to take any action necessary to advance the Democrats’/leftists’ agenda

Progressive – leftist

Public education – government schools committed to leftist indoctrination

Republican – bigotracist, homophobe, xenophobe, and/or any other person dedicated to hatefully oppressing all people not exactly like themselves and dedicated to enriching the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class

Republican Party – fringe party consisting entirely of right-wing extremists who have no right to govern regardless of election results

Revenues – taxes

Rich – financial status of those with more wealth than most Democrats

Right-wing – mainstream conservative

Single-payer health system – socialized medicine

Stimulus – use of serious economic crisis to redistribute nearly $1 trillion of taxpayer money to labor unions and other Democrat allies

Spending cuts – any Republican proposal to increase spending on an existing government program

Supreme Court – second legislative branch of government, whose decisions are to be interpreted as necessary to advance the Democrats’/leftists’ agenda

Suspected terrorist – anyone who listens to conservative talk radio

Talking point – A point made by a conservative that is shrugged off by a liberal because he is unable to refute it substantively

Tax cuts – tax cuts for the rich

Tea Partyterrorist organization consisting of of right-wing extremists

Terrorist – anyone identifying himself as an American patriot

Uncle Tom – black conservative

U.S. armed forces – American military force dedicated to killing innocent people around the world and, where available, stealing their oil resources

Voter fraud – Republican votes

Workers; working familiesDemocrats; union members

Workplace violence – domestic terrorism