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Daily Progress: Cantor’s Advice To UVA Batten

Eric_Cantor_headshot [1]The Daily Progress talked about former U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s visit to the UVA Batten School last Thursday, with some pretty solid advice for those in the crowd:

Cantor first identified several areas of concern that tend to have bipartisan support, including criminal justice reform and jumpstarting American businesses. Using the JOBS Act of 2012 as an example of both sides working together, Cantor said both the left and right can usually agree that the hurdles for people trying to open businesses need to be lowered.

“The United States being a startup nation is something both sides can agree with,” Cantor said.

He also spoke about the benefits of tax reform to help more small businesses stay open. Currently, he said, businesses are shutting down at a faster rate than new ones can open. Criticizing Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren, who he said want to distribute wealth to the middle and lower classes, Cantor said government should “give a hand up, not a hand out.”

Turning to the students, Cantor addressed questions ranging from “What is it like to be a member of Congress” to “How can the Republican presidential candidates attract immigrant voters” and “Do Republicans need to change their stance on social issues like abortion to attract younger voters?”

Cantor of course talked about immigration.  You can go to the article for your dose of reality [2], should you be so inclined.

One thing is clear.  Cantor is not backing down either from the national or state spotlight, and rather than being one vote, Cantor seems poised to be in position to influence dozens more.

…which is good news for conservative insurgents in VA-07 looking to make a change from its one-off populist mistake.