UPDATED: “Friends of DT” get an unfriendly response from Trump

Yesterday inboxes across the Commonwealth were graced with an invitation to a NOVA event to meet and greet with The Donald. The email was sent by Howie Lind who identified himself as the Virginia Chairman for Donald Trump for President. The pick left many heads scratched as people tried to figure out where the pick came from and sent others digging into more information about the event and who exactly was behind it.

Howie Lind's email

The email from Lind was paid for by FriendsOfDT.us which appeared to have no outward association with Donald Trump or his Presidential campaign other than using his name and likeness and wanting to raise money to, theoretically, help Trump’s campaign from the outside.

friendsofdt donate

This morning Virginia woke up to find the event cancelled.

friendsofdt tbe trump

This evening, we learned that the event in Loudoun County has been canceled. Further, the website of the “Friends of DT” organization has been taken down as of publication of this post.

Sources close to the Trump campaign indicated to The Bull Elephant that Friends of DT is a “rogue group” with no affiliation at all to the Trump organization.

Donald Scoggins, on the host committee for the event, had said earlier Monday via Facebook that $100 committee guest tickets were selling out fast (either a tactic to spur sales or the truth). Last evening Scoggins said the event had been cancelled and that they’d notify people when it was rescheduled.

FriendsOfDT.us’s front page has been taken down, but the guts are still available for anyone who wants to dig around.

FriendsOfDT.us was registered in early August by Charles “Chuck” Floyd, a Maryland based politico who was representing himself as the Mid-Atlantic Coordinator of Trump for President — information that was not easily verified via Google (or Bing, but, really, who uses Bing?).

So in 24 hours, Virginia went from having a statewide Trump coordinator and event in Northern Virginia to having neither and a bunch of burning questions remaining:

– What exactly is FriendsOfDT.us? A super PAC for Trump? A third party “scam PAC” of the ilk Ken Cuccinelli sued and settled with?

Keep in mind: There is a history of “scam PACs” successfully operating to take money from conservatives and Tea Party supporters in an effort to make consultants very wealthy with very little actually going to causes and candidates. But very rarely do those PAC’s actually promote physical events and claim the candidate is actually going to be there.

– Was this a poorly handled and executed actual campaign event for Donald Trump?

– Is Howie Lind really the statewide coordinator for Trump for President? Did Howie Lind not know FriendsOfDT wasn’t official and was he duped into believing he was attached to the campaign? Did Howie Lind take part in an effort to boost a “scam PAC” and make oodles of money off of Virginia Republicans?

– Is Chuck Floyd connected to the Trump campaign at all?

Lingering questions that stand out as other campaigns make their moves in Virginia. Walker, Bush and Cruz have all started rolling out their statewide operations and announced chairs and petition efforts to get on the ballot, with a few others preparing to roll out soon. Trump will need to do the same if he’s going to have the ground game needed to get on the ballot and win in Virginia.


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