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The parade of stupid

The parade of stupid continues within Republican ranks regarding the nation’s borders, with Scott Walker mentioning in his “Meet the Press” interview that the idea of erecting a wall along the 5,000+ mile border we share with Canada is a “legitimate issue. [1]” Oh, and the Southern border is where the real trouble is, beefing up national security, we love our troops, etc.

But those Canadians…

Walker has shown himself to be at sea [2] of late, sort of like the Bush campaign and its sally against anchor babies birth tourism. Yeah, that didn’t end well…

But to be fair to Walker, he’s less nutty than Ben Carson, who wants to seal all the nation’s borders [3]:

“We have laws and we need to be able to pay attention to our laws and what I have said consistently is we need to seal our borders—but not just the southern border, the northern border, the Pacific border, the Atlantic border, every border.”

Good grief.

But the good Doctor wants to up the ante on those sealed borders by employing armed drones [4] to snuff out drug cartels who may have hidden caves on U.S soil.

Death from above takes on a whole new meaning.

I look forward to the first presidential candidate who calls for taking folks like packages once the enter the U.S.

Oh wait…Chris Christie already has [5].

Gonna be a long, long campaign.