Barbara Comstock gets a primary for 2016!

My first article for Bearing Drift was about the whining on a certain website about Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. The racist-in-chief over there had written some nasty post about the Congresswoman and assured readers that the 10th District Committee would “DEMAND” a  convention for her in 2016. The diatribe went something like this:

“Congressman Comstock’s vote is appalling and an example of exactly why Republicans in Virginia need local conventions to nominate our candidates.

If Comstock continues down the path of voting with democrats, and cozying up to Eric Cantor and John Boehner, Republicans in the 10th district will be able to choose her replacement in a convention in 2016.” – Everybody’s favorite Asian baiter – March 2015

Fortunately, as usual, our friends at that other site aren’t very good at predicting outcomes, as last night, the 10th District Committee voted to nominate by an open primary. That means, unless something insane happens, Congresswoman Comstock is going to be our nominee. Thank God.

My good friend Lynn Mitchell has the story. The vote for the method of nomination was a tie, with the Chair voting for a primary.  Every voter in the 10th District, both Republican and Democrat, should be sending a thank you card and a bouquet of flowers to Jo Thoburn, Chair of the 10th District Committee.  Chairwoman Thoburn cast the tie-breaking vote on the decision, which is sure to anger the pro-convention forces.  Her decision was the best possible for Republicans in the 10th and gives us the best chance to avoid any acrimonious primary fights and puts Congresswoman Comstock on the best path to reelection.  We’re sure that somewhere in the cloud of profanity that’s floating high above Lovettsville, she’s being burned in effigy.  Regardless of whatever whining the pro-convention forces do, Chairwoman Thoburn’s actions were courageous and she deserves an ovation for standing up for what’s right.

This most recent win for Team Comstock shows that her constant work for her district and the party do not go unnoticed. Barbara’s constant campaign has shown that she has never stopped preparing for her re-election. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to keep up with Congresswoman Comstock, because she is constantly out campaigning or doing some kind of constituent services work. That’s what it takes to win elections, and Barbara has shown Republicans around Virginia how to win.

Also, I have said this before and I will say it again. Barbara votes with her constituents and not the way some faction screams at her to. Barbara has had an independent streak and “bucked” the loudmouths who claim to be the “base” of the party on issues that matter to her district, which is what she’s supposed to do. This voting/governing method is a testament to the fact that you can vote with your constituents and win.

To say I’m proud of Team Comstock would be an understatement.  Congresswoman Comstock and her entire team make me so proud to be a Republican in Virginia.

Congrats Team Comstock on a huge victory!

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