I’m Sorry Bill Bolling (Yes I Said It)

Bill Bolling for Governor T-Shirt

As I previously wrote about it, SCC will be deciding the method of nomination for the 2016. The issue is more contentious then it has been in recent memory.

Last week I was in Richmond for a meeting, and a friend and I were discussing how we thought that the vote was going to end up. The friend mentioned to me that Ken Cuccinelli (Mr. Convention) was calling members of State Central asking them to vote to have a PRIMARY in 2016. Being one of his long time supporters that would be willing to follow him through the gates of Hades, this caught me off guard. Cuccinelli and his supporters were responsible from flipping SCC from being pro primary to electing a new convention majority. Why would the largest supporter of conventions now be singing a different tune?

I was so upset after the meeting, that I contacted other members of SCC that I know to try and find more about the subject. I heard a similar story that Cooch wants a Primary for 2016.The person I spoke with comes from a completely different wing of the party, so that removed the chance of it being a basic rumor or groupthink. The Primary in 2016 would provide Cooch with the data that he feels that he would need to win the nomination for Gov. in 2016. I’m disgusted that a man that I supported for years may not be the man of principle that I thought he once was.

His choice to flip what he wants for personal gain, cheapens the cause of the pro convention crowd. I make the pro convention folks look like the opportunists of no principle. I spent plenty of my time and hard money to elect a pro convention majority. I expect them to do the right thing and not change their vote to benefit one particular campaign. I and many other of the pro convention folks support having conventions because they are the morally, and fiscally right thing to do. If the de facto leader of the party is attempting manipulate the vote for personal gain it is unacceptable. The SCC Majority needs to do the right thing for the Commonwealth, and Party by voting for a convention in 2016.

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