Stimpson attacks McDonnell in mailer attacking Speaker Howell

The Stimpson campaign has gone from the gutter to straight down the sewer. Bad enough that her completely negative campaign has been so self-destructive that her campaign manager quit weeks ago. Now Stimpson takes aim at every Virginian who has stood by Bob McDonnell.

Speaker Bill Howell has known Bob McDonnell for decades. They started a bible study and prayer group together that the Speaker still leads today. McDonnell attended one earlier this year. The House even awarded Howell and McDonnell the “BFF” award in one of their session-ending ceremonies. Speaker Bill Howell attended the appeals hearing and testified as a character witness for Bob McDonnell.

Howell released this statement then:

“I have known Bob McDonnell for a long time and consider him a close friend. I am heartbroken by the pain he and his family have suffered and by what this means for Virginia. Cessie and I offer our sincerest prayers for the McDonnell family during this difficult time.”

Stimpson’s reaction? She attacks McDonnell and Howell in an attempt to smear the Speaker while hiding the fact that she’s referring to McDonnell in her mudslinging.

In a disgusting display of desperation, Stimpson’s campaign flooded mailboxes with this attack:

“A friend of his?????????????” Stimpson doesn’t even have the guts to name the “friend.” Why? Because she knows that if she actually attacked Bob McDonnell by name, her future in Virginia Republican politics would end today instead of June 9th.

There’s more!


Chicken Stimpson ducks using McDonnell’s name again.

Guess who else must be on Stimpson’s “unfit to serve” list? How about those 40 or so Delegates and Senators who signed an amicus brief urging McDonnell’s conviction to be overturned.

44 former Attorney Generals fail Stimpson’s hateful test, since they filed a similar brief. Republican Governors Public Policy Committee has to be a target of Stimpson, since they filed a brief supporting McDonnell.

I’ve basically stayed out of the embarrassment that has been the Stimpson campaign. But this attack ad is far below the low bar Stimpson has already set in this campaign. At the very least, tell the voters it’s McDonnell you’re smearing as you wallow in the mud.

Stimpson has already stabbed her mentor in the back. Now she’s turned on all Republicans who support Bob McDonnell.

Even Democrats haven’t stooped so low as to attack Republicans who have supported McDonnell.

Congrats, Susan. You have!

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