PWC Stewart Rejects 2007 “Probable Cause” Ordinance, Comes Back To The Fold


Tito Munoz comments over at Lynn Mitchell’s blog about PWC Chairman Corey Stewart’s volte face on immigration:

I am sorry it took you this long to admit your mistake. Mr. Stewart, the damage is done and your actions had negative consequences to our Republican Party, to our county, and to our nation. You could have implemented the same 287G federal law without using it as a political tool in your race to keep the chairman position. The illegal immigration law as it was passed in 2007 was a racial profiling mistake.

Tito is a little bit less forgiving than I would be, though Stewart and I have had several conversations about this over the last eight years.

The bottom line?  Stewart saw the light on the “probable cause” ordinance and realized it wasn’t good policy.  The mere handful who whipped up the flames on immigration and pushed the conversation into it’s more racial tones have been sidelined and benched, and Stewart — I believe — realizes that there’s difference between immigration reform and enforcement, and the very dangerous line being pushed by others with more nefarious objectives in mind.

At his taproot, Stewart is a pro-life Catholic and as conservative as Virginia’s constitution allows local government to be — a tough tightrope to walk.

If Stewart has the guts and the courage to admit the “probable cause” ordinance was wrong, then conservatives ought to accept it and warmly embrace him back into our ranks.  Frankly, it was the one issue I disagreed with Corey Stewart on…

…and now we disagree only on our preference of scotch and cigars.

Glad to see Stewart publicly defend both the rule of law and the Constitution without kowtowing to the fringes of the debate.  I hope others see the change of heart for what it is and applaud it… because it takes a lot of guts for any politician to admit error and move towards real and lasting solutions.  The definition of leadership, folks.

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