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UPDATE: Schoeneman Comfortably Leads In Sully

schoeneman_nats300pxCards on the table; read ’em and weep in Fairfax’s Sully District.

Brian Schoeneman (R) outperformed the field with $26,871.26 raised and $12,550.18 cash on hand, which is the one indicator of real success in any political environment.

His two primary opponents aren’t faring well at all.   John Guevara (R) stands at $17,016 raised, with a 4 to 1 cash on hand disadvantage at $3,521.62.  John Litzenberger (R) who has $12,393.90 raised and currently stands at only $6,140.19 COH.

What’s more telling are the number of individual contributions: Schoeneman laps both Guevera and Litzenberger with 161 donors under $100, while his primary opponents stands at 24 and 29 individual donors under $100 respectively.  By both the establishment conservative (resources) and the Tea Party populist (individual donor) metrics, Schoeneman is running comfortably ahead of the pack.

Meanwhile, the Democratic opposition Kathy Smith (D) gave her own campaign a $10,000 loan to boost her numbers, raising a grand total of $19,017.94 and holding $21,415.82 COH — a pretty significant burn rate given the fact she has no opposition.

Is it time to call this race?

UPDATE:  Heck, even the Washington Post is impressed [1]:

Schoeneman led his two competitors in the April 25 firehouse canvass with about $21,700 raised in direct contributions between January and April, the reports show.

John Guevara, a former homeowners association president, was second with $14,300 in direct contributions during that period. Sully District planning commissioner John Litzenberger raised nearly $8,800, the reports show.

“I’m pleased with the level of support we’ve gotten,” said Schoeneman, calling the fact that he has 180 donors proof of widespread support for his bid to compete in November for the seat being vacated by long-time Supervisor Michael R. Frey (R-Sully.) “But we’re not going to let the money race cloud our judgement.”

Measured response and well done given the rest of the field.