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Stafford County Goes South Park

southparklead_1 [1]

So apparently, confused 4th graders can use either bathroom in Stafford County now [2]:

A transgender student at Hartwood Elementary School has sparked debate over which restrooms the student can use.

The Stafford County school system says it must permit a transgender student to use the restroom of the gender the student identifies with. But some residents are calling for the schools to reverse course.

Welcome to the world of transgenders vs. cisgenders.  Folks, I can’t even explain the argument — it’s so weird and so nonsensical, that it fits into only one category.

Yes, folks — welcome to where the world of South Park.

…and if you don’t know what this is about, the next 20 minutes I am going to steal from your life will be worth the explanation.

Coming back up for air, since the world seems to be so fond of sharing e-mails… here’s the scoop from Russ Moulton:

That’s right.  A 4th grade boy at a Stafford County elementary school is being allowed to “dress-to-the-nine’s” as a girl – and use the girls restroom.

Girls uncomfortable with the restroom policy are then made to use the restroom last.

Here’s an account from a concerned parent of one of the 4th grade girls — force to wait in the hallway to use the bathroom:

“… I wanted to make you aware of recent happenings within the Stafford County School system.  At the beginning of this school year, one of my daughter’s fourth grade classmates at Hartwood Elementary School decided “he” wanted to be transgender and dress as a girl.  This student has been allowed to dress as a girl (to include make-up, jewelry, and high heels: excessive for any fourth grader).  There was also a special allowance made to allow him to use two different single restrooms within the school.

However, two weeks ago, our daughter came home to tell us that a class meeting (only her class) was held with the school’s social worker and her teacher to let the class know that he [name redacted] was going to be using the school’s girls restroom.  Any students who had a problem with this were asked to raise their hands.  My daughter and a few others raised their hands.  My daughter was told that she could use the bathroom after everyone else to accommodate her uncomfortableness with this new policy.

Friends received the letter I’m attaching [addressee redacted] which states the SCPS policy is that ANY transgender student can use the restroom/locker room with the gender he/she identifies ….”

See for yourself:

SCPS Policy on transgender use of restrooms and locker rooms [3]

Moulton sums it up succinctly:

Biological boys should use boys restrooms, and biological girls should use girls restrooms.  And boys should dress as boys, and girls should dress as girls, or dress gender-neutral in our schools.  There are plenty of acceptable gender-neutral attire options like shirts and slacks, shorts or jeans.  If we can prohibit sexually provocative clothing or sagging pants, we can surely return to these reasonable standards of attire.

Our classrooms shouldn’t be “political footballs” or social experiments for the radical left.  Let’s restore reasonable standards at our schools – and let our children get back to learning.  In the meantime, the school system administrators who foisted this horribly disruptive policy on our teachers and children need to go – NOW!

Amen to that.

Of course, here’s where it gets tricky for the rest of us who think this is damn near weird.  We’re going to be called all sorts of names — bigots, homophobes, cisgenders (that is a pejorative, not a category) — and rational conversation is going to be shut down.

…and that’s wrong.

This has been an ongoing war that has been waged by certain interest groups over the DSM for the last 10 years.  No longer a psychological condition, transgenders are now to be praised and given special sanction.  Public schools by their nature are the battlegrounds for where public toleration should exist, and the comparison between other battles for civil rights — Brown v. Board of Education among them — is now being grafted onto a discussion of sexual rights, including the definition of family, marriage, faith, toleration, and bigotry.

This isn’t a conversation about tolerance.  This is, as RedState’s Erick Erickson has tactfully posited, a campaign where “You Will Be Made To Care” [4] — and those who do not will be violently attacked in the public square in the hopes that good ol’ American decency will simply concede the argument, if for no other reason than most Americans really don’t care, but in equal measure don’t want to be forced to care, concede, or conform.

Stafford County Public Schools need to hear from concerned parents and Virginians loud and clear.  Click here to find a list of their contact information and phone numbers [5], and make sure they understand your concerns in polite, rational, and tactful language.  We’re not bigots, we’re parents with values… and a few shouldn’t be sexualizing our classrooms and using children to score political points.

Life in this instance shouldn’t imitate South Park.