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Whitbeck steps in it, again

Let’s journey for a moment to the wilds of Fairfax county, where it strongly appears as though recently installed RPV chairman John Whitbeck has made a serious blunder.

It comes in the form of what looks, for all the world, like an endorsement [1] of one of the three candidates for the open Board of Supervisors seat, John Guevera. It’s being spun in the usual places as “support [2]” for Mr. Guevera’s candidacy and the candidate himself sees it as boost, saying “Those kind words from Mr. Whitbeck will certainly help to energize our team through the stretch run to Election Day.”

When questioned on this matter, Mr. Whitbeck retreated into a legalistic crouch. He never saw the Guevara campaign’s press release and he instructed the campaign to use only his name, not his title. Even if it does use his title, he doesn’t make his “support” known in his official capacity as chairman.

And yes, the Guevara campaign requested the “kind words” of Mr. Whitbeck.

As for the elected officials who have seen the release, and were quite surprised to see both his name and title used in such a matter, Whitbeck claims he hasn’t heard a whisper of criticism about the episode and cavalierly believes it will all blow over soon.

This is either deeply naive, purposely evasive, or utter hogwash.

Whitbeck’s past relationship with Guevara is not a secret and I fully understand and appreciate standing by one’s friends.

Mr. Whitbeck largely surrendered that luxury when he took the gavel. His error is compounded because he promised up down and sideways to elected Republicans he would not get involved in primary contests.

So much for that. And the unity thing? It’s circling the bin, right along with the Trey Gowdy fliers.

We can only imagine the fun that will occur when this gang tries to organize a presidential convention in 2016…