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2015 Bearing Drift Bracket Challenge

Bearing Drift has once again set up a bracket game with CBS Sports – this time run and managed by Virginia’s premier bracketologist, Adam Perry, and you’re invited to participate!

You can register your bracket and play by following this link [1]. The group password is: chesapeake

While Old Dominion was left out in the cold as one of the first four teams left out [2], UVA and VCU are in, so we’ll be cheering them on.

Get your picks in before the tournament starts! Brackets lock the morning the tournament begins – Thursday, March 19 – so remember to have your bracket picks in by then!

What does the lucky winner get besides bragging rights? Your choice of any item from the BD Store [3]. BD contributors can’t win a prize, but many will be participating for the chance to gloat. Now’s your chance for bragging rights!

Play today [1]! Again, the group password is: chesapeake