2015 Bearing Drift Bracket Challenge

Bearing Drift has once again set up a bracket game with CBS Sports – this time run and managed by Virginia’s premier bracketologist, Adam Perry, and you’re invited to participate!

You can register your bracket and play by following this link. The group password is: chesapeake

While Old Dominion was left out in the cold as one of the first four teams left out, UVA and VCU are in, so we’ll be cheering them on.

Get your picks in before the tournament starts! Brackets lock the morning the tournament begins – Thursday, March 19 – so remember to have your bracket picks in by then!

What does the lucky winner get besides bragging rights? Your choice of any item from the BD Store. BD contributors can’t win a prize, but many will be participating for the chance to gloat. Now’s your chance for bragging rights!

Play today! Again, the group password is: chesapeake

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