Republican Party of Virginia Picks Snyder for Finance Chair

snyder_pigrig(Photo Credit William and Mary College Republicans Facebook Page)

Today at the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee meeting, the SCC made a fantastic choice to elect former Lieutenant Governor candidate & businessman Pete Snyder to be the RPV Finance Chairman.  Pete wears a lot of hats in the Virginia GOP these days, but the best role he ever had in my opinion: being my boss (sort of).

You see, my senior year of college, I got to be a Team Pete 13 intern, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had on the campaign trail. In fact, the first date my wife and I had as a “Facebook official couple” (I’m a millennial and I can use that term) was a ChikFila chicken sandwich after a Pete Snyder event.

I could write this post and rattle off his resume and his accomplishments, but that would be hackneyed. Pete is so much more than a candidate or a politician. To me, and to so many others on Team Pete 13, he was our mentor, our boss, but most importantly our friend.

You would be hard pressed to find an individual as amazingly creative as Pete, or as personable. I judge candidates and my support of candidates in many different ways, but one of the big tests that a candidate must pass for me personally is how they act when they visit God’s Country (aka Southwest Virginia).

Some candidate for office tend to either look miserable, or act fake when they come to Southwest Virginia. Some of them even claim we still use outhouses (but that’s a whole other story). Pete on the other hand was so personable, he almost looked like he was in his element south of NOVA. He enjoyed every event when running for office, especially the trips that the Pig Rig came with him.

But that was Pete in any situation. He is a people person, and he is a listener. He always made sure to take interest in others. He never forgot to ask me how my wife (then girlfriend) Lauren was. To this day, he will answer my calls, never mind the fact he runs a multi-million dollar corporation.

Also, He’s got the personality to sell palm trees to Hawaiians as we say in Southwest Virginia. The man can sell an idea. There’s a reason why he’s so successful in business. No one works harder than Pete, and no one can close a deal like he can.

He also has won the hearts of so many on every end of the spectrum in the Virginia GOP. The Tea Party likes him, and an Establishment Republican like myself thinks he will make a great Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia one day (Pete 17 anyone?). He’s above the party infighting nonsense, and he’s ready to be the Chief Salesman for the Republican Party of Virginia.

I could go on, and on, and on about how much I think he is a great person. But I am so proud that my friend Pete Snyder has been chosen to be RPV finance chair. Kudos to John Whitbeck and RPV State Central Committee for making such a great choice. I’m proud to call Pete Snyder not only a mentor in my life, but my friend. Congrats Pete!

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