When Endorsements Go Right

schoeneman_safetyIf you’re going to make a mistake, go all the way — or so goes the thinking amongst some watching the Sully supervisor nomination contest in Fairfax.

Of course, you have to get a kick out of how Brian Schoeneman drives certain folks up a wall.  A thinking man’s conservative always does.  So when you get endorsements such as these from Congresswoman Barbara Comstock:

“Brian has served the community and Republican politics and I know Brian and his wife, KayAnn. We’ve worked together at the local level, when I served in the House of Delegates, on other local campaigns and throughout my Congressional campaign. He is exactly the kind of Republican who can win in Sully District, and I know he will be a common sense conservative voice on the Board of Supervisors.”

– Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-10th District)

…and the response is this?  Well… you kinda have to drop the mic and walk away:

Someone got this left at their door in Sully … I think perhaps Brian is being a bit too generous with the phrase “endorsed by.”

I dunno, kids… looks like a pretty solid endorsement to me.

Expect more of the same.  Half-truths tend to be the new currency in a social media environment where actual truth tends to be sacrificed for expediency.  Brian’s opponents know this, but hopefully the candidates can separate themselves from the ready-fire-aim crowd before they do serious damage.  After all, Schoeneman is objectively pulling away in Sully.

Nonesense like this only demonstrates why Schoeneman is ready to lead while the others are getting sandbagged by those who feel all the feels over the manufactured outrage of the week.

UPDATE:  …and just before folks go all fauxrage on this, Chris Beer is a friend and one of the few people who share my reading interests (and a far superior grasp of Russian than myself).  Honest critique among friends is what the Virginia blogosphere used to be before the paid hacks took over — so it should be again.

Oh, and this:


Now I’m not a terribly smart fella, but that looks like duly noted support for Nick’s dad.

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