Miyares – Fullfilling Purkey’s Mission for Diversity

Anyone involved in Virginia Beach politics has heard speeches of the now-retired Del. Bob Purkey. Anyone very involved has heard them hundreds of times. The supremely involved can recite them verbatim.

One thing Del. Bob Purkey always said goes like this:

“Diversity is the future of this country and the future of this party”

He meant it. In endorsing Bill DeSteph two years ago, Del. Purkey said “diversity is the future of America, Virginia, and the 82nd House of Delegates District.”

Diversity is one of our nation’s greatest strengths, he’d say. He’d say if our party or any party ignored this, they’d do so at their own peril. When the Latino population in Virginia has grown by over 200% in the past 10 years, it is clear that Purkey was correct.

Purkey’s speeches echoed when Jason Miyares announced his candidacy to run for the 82nd District, which Purkey represented for decades.

The Miyares family fled Communist Cuba in 1965. I’ve known Miyares for years as a very active volunteer in the party, from serving as Legislative District Chair in Del. Leo Wardrup’s 83rd to countless other duties helping the Party, including RPVB Vice Chairman and founding member of HRYR.

He also served on Bob McDonnell’s Latino Advisory Commission, is extremely close with Michel Zajur, CEO & Founder of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and has worn his Cuban heritage on his sleeve as long as anyone has known him.

I think it would be fittingly poetic that Bob Purkey’s call for more diversity in the Republican Party would be answered by electing Miyares, who would be the only Hispanic in the Republican caucus, so he can represent the same district Bob Purkey’s did.

  • Max Shapiro

    I’m surprised that I made it through so many Ben Loyola speeches with Miyares in the same room and never knew he was Cuban. You learn something new everyday.

  • Removing Bill DeSteph’s name from this might be more positive for Jason Miyares. Mr. Miyares is a good candidate and Mr. DeSteph… not so much.

  • Miyares is a great guy… very glad to see his hat in the ring!

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  • Mark Jaworowski

    Oh, for crying out loud! The GOP has been reaching out to Hispanics for at least ten years now with little to show for it. Here is the reason why. Hispanics want big government and the GOP rank and file does not. This is not a match made in heaven. http://www.pewresearch.org/daily-number/hispanics-favor-bigger-role-for-government/

  • If he’s the best candidate for the job, I would support him for that. I wouldn’t support him just because he’s hispanic, black, a woman, two jews or a cripple.

    / I loved Jim Watt.

  • Looking forward to seeing Jason win this seat.

    • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

      Are you like me, also looking forward to seeing Conservative Susan Stimpson win in the 28th District?

      How about endorsing a Conservative in the 28th, who has a Conservative track record? Not a record of massive “taxation”.

      • I support the folks who support me and have given me support in the past. That’s why I’m supporting Speaker Bill Howell.

        • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

          ” I support the folks who support me and have given me support in the past”

          Using your own logic, why would any poor or middle-class American vote Republican?

          • My rationale is my rationale. Others should have their own rationale. And poor and middle class Americans should be voting Republican, because we’re the ones looking out for them, not the Democrats.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            Would you please give the bill numbers of State, or Federal legislation that the Republican’s have passed and sent to the Gov. or President that substantiate your claim?

            Bills based on the middle-class and poor pursuit of happiness?

            Why does the US Senate and House, both now controlled by Republican’s, refuse to send their own immigration plan to the President?

            Please, help me become a Republican?

          • David Obermark


            For now all they have to do is oppose President Obama and his executive orders giving amnesty to illegal aliens. By doing this they support the rights of the middle and lower class to seek employment instead of unemployment checks.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            How so?

          • David Obermark

            Illegal immigrants dilute the pool of those seeking employment. They are willing to work for less and are willing to put up with working conditions others will not tolerate.

            I am not against Hispanic citizens. I think Hispanic citizens are a great addition to the melting pot. I am going to go further, they are a WONDERFUL addition to the melting pot. However we can not throw our borders open and just welcome everyone who seeks to get in on the good thing.

            I think it is worthy of note that unemployment rate for legal Hispanic citizens is amongst the highest in the nation no matter how you slice and dice the categories. Even they can not compete with the competition presented by the deluge of illegals.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            Do you understand that these people are already in this country?

            Not giving them amnesty does not send them back, not take their job.

          • David Obermark

            Just increase the penalties for employing them. When the employment opportunities dry up the flood will stop. When the employment opportunities here in America dry up perhaps they will instead pursue the greater opportunities that were supposed to be available to them south of the border that were supposed to be provided to them after NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            That is what I have been saying for years. How many times?

            Where is the legislation? The Republican Party now has control of the House and the Senate. It is their responsibility to come up with legislation to crack down on the employers.

            Never happen. Amnesty? Or, Shamnesty?

          • David Obermark

            OK, and the Democrats in the Senate are responsible for keeping this particular piece of legislation from reaching the President’s desk this time. Right?

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            We will never know? Why? Because the House will never pass and send that legislation to the Senate.

            I do not see how you can blame it on the Democrats or the president when you don’t have any legislation for them pass or to sign.

            The Republicans will not give up the cheap labor, and the Democrats will not give up their votes. That is not going to change.

          • David Obermark

            Time for it to change. First step is to not offer amnesty.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            You really should think about turning that radio off?

          • David Obermark

            You mean I should stop listening to NPR (National Public Radio)?

  • Mark Jaworowski

    I hate having to throw cold water on the Shaun Kenneys and Brian Schoenman s of this world,, but if anyone thinks a white Cuban such as Miyares is going to resonate with Mestizo Mexicans and Central Americans, who disproportionately want big government and use big government bennies, than that person is not living in Realville. We as party will survive and thrive on our principles – not on sham diversity outreach with white Cubans such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at the fore. Instead, we should be hammering the Left for what it has done to the black community, and what it is now doing to Hispanics – trapping them in failing, state schools, and turning hardworking immigrants into welfare state clients warehoused in subsidized housing projects.

    • Three Limbaugh points awarded for “Realville”.

    • David McKissack

      That’s a very good point, Mark. When I returned from my Peace Corps service in Kenya in the 70s, I was often amused to hear Americans refer to the political outlook of “Africans” as if they were all the same and as if that continent doesn’t include over 50 distinct countries, several racial groups and thousands of tribes. It was if they thought Frenchmen and Germans and Italians all had the same viewpoint because they are “white.” The scorn of a Kenyan for a Nigerian is only less than the scorn the Kiikuyu feel for Obama’s tribe, the Luo — my Kikuyu work counterparts assured me the Luo gave birth to snakes. Little did I know…

      Your bigger point is critical — the GOP shouldn’t join in the “Diversity/Multiculturalism” theme which divides Americans by race and encourages them to think of themselves that way. It’s a road that ends in hatred and division, not respect and unity. Epluribus Disaster.

      Btw, has anybody else noticed that the American Action Network, founded by Eric Cantor and which includes Jeb Bush as member of its Hispanic Leadership Network, will run ads against GOP Congressmen who won’t cave with Boehner on DHS funding?


  • Mike Thompson

    If Danny Vargas runs for the open seat created by the Tom Rust retirement, that is another top notch Hispanic that the GOP can be proud of to have in the General Assembly.

  • StarboardLift

    Jill Eyler has announced, and she has sorely needed vision to redirect the Republican party in Va. Can’t wait to hear more as she launches her campaign for 82nd District seat.

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