Gecker makes it official

Chesterfield supervisor Dan Gecker has made his candidacy for the 10th Senate district seat official. And it looks like he intends to run a campaign based on the Democratic themes of the moment:

“My focus will be on expanding opportunities for all Virginia families and businesses – helping our kids succeed in a global economy, expanding Medicaid and creating more local jobs,” Gecker said.

“I’ll support policies that build a stronger Virginia, like equal pay for equal work, strong ethics reform, a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and equality for all Virginians,” he added.

Making Medicaid expansion an issue? That will prove interesting.

But lurking in the background will be the ill-fated Richmond baseball stadium. Mayor Dwight Jones, who wanted a stadium downtown, was undermined in that effort by a Gecker-supported alternative on the Boulevard. This alternative would, supposedly, have used no taxpayer money in its construction. But because it would have enriched a group of developers different from that of the Mayor’s choosing, it earned Mr. Gecker a few enemies in official Richmond Democratic circles. Whether those enemies have the juice to stall his candidacy remains to be seen (Gecker, I’m told, has the Governor’s backing, which should trump whatever bad feelings Dwight Jones may still harbor).

Old scores and hurt feelings, though, always have the potential to rise again. The progressives aren’t exactly thrilled with Gecker, preferring instead the other declared Democrat in the race, Emily Francis.