Shaun steps down

So the stories are true…Shaun Kenney is stepping down as executive director of the RPV.

This, no doubt, will lead to much delight in certain corners of Virginia politics. Democrats are happy, though the DPVA is hardly a model for a party executive to follow. And there are others, a rather…interesting…bunch that believes success in politics is achieved not through addition, but subtraction. Lots and lots of subtraction.

They should be the happiest of all. Another perceived impediment to their ultimate victory is removed and with it, surely, only good times are ahead.

The old saying about being careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, comes into play. My sense is the party is about to return to the way things were during the Jeff Frederick era.

Perhaps that was always the intended course, and the Pat Mullins interlude, with its relative stability, was the real aberration.

But one thing is clear: this is now Ken Cuccinelli’s party. It’s not exactly the prize he sought, and it comes with substantial pitfalls — not the least of which is trying to keep the whole thing from evolving into a kind of French Directory.

Good luck with that. And here’s hoping the would-be field of 2017 statewide candidates has a strategy for dealing with the consequences.

As for Shaun…he took a position after much cajoling, did what he could, and was savaged for it. But at least he learned, beyond doubt, who his real friends were. Now it’s back to private life, and back to writing regularly on this page. I genuinely look forward to that.

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