Lawn Care, Dry Cleaning and 7 Other Things More Money is Spent on Than Politics

The Left, licking its wounds from its stunning defeat nationally last week at the polls, has gone back to incessantly complaining about the amount of money in politics.

It is estimated that $3.7 billion dollars was spent this election cycle. To the Left, this is a horrible, terrible, no good, dirty, astroturfing.

To those of us who actually favor free speech, it’s the American people putting their money where their mouth is.

But the irony of all the decrying from the Left is just how little, comparatively, we spend on politics.

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” political blogger Chris Cillizza put together this stunning piece of analysis: “The 2014 election cost $3.7 billion. We spend twice that much on Halloween.

But it’s not just Halloween candy that we spend more on than politics. In fact, we spend nearly twice as much on lawn care and three times as much on dry cleaning as we do on politics.

Here’s the fascinating chart:


The amount spent on ensuring that the population has the information it needs (and some I’m sure we can all agree it doesn’t need) to make its decision about who will lead our nation, make our laws, and affect our livelihoods pales in comparison to the money we waste on say video games, soda, or lottery tickets.

I think we could all agree that political spending isn’t near as bad for us as the mount we spend on candy and soda.

So the next time you see a liberal elitist pontificate on TV about the evil of money in politics, remember he’s talking about your free speech and he’s ignoring the facts.

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