Lawn Care, Dry Cleaning and 7 Other Things More Money is Spent on Than Politics

The Left, licking its wounds from its stunning defeat nationally last week at the polls, has gone back to incessantly complaining about the amount of money in politics.

It is estimated that $3.7 billion dollars was spent this election cycle. To the Left, this is a horrible, terrible, no good, dirty, astroturfing.

To those of us who actually favor free speech, it’s the American people putting their money where their mouth is.

But the irony of all the decrying from the Left is just how little, comparatively, we spend on politics.

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” political blogger Chris Cillizza put together this stunning piece of analysis: “The 2014 election cost $3.7 billion. We spend twice that much on Halloween.

But it’s not just Halloween candy that we spend more on than politics. In fact, we spend nearly twice as much on lawn care and three times as much on dry cleaning as we do on politics.

Here’s the fascinating chart:


The amount spent on ensuring that the population has the information it needs (and some I’m sure we can all agree it doesn’t need) to make its decision about who will lead our nation, make our laws, and affect our livelihoods pales in comparison to the money we waste on say video games, soda, or lottery tickets.

I think we could all agree that political spending isn’t near as bad for us as the mount we spend on candy and soda.

So the next time you see a liberal elitist pontificate on TV about the evil of money in politics, remember he’s talking about your free speech and he’s ignoring the facts.

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  • MD Russ

    Very good column, Matthew. This is only one of the excuses that the Dems are using to explain their butt-kicking last Tuesday. Some nitwit has an opinion piece in today’s Washington Post that explains that the Democratic defeats were caused by low voter turn-out–low turn-out that was caused by new voter ID laws.

    Well, setting aside the facts that only 37% of voters turned out Tuesday and that it is very improbable that 63% of voters were suppressed by voter ID laws, plus the fact that Democratic candidates all over the country were running as fast as they could away from Obama (except for Maryland’s Anthony Brown and look what that did for him), that conclusion is problematic to say the least. The column did point out that 21,000 voters in Kansas were unable to register to vote because they lacked citizenship documents. My goodness. What are the chances of 21,000 aliens, legal and illegal, trying to vote in Kansas?

    The downside of the Republican landslide last week is that now we will have to listen to liberal whining and sniveling for the next two years. And then they will invent another whole set of excuses when they lose big again.

    • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

      What ever you twist and distort and lay claim to, you are a Liberal.

    • Turtles Run

      MD – PUH-lease

      Pretty much every political pundit predicted that the political climate was in the GOP favor. Red states with Democrats as Senators went as predicted. I am going to make a prediction but in the next mid-term election the party not in power is going to make gains. I assure you I am not a wizard but simply a person that notices political trends.

      Politicians of all stripes,up and down the ballot, are besieged by money representing all kinds of interests. Are you comfortable with judges that receive cash donations from corporations that then turn around and issue favorable ruling on their behalf or politicians enacting laws or provisions protecting business or union interests over the interests of voters? I sure as heck am not.

      “The column did point out that 21,000 voters in Kansas were unable to register to vote because they lacked citizenship documents. My goodness. What are the chances of 21,000 aliens, legal and illegal, trying to vote in Kansas?”

      Practically zero as history and evidence has shown across the nation. Among those 21,000 include veterans who have served on juries like De Anna Allen. And who cares the number of times that the GOP has admitted to trying to suppress the vote.

      My favorite, the 93 year old veteran that was denied his right to vote because his drivers license was expired. Who cares if the data on it was still accurate. He should have gotten the state voter ID that does not even list an address for the holder.

      What about the 40,000 voter registration cards that somehow disappeared in Georgia? Surprisingly (tongue definitely in check) these lost cards were from predominately African-American and Democratic areas.

      Are you cavalier in your attitude about these “mishaps” as well?

      I can go on.

  • Independence1

    Money “IS” the problem with politics. I am a Republican and understand the free speech aspect. It really is a stretch though. Some people have more free speech then others? I am not sure if the Framers had that in mind.

    There is no doubt that Democrats are whining about the recent turn of events, but they benefit from “free speech” just as much as Republicans. I am curious if this graph includes all campaign donations or just from individuals? By the way, why should citizens spend any money on elections? Isn’t voting enough? When money is donated candidates are expected to return the favor. That means these donations from companies, individuals, etc. are more important than votes.

    I want Republicans to step up and refuse any/all campaign donations. Sure this sounds crazy but I am convinced that campaigns can be won without money. Imagine; no big donors to make happy just those who will vote to re-elect you. Citizens would embrace such a message if it were well delivered. Republicans have a real chance to change the game. How could we be called money hungry when we don’t accept money?

    We have volunteers, 24/7 news channels, blogs, email, twitter, etc……we need to rethink political campaigns. Serve information instead of waiting for people to come get it. Represent your constituency and not the money donated to your campaign.

    Money is slowly becoming a nonfactor in campaigns, that’s why the amount of money to win continues to increase; we need to make a move in the right direction.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    You are very disgusting. Are Ebola and AID’s both good things because a relatively small percentage of the population is infected when compared to the overall population? Where do they get people to write the distorted BS like you?

    Regarding the loss last week, it was just part of the political cycle. Republican’s in 2000, Democrats in 2006, Republican’s in 2010, Democrats in 2012, Republican’s in 2014. See if Romney can win the 3rd time around.

    Both Party’s have made Virginia a solid Blue State for many years to come. Write about that!

  • Chris

    So how about that ebola scare? Is anyone planning to write a piece about how media panic and calls to close the borders were way overblown? Or are we just going to quietly go about our business?

    • You mean Tim Donner’s hot air?

      Or course not. Just like the horrible flow of unaccompanied minors that would wreak havoc, or Suzanne Scholte’s poll results making it close with Gerry Connelly, you won’t see stories saying “Oops” like that here or at any other similar website.

    • Turtles Run

      I am sure that article is coming

      ~checks watch~

      Yup, anytime now its going to get here…….

      Matt Suarez
      A heck of a nice guy

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