Warner keeps ducking, Gillespie about to come out swinging

The questions about Mark Warner’s role in the Puckett affair continue to follow him on the campaign trail. And the Senator still offers the same response:

When asked Wednesday if he regretted anything about the call, Warner reiterated his past statements and stressed he did not offer to get Ketron a job.

“I called a family friend of 20 years,” he said of Puckett. “But again the key point here is I didn’t offer anyone a job. I wouldn’t offer anyone a job.”

Warner said he spoke to Sen. Puckett one day later and realized the senator had made up his mind to resign. “I’ve been their friend, and I know it’s been a tough time for their family,” he said. “I respected that decision.”

Warner declined to answer any more questions about the issue.

Recall that Warner declined to talk to the press at all after the Danville forum on Tuesday and what we begin to see is a pattern: there’s one answer — the same as was given at Monday night’s debate. There is no new information, and no further questions, from anyone, on the subject are answered.

It sounds as if Mr. Warner has been talking…to a lawyer.

That would be the sensible and prudent thing to do. Has Warner done this? He very likely won’t say, and certainly won’t down the stretch.

But an experienced pol like Warner also knows that when he refuses to answer certain questions, they not only keep coming, they become more insistent.

The other big question is whether the Gillespie campaign has what it takes to press this issue. Politico, bless their hearts, was all over the story that Gillespie has pulled his current ads.

Gillespie is going back on the air this weekend. And from everything I’ve heard, his campaign intends to push the Warner ethics story with everything it’s got. So, new ads reflecting this approach, presumably, will be what we see in a couple of days.

Gillespie knows this is a test — not just of his campaign apparatus, which has consistently underwhelmed — but of him. He is reputed to be an excellent communicator. Here’s his chance to prove it.

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