DCCC cancels TV ads in VA 10th CD

Politico unleashed its hit on Barbara Comstock this morning and this afternoon, we get this:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has canceled its television advertising in a competitive northern Virginia House district and will shift most of that money to help a Democratic incumbent in northern California, according to a Democrat who monitors media buys.

The sum of the DCCC’s cancellation in Virginia’s 10th District was $2.8 million, according to the source. Democrats were on the offensive in the open-seat race to replace retiring Rep. Frank R. Wolf, R-Va.

Cutting their losses and running. Now you know why the Politico piece dropped.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer campaign…

  • MD Russ

    In this case, the stench of death is palatable. Foust ran an ugly campaign and now it is going to die an ugly death. You can hear the heads exploding over at Smurf Virginia.

  • notjohnsmosby

    That $2.8 million from the DCCC has been replaced with $3.0 million from the Foust campaign itself. I don’t believe there will be a lack of Foust ads on TV over the next four weeks.

    • DCNationals2014

      Probably not. However, it suggests that the DCCC is losing confidence in their chances at a pickup. Better to shift resources to defending incumbents who are struggling. I fully expect another wave of “Barbara Comstock is a woman who hates women” ads from the Democrat party and their PACs.

    • you’re wrong

      ummm….no. they dont have that much cash on hand unless they plan on 1) firing every staff member, canceling every mail piece, and dumping every penny into TV; or 2) Foust will write himself another check which would be the absolute dumbest thing he could do. barbara has all but won, foust will lose. and there’s nothing you or any left wing troll can do to stop it.

      • DCNationals2014

        Frankly, I wouldn’t be bothered by fewer Foust/Anti-Comstock mail pieces appearing in my box when I get home from work. 😉

  • Downstater

    I read in the WashCompost that Republicans were charging some kind of violation by the Foust campaign for using the Fairfax Co. government center in his ad. But that was the last I heard about it. So either the campaign was allowed to do that after all, or someone in Comstocks/RPV wimped out. If there was some violation, the ads are still running. Anyone?

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