Virginia Democrat bloggers spew homophobic hatred

It’s sad when Democrats who pretend to care about their supporters show their true colors. That’s what Lowly at Blue Virginia did today, launching a hate-filled post targeting a priest who visited a “bawdy place” in the 1990s with a 41-year old man because he had the gall to allow Bob McDonnell to stay in his rectory during Obama’s political trial against him.

I shall not link to or quote from the anti-gay post, for I wouldn’t lower this blog to their level of debasement.

But it does show you an insight into the liberal extremist mind. Democrat bloggers, especially Lowly, must not really like gay people. They need their votes, and the fact that they don’t like religion makes gay people social “brothers in arms” with hatemongers like Lowly, but in reality they only use gay people to shore up their own power.

It’s clear in that hateful post, and in the comments that follow, where it is even suggested that Bob McDonnell might be gay because he is spending the trial in the rectory of a “gay priest”, that this post would not be written about a priest who was found with a woman. If Fr. Wayne was found with a woman 20 years ago, Blue Virginia wouldn’t have written a word about it.

And, in Lowly’s point of view, being gay is something to attack someone over. He’s done it.

Blue Virginia’s hate crime today against Fr. Wayne makes one question whether their support for “marriage equality” is just a coverup for their real feelings about gay men.

At least now Democrats can be more honest about their true feelings and hopefully get some counseling, like they prescribe for other committors of hate crimes.

I hope Lowly finds some help for his problem.

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