The Ed Gillespie Interview


On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee and I talk about the McDonnell trial, and the testimony from the former Governor that has been simultaneously very helpful and the greatest risk to his and his estranged wife Maureen’s case.

And then Scott talks with Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie. Mr. Gillespie launched his first television ad this week, which drew an immediate and sharp response from the Warner campaign and the word is circulating that third-party groups are about to unload their batch of anti-Gillespie ads this weekend.

In a contest where the incumbent is up by double digits in all the published polls so far, one would expect these groups to put their resources elsewhere. Unless Warner and his allies are leaving absolutely nothing to chance (now, or in 2017…).

And there’s more — including the medieval barbarism of ISIL and birds that burst into flames.

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  • Lawrence Wood

    It may be my imagination but he seems way more comfortable in these one on one situations then in the moderated debate format. Senator Mike Lee has been very effective in constituent communication using one on one issue based videos produced cheaply then distributed widely or embedded in canvassing emails forwarded to conservatives nation wide. He often follows these issue focused videos with electronic town hall meetings so people have had time to review the video and then call or web link in to offer opinion, etc. The call ins are handled like modern mass media call in shows that is calls are screened, redundant comments, inputs are avoided and people have a sense of participation yet it still has that one on one flavor. He has had some very large voter participation.

    • AnninVA26

      I love Mike Lee. He’s an adult. He’s smart. Unfortunately, the ignorant electorate wants a cool guy who they’d like to have a beer with.

  • Conservatronic

    I wish Ed well and will vote for him, of course. But this deserves to be the last hurrah of the establishment Republicans in Virginia. The so-called professionals have once again dropped the ball.

    > “Making no reference to Warner, Gillespie vows to “be a leader for policies that grow the middle class and expand opportunity,” promising that “with the right policies, we can do better.”

    That’s some pretty weak sauce.

    • AnninVA26

      I have 2 very conservative beagles living in my house…

      Warner’s new ad criticizing Ed for being a lobbyist are really good, sadly. Warner is promising all kinds of perks to people who borrow money for college. Always strings attached and the loans have to be paid back in accordance with “ability to pay”. Sounds like we the people will be funding more college educations than we want.

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