RPV Treasurer FitzSimmonds trips up again on Facebook (Updated: 7 pm)

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The first time Bob FitzSimmonds, Treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV), took to Facebook and showed his ignorance of a great many things, his resignation was called for by Chairman Pat Mullins, the College and Young Republican Federations of Virginia, and the Virginia House Caucus.

At the time, the RPV State Central Committee demurred and gave FitzSimmonds the benefit of the doubt and a second chance.

Well, that bridge has just been burned.

FitzSimmonds, in a bout of pure idiocy, took to Facebook and wrote the following:


There comes a point in the Republican Party where if we talk the talk, we need to walk the walk.

We cannot claim the mantle of being the Party of Lincoln and advocate for equal opportunity, personal responsibility, limited government, and free markets, while at the same time denigrating the contributions that all Americans make to our society. “We the people” all have a hand in making this a great country – let’s act like it.

FitzSimmonds wasn’t making an error in his Facebook post. What his post clearly relates is that he believes that those who are Muslim, Sikh, Animist, or Jainist haven’t contributed to our “nation’s fabric.” But when you look at the great tapestry that is America and Virginia, you will find ample examples of how they are.

Here’s the bottom-line: RPV State Central failed the first time to do the right thing, they must not fail a second.

PS. Pro-tip: Don’t post on Facebook or Twitter anything that you wouldn’t say to any reporter, let alone the Washington Post, as if they were standing right in front of you interviewing you. Just because you’re in a comfort zone doesn’t mean your words won’t find their way into the public arena. I guarantee they always will.


Justin Higgins Calls for his resignation:

The primary purpose of the Republican Party of Virginia is to win elections. When you stand election or are appointed as an officer for an organization designed to win elections, you’re committing to help toward that goal. FitzSimmond’s comments make it clear that he’s not focused on that goal, and instead prefers to be a liability to our efforts and our image.

State Central Committee has the ability to fire Bob FitzSimmonds. Since a resignation appears unlikely, I join Hoeft in calling for the logical next step.

Virginia Black Conservatives call for his resignation:

The Virginia Black Conservative Forum calls for the immediate resignation or removal of Bob FitzSimmonds as RPV treasurer. His continued presence is of no benefit to our party or its candidates.

Should FitzSimmonds’ tenure continue, it will be difficult for us, as representatives of our community, to carry the Republican banner. We cannot, in good conscience, advocate on behalf of a political party that tolerates such blatantly disrespectful rhetoric from its leadership.

We call on the State Central Committee to, at the earliest available opportunity, to remove FitzSimmonds should he refuse to resign by their next meeting.

And, earlier, it appeared that FitzSimmonds was going to do the right thing and resign. But then he didn’t and denies it.

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