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Fracking poll at the Daily Press

The Daily Press is currently running a poll on fracking – aka ‘hydraulic fracturing – that is a process that has transformed the energy sector and is unleashing great economic potential. Visit API for more details [1].

The poll asks:

Poll: Do you support drilling for oil or gas in Southeast Virginia?
An energy company has leased mineral rights for at least 84,000 acres in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck for possible oil or gas drilling, a process called “fracking.” The industry is pushing the U.S. Forest Service to allow controversial horizontal fracking in the George Washington National Forest — home of the headwaters of the James River.

– Yes. It will be good for the economy.
– No. I’m concerned about the impact it will have on the environment.
– I don’t know.

I encourage folks to head to the poll (located on the left sidebar) [2] and vote “yes.”