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The Hyenas of Prince William County

Prince William County is an important battleground in Virginia state elections, but the unfortunate demagoguery and the people supporting this kind of politics has diminished our possibility as Republicans to win statewide offices.

Most of us are familiar with Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart’s fanaticism on the illegal immigration issue that gives him the appearance of a one-trick pony. Some of us have known for years that he has used this issue as his political trampoline to garner attention well beyond the county. Regardless of the damage cause to the VA-GOP, he and his political followers have supported his efforts to continually hammer the illegal immigration issue. This has created circumstances that have also negatively affected legal immigrants in the county that were never taken into consideration.

His supporters have looked the other way for many years as he has raised taxes, increased regulations, expanded the government by increasing their share of services that could be done by the private sector, and copying mandates from neighboring Fairfax County controlled by Democrats.

Many of the people who supported Corey Stewart now are defecting from his ranks and attacking his record, while clearly most of these people are the ones who at one point not long ago were telling us how wonderful Corey Was.

I have been critical of Mr. Stewart on many issues. It is public that Mr. Stewart and I do not see eye-to-eye regarding his perpetual Immigration Demagoguery that affects legal immigrants, nor did we see eye-to-eye on the property rights of the people in Holly Acres Mobile Home Park. We do not agree on the Storm Water Regulatory mandates implemented in Prince William County either, which are an exact copy from Fairfax.

But this post is not about Corey Stewart’s form and habit of governing: rather it is a look at the people who are stalking Corey Stewart as wounded prey (after he lost race for the Lieutenant Governor nomination) and they are ready to go after him and attack. These recent Stewart defectors are the same people who looked the other way when it suited them and as he was raising our taxes. Also, these same people attacked many of us for making our objections to Stewart’s actions public in the recent past.

The post is for those hypocrites who are looking to get political position now because they cannot defeat a Democrat, nor do they have the cojones to at least try. They want a safe seat and they are looking to get it from a Republican in office instead of going after a Democrat.

These people are the ones who worked against every effort as many of us tried to get minorities into our Party. They accused us of pandering, playing identity politics, being illegal alien lovers or apologists and many other baseless accusations.

2015 will be here very soon and the campaign against Stewart with misinformation and lies will increase. Some information may be true, but remember: theses people who are against Corey now, were supporters of him, they took his money, they advertised for him, they campaigned with him and for him, they used him for endorsements and fundraising. They were his “friends” and now they see a Corey Stewart wounded and politically fragile prey for an easy target.

These hyenas travel in packs. You will recognize them, and they are easy to see their hypocrite spots on their turncoats.

GOD SAVE our Country, GOD save our Party, GOD save us from TYRANNY.

Tito “The Builder Munoz is a Republican activist and former State Senate candidate from Prince William County