Liberal mission to replace fathers is still failing

I love reading liberal columnist Roger Chesley for the Virginian-Pilot, because not only is he usually wrong, he’s usually embarrassingly wrong.

Today he hit a new low. He’s not only wrong. He’s dangerously stupid.

He writes a whole column scratching his head about the problem of “youth gun violence.”

Let me list everything he proposes to solve gun violence in his article, “Stopping gun violence is everyone’s job, and it’s past time to get started”

“more mentors”
“recreational opportunities”
“outreach by high-ranking police officials”
“role models”
“programs for youth to let off steam”
“a whole lot of people”
“activities for teens”
“community police officers”
“a communitywide effort”

Hey, Roger. In 541 words, you couldn’t find the space for a three-letter word that would solve the problem.


When studies show 3/4th of adolescents charged with murder come from homes without fathers, it’s easy enough for me to see that the problem isn’t a lack of rec centers.

Chesley doesn’t go there, probably because he is part of the generational movement to de-emphasize fathers that has taken place for decades. Expanding government programs for homes without fathers ranging from tax benefits to expanding free food and medical care, all geared to make life a little easier on those without husbands.

The federal government isn’t shy about its motives, either. They named the food program “Women, Infants and Children.” Who is left out of that group?

Courts have long made fathers powerless in custody decisions, ordering divorced dads to write checks under penalty of law while almost never defending their rights to access to their children.

Reminds me about the time when a Social Services worker told me she hates “joint custody” because she says it never works. Kids need their mothers, and they just need dad to keep his child support payments current.

From courts to the IRS to the welfare state, the liberal left has pushed for programs and laws that lower the importance of fathers.

The results?

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes
85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes.

Sorry, Roger. The problem isn’t the Republican General Assembly and some mysterious gun show law. The problem is the absence of fathers.

Congratulations. Your side got its way. Now, like an arsonist searching for a bucket of water, you’re looking for solutions to the problems you caused.

  • Chris

    “85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes.”

    And many of these youths are or become fathers themselves, and return to prison.

    I believe that every advocate for families should also be an advocate for ending the war on drugs and ending the system that has led to our nation having the world’s highest rate of incarceration. Unfortunately, powerful interests are working against this.

  • kelley

    they have fathers. why would any woman want to have a child with a man who 1: was not willing to raise the child 2: not willing, even to the point of threatened prison time, to pay child support or 3: was not willing to introduce this woman & child to his other baby mamas & other children?

    while blaming the men is easy, the women are equally at fault.

    • James Young

      You’re not wrong, Kelley, but biology makes it much easier for men to avoid the consequences of irresponsible sex.

  • TVal

    Good article. With the left (and some who claim to be on the right) pushing same-sex marriage, fatherlessness will only get worse.

    • I’m seriously considering awarding the “Stupidest Comment Of The Month” award right here.

      • TVal

        Enlighten me, O Wise One.

        • How will two men or women cohabitating subtract a father from this world?

          • TVal

            How can we credibly claim that fathers are needed when same-sex marriage says they are inessential, that two mothers are the same as a mom and a dad?

          • Turtles Run

            Because the truth is that children need loving parents or parent. They need financial stability and environments that foster learning and love. Whether it comes from two Moms or Dads does not matter. Sometimes children are better off with one parent but when people refuse to put thought into an issue or seek to understand the root causes of a problem then nothing will get done.

          • TVal

            Did you grow up with both parents?

          • Turtles Run

            Is it germane to the conversation?

          • Bob McMahan

            Turtle, I am guessing that you do not have kids. The role of the father is quite different from that of the mother. Discipline, when needed, is especially more effective when delivered by the father. Boys, especially, need a father to shape their character.

          • Turtles Run

            I have three boys and I am very aware of what they need. Children need the love of parents or in some cases that is only one parent. Is it easier with two, yes. Do that have to be opposite sex, no. Kids need love and an enriching environment. Same-sex couples are just as capable of providing that type of home. Studies also prove my claim is correct as well.

            Matt Suarez
            A heck of a nice guy

  • Timothy

    It seems that I rarely agree with you, but I think you hit the nail on the head. Well said, sir

  • Turtles Run

    Maybe Iam doing it wrong. But I am pretty much on the left and somehow I managed to stay married to my wife and raise my three sons. Maybe the problem is more complex than LIBERALS WANT TO REPLACE DADS.

    Matt Suarez
    A heck of a nice guy

    • DJRippert

      A statistical analysis with a sample size of 1. Always compelling.

      • Turtles Run

        About as compelling as blaming the government social safety net programs, courts, Same Sex Marriage, or the IRS for the number of fatherless homes.

        Matt Suarez
        A heck of a nice guy

  • Samuel E Morrison

    Then why not support gay marriage? Sure science shows two biological parents are the ideal scenario, but it also shows that 2 stable adult influences in a child’s life are better than one. It’s better to have 2 gay fathers than just 1 mother or 1 father.

    • TVal

      What science?

    • Steven Osborne

      Hey Sam,
      Since it is merely numbers that matter, then why not have group parenting? I mean, isn’t five better than two?

      • Doug Brown

        It takes a village/what does it matter?

  • Warmac9999

    The left will never agree because they buy votes from people who live the welfare lifestyle. We have lots of baby-daddy’s and very few fathers. We also have lots of baby-mommys and very few mothers. Now with illegal immigration, we will even have more of both.

  • Tim Donner

    This is an excellent piece, especially the stats. Leftists’ love of diversity for its own sake has succeeded in devaluing men in general and fathers specifically, advancing the acceptability of single parent homes, and the implicit notion that the father is optional. Even in “sophisticated” circles, having a child out of wedlock now raises nary a discouraging word…as if the child’s welfare is strictly secondary to the desires of the mother.

    • Sophie Vera

      There is an important distinction between having a child out of wedlock and being abandoned by one’s husband and father. In the cases of many of the shooters of late, abandonment was the situation. As a single mother-made so by a decision my ex-husband made-should I be ashamed?

  • Stephen Spiker talked about it as well “Jared Lee Loughler had two parents. So did Elliot Rodger. Wade Michael Page was raised in a two-family house until his mother died at age 14; Vester Lee Flanagan was raised in a single FATHER household from age 8 and beyond. James Holmes was raised in a stable household–so much so that they tried to use his upbringing to spare him the death penalty”

    • Stephen Spiker

      Thank you. It’s been pointed out that Rodger’s parents divorced. However, Loughler and Holmes came from stable households, while Flanagan and Page both had their fathers in their lives the entire time. The point wasn’t to catalog the upbringing of every recent mass murderer, except that Jeanine’s post explicitly says that “ALL” of them have this problem in common (which is not even close to true), and that fathers are not in the picture (even more false).

      While no one disputes that stable households are a better environment for children, this sort of Leave-It-To-Beaver moralizing 1) is based on a lazy categorization, 2) ignores the larger causes of violence and crime, 3) offers no viable policy solution except for taking money away from women she finds unsuitable moral, and 4) advocates for more public shaming. It’s gross, indecent, and condescending, from an viciously despicable woman who has no high ground to claim with anyone.

      I would love for Jeanine to unban me from her echo chamber of a blog or comment here, but she got tired of losing arguments to me.

  • James Young

    Of course, pointing out these facts makes you a racist and a homophobe. At least according to Prince William County Democrats.

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