10 Tenets of Republicanism


Elizabeth Warren is wrong.

Not just a little wrong, but in a style so epic and disconnected from reality that only a Harvard professor could articulate the wrongness and make it sound even plausible.

This weekend’s National  Journal made a big splash over the weekend, as many conservatives simply did their utmost to scrape their jaws off the floor.  Senator Warren’s list barely sounds like a list of principles at all — more like a set of wants from an ill-mannered teenager demanding the car keys and screeching about the 12am curfew.

The worst part?  Not the entitlement — most conservatives are used to that by now.  What was shocking to me was the depiction of the opposition (meaning us) as selfish, greedy, and obtuse.

Is that really what they think of America?  Of Republicans?

Of course, I couldn’t let it stand there.  The Jeffersonian spirit remains alive and well in some quarters of this great nation of ours, and when lowercase-r republican values come under threat and are redefined in a sweep of “progress” one has to wonder qui bono?  Who benefits?

The answer here was clear as day.  Warren wasn’t proffering a set of tenets as much as she was delivering an ultimatum — a perversion of the Contract With America that separates this nation into two camps: winners and losers.  Lowercase-r republicans have never believed this Marxist dialectic.

To the contrary, the prosperity of our neighbor is a thing to be celebrated, the free market having lifted more people out of poverty than any social program on the face of this planet.  Yes, there is such a thing as win-win, and the long history of the American experiment has proven time and time again that the values that made America great once will make America great once again.

One cup of coffee later… I produced the 10 Tenets of Republicanism (because why use 11 when only 10 will do):

** We believe in the basic and absolute human right to exist; that this gift of life is gifted to us by God, and predicates the existence of all our other rights.

** We believe in liberty as the balance between tyranny and license; that it should be preserved and enhanced by society — not destroyed by it.

** We believe in one’s absolute right to property and prosperity, and deeply resent the collective theft that forces people into dependency while masquerading as the social welfare state.

** We believe in the rule of law to protect and advance these rights, and desire a just and moral immigration system consisting of those who freely assent to our basic American creed and ethos.

** We believe that everyone is responsible for their own debts and earnings, and that neither government nor society have a right or responsibility to abrogate either.

** We believe that every child has the right to their mother and father, that family is the cornerstone of civil society, and that government has neither the ability nor the competence to redefine this standard.

** We believe that parents have the absolute right to determine how their children are educated, and that true education is a moral investment made to preserve and enhance the dignity of the individual and the integrity of the American republic.

** We believe that a living wage is earned, and that the hard work, abilities, skills, and education of the individual will create and produce the ability of the free market to lift people from dependency and poverty.

** We believe a strong monetary policy ensures that after a lifetime of hard work, individuals ought to be entitled to the fruits of their own labor, and should not have it stolen through inflationary theft or government mismanagement.

** Lastly, we firmly believe the rights of the individual inevitably triumph over the collective desires of society.

…and lastly, in response to Warren’s view of us vs. them?

And the main tenet of conservatives’ philosophy, according to Warren? “I got mine. The rest of you are on your own.”

I’ll leave the response to that for you to leave in the comments section.

  • Allen Crenshaw

    We believe Shaun Kenney is the tackiest person in the party…

    • I second that!

      • Allen Crenshaw

        On a serious note, though, you’ve gotta stop catering to the ungovernable. The only reflection of Warren’s radical agenda is the radical agenda of our very own “base.” They are sinking this ship & I for one am tired of losing elections due to the tea party’s dogshit brand.

        • Warmac9999

          And I am tired of losing elections because we stand for a different kind of big government.

    • Eugene Fisher

      What do you mean by “We” this is not a socialist France!

  • I think Warren’s philosophy can be easily summed up as “We got theirs, now we’ll give it to you as long as you keep voting for us.”

  • I guess public safety and national defense don’t matter anymore?

  • Independence1

    I will have to say that my opinion of the Tea Party has changed. There are still those who are too radical for my taste, however, several of them are really good people with a different way to reach the same goal as myself.

    After the whole “slating” problem; it was difficult to create a fair opinion when the process so divided the Virginia Beach Republicans. I see “slating” as legal. It may even be beneficial if everyone agrees on the process beforehand. That was the problem. Voters were disenfranchised because it was a shock and surprise. I defended its use based on the principle, not fully understanding how it affected the individual. In hindsight; my vote would have been to abstain. Unfortunately, you learn these lessons the hard way. Voters are not just numbers. They are actual people with ideas and beliefs. They should be treated that way regardless of the election.

    This is not a Tea Party butt kissing. I think Mainstream and Tea Party Republicans need to find common ground and work productively and not destructively. We could be quite a force and possibly one which could keep each other in check. A good example is Bill Bolling’s solution to our convention v. primary battle…..Closed primaries. Many people didn’t like it, but I do. It is a compromise. What’s wrong with that?

    • Devil’s Advocate

      “I think Mainstream and Tea Party Republicans need to find common ground”

      We tried working together.

      It didn’t work out.

  • Oh Klee

    The ideology of liberalism is an ideology of nonsense.

    • Dogma

      Except when it’s neo-liberalism, then I’ll bet you’re all for it.

  • Antoninus

    Leave it to an establishment Republican to conjure up something called “Republicanism.” There is no such thing as “Republicanism” unless the establishment GOP Kool-Aid drinkers actually believe they have created something out of whole cloth. What there is, and always was, is conservatism, and conservatism served as the foundation of of a movement which expressed itself in the Republican Party. At least until the establishment GOP leadership came along to place winning elections above upholding the principles of conservatism.

    Conservatism seeks to preserve those ideas, institutions, and attitudes which have served to underpin our country and the success we citizens enjoy that has proven itself by taking us from discovery to the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in world history in less than 400 years! It was these ideas and principles which the Founders fought a Revolution to to realize and embodied in the Constitution to be preserved for future generations. They include faith in God as our Creator and recognition of the Bible and its absolute truth as the foundation of our moral order. It is preservation of the family as the fundamental societal unit necessary for the proper upbringing of healthy and well-adjusted children who become productive citizens. It includes an unbiased educational system focused on proper instruction so citizens are grounded in the truth to properly live their lives.

    What it doesn’t include are establishment Republicans like John McCain trying to live down the shame of being caught up in the Keating Five scandal by tacitly supporting the destructive progressive agenda in the hopes that the media will allow the public to forget his past transgressions. It doesn’t include toning down the conservatism to win an election just so the establishment leadership can keep the other side from winning. It also doesn’t include allowing the opposition to demoralize you by listening to their backhanded advice and believing their lies.

    If such a thing as “Republicanism” exists at all, it is the belief by the establishment leadership that one can espouse conservatism while tacitly supporting the progressive agenda of the opposition hoping all along that Republicans believe the same Democratic hype they have swallowed! Creation of such a foul beast as “Republicanism” pointedly illustrates why the TEA Party exists, why the establishment GOP leadership fails to understand the TEA Party, and why the TEA Party must leave the corrupt establishment GOP to avoid the taint of their “Republicanism!”

    • Dogma

      Actually, there is a such thing as ‘Republicanism’, but the author misappropriated it to the party, rather than what it is, a model of government ( like democracy, socialism, anarchism, federalism, etc.).


  • Eugene Fisher


  • Dogma

    You’re confusing Republicanism as a model of governance, with the modern Republican Party. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republicanism

    Totally different argument.

    It would be like saying the core principles of democracy model is what the Democratic Party is based on– therefore if you disagree with the DNC you disagree with democracy.

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