Snyder op-ed: Growing Our Grassroots

disruptor fund

By Pete Snyder

Did you know that if we were able to get a single extra vote in each of the precincts across Virginia – one vote! – liberal Mark Herring would have lost his bid for Attorney General, and would not be waging a unilateral war on our Constitutional Rights?

You and I both know that to win again, we have to energize, excite and invest in our party from the bottom up- not the top down!

That’s why I’m leading a new effort to invest in and arm our conservative grassroots called Disruptor Fund.

Our aim is to help our Unit Committees with the three things every winning conservative organization needs more of – motivated volunteers, better use of technology, and in most cases, money to get out the vote.

I know what you’re thinking. When working “with” vs. “against” the grassroots of our Party is deemed disruptive… we truly are living in challenging times. But no one ever said the path to Victory was easy.

A Disruptive Thought: Growing Our Party

While these may be depressing times for our nation and our Party – I tend to be a glass half-full kind of guy. I firmly believe that 2014 represents the BEST RECRUITING opportunity for our movement and our Party in decades. It is TRUE – and you know it.

If during these troubled times we can’t double the size of our ranks in the grassroots of our party — when ObamaCare is strangling economic growth, President Obama’s popularity is cratering and his Administration has become a case study in big government mismanagement — something is seriously wrong. And we’re willing to put some serious effort and dollars where our mouths are to encourage that growth.

In fact, we’ll even lower the bar to make it more manageable. Any of our Party’s local Units who grow their membership by 50% will receive a four figure “seed investment” from Disruptor Fund starting at $1,000 all the way up to $2,500 based upon the results driven by (and the size of) the committee.

And here’s the added bonus – technology. Disruptor Fund will bring in some of the best technology minds in the industry to help committees grow their size – free of charge. That can be as simple as helping Units build a new website or as complicated as crafting a highly targeted data-driven ad campaign to increase membership numbers. It’s all up to the Units!

I don’t pretend to know everything, but as a technology entrepreneur I understand the impact that innovation can create, and I have a passion to see technology used by our Party to attract more voters, more members to our Committees, more grassroots activists to our cause and more dollars to fuel our candidates.

To win the future – we don’t need to change our conservative values, but we do need to invest in and grow our grassroots and stop using yesterday’s weapons to fight tomorrow’s battles.

Together, we can strengthen, grow and unite our Party. Click here to learn more about Disruptor Fund, give us a call at 804-495-1171 or come talk to us at Convention in Roanoke to see how you and your local Unit can participate.

I think we can agree that the first item on every Virginia Conservative’s “To-Do” List this year should be retiring Mark Warner and taking back the U.S. Senate. Let’s pledge to come out of Convention focused, united and ready to win in November!

Pete Snyder is chairman of the Disruptor Fund

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