Talking the Brat/Cantor Race with Jimmy Barrett

Jimmy Barrett and I talked about the 7th district race between incumbent Eric Cantor and challenger David Brat this morning on WRVA. The short version? It’s still Cantor’s race to lose, but will he win by enough to thwart a challenger in the future?

  • WorriedinVA

    The behavior of the Tea Party at the 7th District convention was appalling…Honestly…if you want to bring people together, you can’t act like a mob. If the Tea Party wants to bring people into their group – and I agree with them just about 100% of the time – they have to realize that not every other conservative will fit their mold perfectly. The Tea Party NEEDS ALL conservatives on board to beat the democrats and acting like thugs won’t get them there. Sitting at home on election day and stomping your feet because the “perfect” Tea Party person didn’t get the republican nomination is playing right into the democratic play book – it’s votes for them. The progressive movement began about 100 years ago. We cannot “take this country back” in one or two election cycles. ALL conservatives need to pull together. The Tea Party had a great thing going, but now they’re acting disgracefully. Be a “big umbrella” movement. Be persuasive, be cordial, be considerate. If you want to win, do it with respect and kindness – or you will LOSE and the conservative movement will disappear in this country altogether. Look at the democratic party – what variance it has! You have the hard socialists and the people who still think it’s the same democratic party our grandparents belonged to (the JFK, Romney types).

    Get a grip – if you want change, real change, you have to be welcoming, compassionate, persuasive, and respectful, or you will LOSE.

    • Turbocohen

      The Tea Party movement activist saved the 7th from the tyranny of greedy politics. Bite your tongue.

    • Matt G.

      Was booing Cantor the right thing to do? That’s really in the eye of the beholder. The media could care less who did it other than who agrees with them more (in this case the establishment republicans for lack of a better term). If you think you can appease them, you are sorely mistaken (see John McCain/Mitt Romney as soon as they were “The” republican nominees). What matters is how the republican party broadcasts its ideals to everyone…yes that means all blacks, Hispanics (auto correct capitalized hispanics), and minorities generally. We are the American party, the party for everyone. We believe that individuals do best for themselves and not the govt taking care of them. That means we need a balanced budget which pays down the debt. We can’t afford to take care of everyone and the world doesn’t deserve to be a citizen of ours. Our immigration system isn’t broken, our political (aka current republican party) system is. The gov’t is supposed to be our national defense first and otherwise leave us the hell alone.

      • Matt G.

        Sorry got a bit long winded there. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure Cantor couldn’t make sense of what the party platform is and how to take it outside of the normal venues (ie go to Compton in LA and tell them how the Republicans are better than the D’s). I’m sure he could easily pander to them though, that’s really all he is about good for any more. Remember, Reagan only got less than 40% after he did his amnesty. Since then we have only gotten less than 50% at best of Hispanic votes.

  • Craig Scott

    Are the voters just more informed and tired of the cronyism / anti-free market stance?

    • No. You’re never going to get rid of those departments.

      • Craig Scott

        Never is long time and we need to light fire under our reps. as the US is broke. So many agencies not only don’t work, but are counter productive.

  • Matt G.

    I will support Eric Cantor 100% as soon as he pushes Boehner for a Select Committee on the IRS Scandal with Goehmert as the chairman (or at least a Gowdy equivalent). Calling for a special prosecutor from Eric (contempt before the House) Holder is just buying time and trying to appease us before the midterms. Grow a pair Cantor and do the right thing. Otherwise, we know why you could care less about targeting of the real conservatives of the republican party. Oh and if you don’t think they wont go after you, Crossroads GPS was also targeted too…

  • Downstater

    Even if he still wins, I really hope this sends a msg. to Eric Cantor that he was elected by the people of his home district to represent them, not given the 7th district as a fiefdom. Oh, and stop selling us out to illegal immigrants. It’s us or the illegals, choose.

  • Alan

    If Cantor wins the primary he will have a challenger in two years. Do they really think that conservatives will just go away? LOL – he is owned by K Street lobbiests and puts their interests above those of his constituents. BTW – sending out weather reports and offering to get me into tourist attractions is not my idea of representation.

    • NormLeahy

      It is the sort of constituent service a freshman rep. is told to do. That the majority leader is getting around to it now is quite funny.

      • Alan

        Norm: I enjoyed the interview and most of the other pieces posted on this web site. I’ve found it to be a good source of information as I feel the need to stay informed. Alan

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