McSweeney named RPV General Counsel

This is an interesting development:

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins today named former Chairman Pat McSweeney as general counsel. McSweeney served as chairman from 1992-1996, and has a deep and intimate knowledge of Republican Party of Virginia and its history.

“Pat McSweeney has graciously accepted the position of general counsel. McSweeney has long been known as a principled but fair actor in conservative circles. I am confident that the party will be ably served by a veteran who knows and understands how the party’s nomination methods have evolved and operated in practice,” Mullins said.

McSweeney’s appointment comes after Cortland Putbrese submitted his resignation this week.

“Given how contentious our party leadership contests have been lately, Cortland steered RPV through some challenging times,” stated Mullins. “I honor and respect his commitment to his family and career, and understand entirely what a time commitment serving as general counsel can be. All of us who had the privilege to work with Cortland cannot speak highly enough of his character and his service to the party. I thank him for his time and work.”

Cortland Putbrese’s letter of resignation can be found here: Resignation Letter

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      Clarify.. Who are you calling RINO, mr. Tea Party Man er Woman or whatever you are.. er, Democrat troll..

  • Shaun Kenney: Getting Things Done.

    • mezurak

      Yeah, he’s done alright. I’m guessing Mullins may be too.

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    Meet the new boss….same as the old boss.

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