Conflict of interest in Richmond stadium deal?

Imagine that the Republican mayor of a state capitol city has a pet project that he wants done. He’s already managed to reduce the transparency of where public money is going, stiff-arm one of his party’s ground-breaking leaders, and now he wants to ensure there’s a sweet deal for another group he’s involved with: the state party, of which he happens to be chairman.

Do you think, perhaps, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, etc. might give this little set-up a second look?

Of course they would! Heck, if we can have a year’s-worth of coverage over a Rolex watch, I’m sure that this bombshell would warrant calls for investigations, new legislation, stern editorials, etc. as well, right?

But, alas, we’re not talking about a Republican, now, are we? We’re talking about Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones – so we’re certain everything is completely above reproach.

Of course, it’s not as if Shockoe Bottom incidents involving Democrats haven’t been buried before.

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  • Wally Erb

    Oh my, at first you were talking about Republican Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms. But then we really don’t know were his party allegiances reside, do we?

  • Arlingtonvirginia

    Is this the same mayor liberals threw tantrums over for being appointed by McAwful to lead the democrat party in VA though he didn’t support gay marriage?

  • Downstater

    I have yet to see an article in the Washington Post on this.

  • DavidH

    McDonnell’s a bigger fish & story, stadium deals have long been sad games, and I think there’s a real sense of fatigue with dysfunctional Richmond government in general and the Richmond stadium saga in particular. None of these are excuses, but they seem to explain the lack of reaction as well or better than claiming that it’s all about partisanship.

  • Jerel C. Wilmore
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