Scott on Colbert

“Oh, it looks like union troops burned Richmond to the ground again!” – Stephen Colbert

Rep. Bobby Scott has the honor of being Virginia’s first congressman on Colbert’s 434 part installment (shouldn’t this be 435?) “Better Know a District!”

Colbert, who led into the conversation describing his “new addition” to Norfolk’s mermaid collection, had a wide-ranging interview with Scott that discussed federal spending, government jobs, global warming, national security, and other such important matters, like Richmonders having a lot of tattoos.


h/t: Crew of 42

  • DavidH

    I’ve long thought Republican reps are shooting themselves in the foot by boycotting Colbert. (Check who’s been interviewed for Better Know a District — it’s all Democrats.) Yes, Colbert may be critical — so what? Be a good sport, show some sense of humor, and I think you win in the end. There’s certainly no winning in ignoring the large Daily Show / Colbert audience.

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