BREAKING: 5CD GOP sustains Campbell County mass meeting appeal

IMG_20140510_112239Meeting in Moneta today, the Fifth Congressional District Republican Committee voted to sustain an appeal of the results of the Campbell County GOP mass meeting. The appeal was lodged formally by former Campbell County GOP chairman Les Williams. The Fifth District committee narrowly split in its decision granting that the appeal — which alleged four major violations of party rules and parliamentary procedure — by a vote of 17-16 (chairman William Stanley abstaining on all votes).

Subsequent to voting to sustain the appeal, the district committee also voted separately on three issues: (1) It refused to seat those delegates elected at the Campbell County mass meeting at the Fifth District or Republican Party of Virginia state conventions. (2) It recommended to those conventions that all those who properly prefiled by a deadline before the mass meeting be seated. That recommendation is non-binding. (3) It voted to take no action with regard to the election of a unit chairman, other officers, or committee members at the mass meeting, leaving it up to Campbell County Republicans to resolve any issues of that type that emerged from the mass meeting.

More details to come. This story is developing, and the decisions are sure to be a topic of discussion and action at the Fifth District convention next Saturday, May 17, in Farmville, and again at the RPV convention in Roanoke on June 7.

UPDATE, May 13: Here is my post-committee meeting interview with state Senator Bill Stanley, outgoing chairman of the Fifth Congressional District GOP Committee, in which he explains the procedures by which the Campbell County appeal was decided.

Rick Sincere Interviews Bill Stanley

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  • kelley

    Thanks fpr being there Rick, slogging thru the mud. Looking forward to your continued analysis on 5CD Republicans

  • Donna Martin

    So, what does this mean? That Mark Lloyd and his wife will illegally be able to attend the fifth district convention as delegates and vote for him. I am so sick and tired of the fighting amongst the Fifth District Republicans. Can’t the Republican Party of Virginia do something about this internal bickering. Beating Mark Warner should be our biggest concern and all these idiots can think about is how we can cheat our fellow Republicans and once again hand it over to the Democrats. We will never dig ourselves out of the entitlement hole the Democrats of Virginia have dug. We are losing everything the Republican Party stands for (smaller government, lower taxes, welfare reform, jobs and people who actually want to work and most of all Healthcare that’s not another handout). I just wish someone would explain what Campbell County is so upset about unless someone wants to cheat and they can’t.

    • It means that it’s back to the start for that process. Some of Campbell County appears to be “so upset with” the Boyle takeover and this was the way to send them packing. As I said before over at Ken’s favorite blog, Mark Lloyd is a good guy but he’s got the dysfunctional Lynchburg Tea Party albatrossed around his neck.

      • Donna Martin

        Thank you so much for clearing that up. I have heard Mark Lloyd was a good guy and also heard he was a trouble maker. Don’t know the guy so I really can’t judge him.

      • Donna Martin

        Bruce I received this info and would like your take on it.Mark Lloyd has publicly criticized Republican candidates for 20 years.
        In June, 2010, Mark Lloyd failed to support Robert Hurt after he won the Republican primary. According to an article in the Lynchburg News and Advance entitled Lynchburg Tea Party leaders: No 5th District endorsements by Ray Reed:

        Mark Lloyd, chairman of the Lynchburg Tea Party, said, “At this point, as a Tea Party organization, I don’t foresee the endorsement of any candidates during this election cycle.” The Lynchburg Tea Party is “drawing a line in the sand,” according to the release, which followed Hurt’s clear victory Tuesday over six other candidates in the primary.

        In August 2011, at the Danville Tea Party meeting, Lloyd was quoted as saying “I’d vote for a Democrat before I voted for Robert Hurt” according to 3 witnesses.

        September 1, 2010 in an article entitled “Jeff Clark: Dreams, Wishes, Delusions and Questions”, Lloyd wrote “As anyone who has kept up with VA5 politics over the last several months can attest, I have been very critical of the GOP, and Robert Hurt.”

        According to reporter Ray Reed writing for the Lynchburg News and Advance in 2012…
        “Lynchburg Tea Party official blasts Allen ‘rhetoric” “Former Sen. George Allen’s bid to reclaim his Senate seat ran into a challenge Thursday from the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, which said it was exposing Allen “for being neither tea party nor conservative.” Mark Lloyd of Lynchburg, Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, said, “George Allen’s rhetoric does not match his record.”

        In 2006, Mark Lloyd openly refused to endorse Jerry Kilgore as a Republican candidate for Governor.

        The recent mailings, emails, and blogs are attempting to rewrite Mark Lloyd’s history and paint him as some grass roots activist for Republican candidates. Those of us who did work in Republican campaigns, know that those who put up signs, knocked doors, and made the phone calls were members of our local Republican Units, not Tea Party publicity seekers. We never saw Mark Lloyd in these campaigns because he wasn’t there. The anti-Perriello signs that he takes credit for producing were designed and printed by Steve Peters’ family. Unsubstantiated claims made on social media sites can not rewrite history with us. We know the truth about Mark Lloyd’s lack of support for Republicans.


        Based on the comparative record of the two candidates, we enthusiastically Berkley as the next 5th District Chairman. We hope that you will join us in supporting U.S. Congressman Robert Hurt by voting for Jon Berkley and the Plan that he has presented for the future of the 5th District Committee.

        Peggy H. Armentrout, President Hab Baker, Former Chairman
        Patrick Henry Republican Women’s Club Brunswick County Committee

        Sally Anne Stewart, Former Chairman Pat Barksdale, Chairman
        Buckingham County Republican Committee Halifax County Committee

        Christopher Carter, Former Chairman Greg Eanes, Chairman
        Pittsylvania County Republican Committee Franklin County Committee

        Ed Early, Former Chairman (20 years) John Ferguson, Chairman
        Charlotte County Republican Committee Campbell County Committee

        Peter Finocchio, Chairman Emeritus W. C. Fowlkes, Chairman
        UVA College Republicans Henry County Committee

        Jacob Hancock, Chairman Bill Harville, Chairman
        Southside Young Republicans Madison County Republicans

        Wally Hudson, Chairman Stephen Kendall, Former Chairman
        Mecklenburg County Republicans Nelson County Republicans

        John Marsden, Former Chairman Don Mosley, Former Chairman
        Prince Edward County Committee 5th District Republican Committee

        Anthony Pasciuta Jr., Former Chairman Steven Peters, Former Acting Chair
        Charlotte County Republican Committee Albemarle County Republicans

        Daniel Rutherford, Former Chairman Gene Smith, Former Chairman
        Nelson County Republican Committee Campbell County Committee

        Vivienne Smith, Former Chairman Korey Snead, Vice Chairman
        Fluvanna County Republican Committee Halifax County Committee

        John Tucker, Former Chair & SCC Gary Walker, State Central Committee
        Madison County Republican Committee Charlotte County Committee

        Sandra Warren, Vice Chairman Charles Weber, Former Chairman
        Danville Republican Committee Charlottesville Committee

        Jim White, Vice Chairman Betsy Young, Chairman
        5th District Republican Committee Danville Republican Committee

        Scott Russel, Chairman
        Fauquier County Republican Committee

        Copyright © 2014 GOP Leaders, All rights reserved.

        • First, I have to laugh at the fake copyright statement of “Copyright © 2014 GOP Leaders, All rights reserved.”.

          Most of everything else comes down to “Proof Or Not Real”. Sentences like…

          In August 2011, at the Danville Tea Party meeting, Lloyd was quoted as
          saying “I’d vote for a Democrat before I voted for Robert Hurt” according to 3 witnesses.

          … have no credibility with me because none of those “3 witnesses” are named.

          Like I said earlier, the Lynchburg Tea Party has its share of nutballs and does nutball things at times just because they’re a Tea Party. It’s an albatross around his neck and he’ll struggle to ever redeem himself in the eyes of party purists.

          • Donna Martin

            Once again thanks. I respect your opinion.

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