Contest filed regarding Richmond GOP meeting results

Last month, March 18, a few days after Virginia Beach’s GOP Mass Meeting, the city of Richmond chose to “slate” its 55 delegate votes to the Republican Party of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District Convention in favor of the challenger Reid Nicholson of Hampton to incumbent RPV 3CD Chairman Chris Stearns of Portsmouth.

Among a spartan crowd in attendance, sixteen properly prefiled delegates for Stearns were told “Thanks, but no thanks” for their participation.

“As Chairman of the 3rd, I wish I could’ve done more to prevent the removal of party activists at the Richmond Republican Mass Meeting last night,” wrote Stearns on Facebook at the time. “That being said, my fellow libertarians really need to get a clue – you can always complain about the Republican Party or how bad the direction in which our nation is headed, but you can’t do anything about your grievances if you don’t show up.”

Truer words never spoken.

But the fight over the meeting isn’t over yet.

A group of anti-slating supporters has officially contested the results of the meeting over irregularities regarding verification of voting credentials and improper recognition of proper and outcome-determinative motions.

It would appear they have a good case.

What those contesting the results of the meeting are asking for is either a “do over” or more appropriately, just “elect” the sixteen properly prefiled delegates to the 3rd District Convention.

The right thing to do is seat the delegates. After all, Slating is Evil.

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