I support Eric Cantor

It is a profoundly telling statement on the sorry state of the Virginia blogosphere that one of the most controversial statements a Virginia blogger can make is that he supports the highest ranking elected Virginia Republican in the country.

I support Eric Cantor. I look at those who want to throw him out of office with a look of “What are you? Nuts?”

Eric Cantor is Second-in-Command in the House of Representatives, a stone’s throw away from Speaker of the House. Know when the last time a Virginia Republican was Speaker of the House of Representatives?

Never! Never ever.

The last Speaker from Virginia at all was a Democrat in 1845, and that was a time when the Speakership rotated every term.

Pardon me if thinking the possibility of the first Republican Speaker of the House from Virginia in the history of the world would be a good thing, but apparently supporting such a possibility makes me a turncoat, a RINO, part of the Establishment, and other assorted names usually hurled by those who lose elections.

For that matter, guess how many House Majority Leaders have been from Virginia? One.

Eric Cantor.

And whackos on the far right think it should be the top order of business in Virginia to oust Virginia’s top Republican.

No Virginian has ever served as Minority Leader, so perhaps that’s the real goal of the anti-Cantor dweebs.

Luckily for the sane among us, the bark of those bloggers is worse than their bite. They’ll back a gadfly and print their sad press releases day after day and applaud their $5 contributions from people whose circular intellect proclaims them to be smarter than the 80% of Republicans who think they’re crazy.

I’m a Republican. I write for Bearing Drift. I don’t get a dime of consulting fees from Eric Cantor, although I happily would if he ever had an opponent worth worrying about. As usual, he doesn’t.

And when Rep. Cantor is the House Majority Leader, my job as a Republican is to make sure Republicans keep that majority, give him a Republican Senate to work with him, and a Republican in the White House. I work to defeat Democrats.

Wasting time firing pea shooters at the backs of our own Republicans is a sad waste of time, energy, money and life.

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