It’s all true!

Why does anyone blog?

Simple: Vanity.

In the political blogosphere our vanity is couched in ideology, but make no mistake, it’s still vanity; after all, we write because of our zealous belief in certain principles and candidates. We have such a core conviction that we must share our commentary with the world in order to make it better. And, certainly, we’re never wrong.

That’s vanity. But what is vanity without an audience? Pathetic. Jealous. Petty. Petulant. And, envious.


Such is the state of mind of some of our blogger colleagues, especially those who allow some Bearing Drift contributors to live rent free in their heads. There are some in our Virginia blogosphere, who, in their self-righteous vainglory, take vanity a step further… typically when their own egos are not being massaged.

When some of our colleagues aren’t quite getting the attention they want or think they’re being ignored, like a child, they will lash out with a tantrum and endeavor to tear down those they disagree with.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. When I started BD a decade ago, this genre was very different. Folks who were already participating were quick to lend a helping hand. Even people from the left – many of whom I still call friends – would reach out and help. And we’d pay it forward. I remember like it was yesterday when Vivian Paige spoke with me about setting up her blog. And I was glad to do so.

While some of us were certainly rivals – Lowell Feld, Ben Tribbett, Eileen Levandowski – there was still mutual respect. Even Eileen and I shared a car ride out to Martinsville for one of the blog conferences – a conference attended by Jeff Schapiro, the late Tucker Watkins and Delegate Tim Hugo.

Who is that incredibly handsome and smart young man taking notes?  And why does Schapiro look like he's about to nail someone?
Who is that incredibly handsome and smart young man taking notes? And why does Schapiro look like he’s about to nail someone?

But somewhere along the way that feeling of camaraderie and helpfulness has transitioned into a degree of bitterness and divisiveness that is particularly rampant among conservatives.

Perhaps it was the recent unpleasantness in the rift between Bolling and Cuccinelli, maybe it’s related to the injection of enthusiasm from those in the Tea Party whose ideological purity is both refreshing and frustrating, or perhaps it’s just a general disagreement on policy and/or “what it means” to be a conservative. Regardless of what the source, there is an unmistakable aura that some bloggers have brought to the scene – and it’s a vindictive attitude where they’re judge, jury, and executioner.

Several weeks ago, a couple of bloggers accused Virginia Line Media and Bearing Drift of coloring our writing because K6 Consulting Group, a firm that Shaun Kenney, Jason Kenney, and I all represent, is advising two congressional candidates.

In the upcoming FEC financial disclosure, you will see that K6 is indeed providing service to Del. Barbara Comstock and Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

It’s at this point that those who have an axe to grind are going to latch on and say, “See, we told you so! They’re shills!”

What apparently they know that you all don’t is that when I did my year working for the UN in Haiti, I was privy to secret, black helicopter-like technology. I obtained funding from secret Zionist sources who I know through my Cantor connections in order to buy a Delorean and Flux Capacitor. This enabled me to go back to the beginning of when I started this website and write positive things about Eric Cantor and his leadership. It also meant that when Comstock was first arriving on the scene, I traveled to Speaker William Howell’s office to interview her in 2009 and continued to give her positive coverage throughout 2012, as she became a spokesperson for Mitt Romney and appeared at the Republican National Convention. While I was at it, I picked up Shaun and we traveled back a few years so he could write his post on nativism and start a multi-year Quixotic campaign against discrimination.

What, you didn't know this is real technology?
What, you didn’t know this is real technology?

Okay, perhaps that’s not actually how it happened. But the accusations that have been, and will likely be, leveled at this site and K6 are equally preposterous.

At K6 each member of the group has their own clients. Jason Kenney works for Cantor and Comstock, which is why you will see very, very few pieces from him on those two individuals. K6 is completely separate from Virginia Line Media LLC, which runs BD, and as the latest FEC filings make clear, nobody is giving VLM anything from either of those campaigns. I work for Curtis Colgate and have never posted on his campaign here. In a nutshell: we aren’t writing pieces based on who pays us. And we don’t shakedown people to prevent negative coverage.

Here’s the bottom-line: we work hard at BD to get you the best information. And part of that information comes from the fact that we know what is going on. I guess because we are good at what we do, and have impeccable credibility and transparency, that means we’re prone to arrows from afar.

The vanity of our critics aside, we will continue to work hard. Continue to give you the best information we can. Continue to help out those in the blogosphere who are legitimately seeking to bring greater transparency and accountability to our government. Continue to call out those who write for their own self-aggrandizement and on policies that seek to only undermine conservatism. And, continue to promote the causes and candidates we believe in.

At this point, some of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering why I’m writing this. Consider it my way of applying the Bush doctrine.

  • Samuel E Morrison

    Great article, except for the total non-sequitur about Democratic bloggers and then the Tea Party. You should have kept going along your original line of thought about the loss of civility and camaraderie instead of morphing it into a disclosure of the clients for yourself and other Bearing Drift contributors.

    Or did you just feel that since Gillespie disclosed his (incredibly impressive) list of clients that you needed to do the same?

    • Tomorrow is the date when we expect all of the FEC filings for first quarter to go through and be posted online. And we also expect that David Brat and his legion of board warriors, along with Bob Marshall’s folk and maybe Howie Lind will start combing through, trying to attack Shaun, myself, Jim, and Jason in any way they can.

      So consider this Jim letting the air out of that balloon full of hot air.

      • Samuel E Morrison

        Oh I completely get that, I’m just saying in my opinion it would have made more sense to draw this article out to its logical conclusion and just outright have another post making clear who’s working for whom. I really liked where Mr. Hoeft was going with it. Details on the car ride with Eileen would have been especially interesting. I met her walking my dog one day at the beach while she was doing that hands across the sand thing…or whatever it is called.

  • BrianKirwin

    Here’s the other thought. Blogging isn’t usually a help to getting political clients. It’s often a detriment. Writing commentary for free isn’t a way to get professional work. We all write for BD for a greater good.

  • Are you taking questions after making this statement?

  • Nick Bukowski

    It’s hard to see how major contributors can also be paid by campaigns and somehow not skew what shows up on the blog here. At the very least, I would think you’d play down really negative things. There’s just too much a conflict of interest going on. I’ve seen very little if any criticism of Comstock from any article here, yet I’ve seen Bob Marshall and Howie Lind eviscerated.

    Where’s the coverage of Comstocks 2008 vote for Obama in the primary? Where’s the coverage of Comstock supporting Medicaid expansion on her website for months and then quickly deleting it after Lind called her out on it? Where’s the coverage of 10th district debates involving several good conservatives running on issues? I watched a live stream of the last debate hosted by Chris Plante and it was excellent to see conservatives debating the issues with real substance and candor. The appearance to me is that you’ve written off the primary as a Comstock win and you’re not going to give any coverage to her opponents in case it helps them gain momementum.

    I believe this blog loses a lot of credibility when its run by consultants for candidates that are typically the topic of these discussions. That being said, I do actually believe that there are great attempts at Bearing Drift to be fair and objective. The only problem is the appearance of skewing coverage (intended or not) mixed with the actual exchange of money via political consulting does not lend itself to the appearance of being unbiased.

    • Joe Desilets

      Maybe it is because there is SO much material out there on Marshall and Lind that needs to be eviscerated, while Comstock runs a tight ship with excellent staff that do their jobs?

      Several thousand Republicans voted for Obama in the 2008 primary in order to lengthen the nomination process, it is very well documented. Comstock never supported Medicaid expansion that’s completely out of context. See this letter signed by Howell, Miller, Ramadan, Anderson, Greason, and Herrity ( It might be worth talking about some of the other campaigns in the 10th if they ever came within ten or fifteen points of Comstock in at least a straw poll… Alas, they do not.

      You also mention that this blog is run by the consultants for “candidates that are typically the topic of these discussions.” Would you rather the writers of this blog work for nothing but obscure politicians in far away states and THEN write about Virginia politics? There is very rarely anyone that has the inside knowledge quite like consultants, yet it seems to me that you would rather we all have worse information written by people with no credentials to speak of.

      BD writes about the news makers and the news that matters in the VA GOP and conservative movement. Feel free to disagree with them on the arguments that they make, but the coverage is not skewed or biased.

    • It’s actually pretty easy to see. Kirwin is the most prolific political consultant on the roster that we have, and he rarely writes about his clients. Why? Because it’s too easy to discredit him when he does that. Shaun rarely wrote about folks he was working for, and Norm and I aren’t political consultants. The vast majority of our contributors aren’t consultants. We have something like four in a roster of a score or more contributors. Your point about us losing credibility is wrong because your assumption is wrong – folks consulting don’t generally write about their clients. But we are biased – this is a Republican blog, and our contributors are going to be biased for and against candidates. We don’t claim to be objective, because we aren’t. But we do not, and have never allowed money or compensation to skew our stories for or against anybody. Period.

      As for the 10th district stuff, the reasons there are simple. The Democratic primary story is stupid and doesn’t matter. Comstock wasn’t supporting Medicaid expansion with that single sentence on the website and her voting record trumps a sentence written by somebody else. Besides, that story has been beat to death elsewhere. We didn’t have folks in person at the 10th District debates (to my knowledge) so we didn’t have coverage, not that it would have mattered. And I’m not going to waste my time listening to Sideshow Bob and Lamb Chop to write a story about a debate that doesn’t matter.

      Here’s the reality – the 10th District race is a snoozer. There’s nothing really happening there.

      • Nick Bukowski

        Here’s a link to a video the recent debate. It was full of issues discussions and I encourage you or your readership to watch it if you like. If you go to the 87th minute of the video you’ll see a pretty heated debate dialogue between Hollingshead and Marshall discussing tax policy that I think would be worthwhile to view. If you want a little backstory to the exchange then start at the 84th minute.

        • Okay. I watched it. What’s worthwhile about it?

          • Nick Bukowski

            I find it informative to see conservatives debate tax policy from completely different perspectives and arrive a different conclusions on what policy ought to be. I find myself actually agreeing with both arguments even though they come to complete opposite conclusions on policy. Watching candidates go back and forth like this is helpful in determining what kind of Congressman they will be if elected. After watching this forum I came away thinking that I would be happy if any of them were to win the nomination. I just wish Comstock had been at the forum to see how she would mesh up in the debate on the issues.

            I’ve supported Marshall from the beginning and I still support him now, but I hope that Hollingshead continues to pursue higher office if he doesn’t win. It’s refreshing to see such quality candidates in a race.

          • Family comes first. There have been plenty of forums where she’s been there.

          • Nick Bukowski

            I agree. I just have not been able to see any of the debates/forums except for this last one because it was live-streamed. Are you aware of any of the past debates where she attended that are available online?

          • Honestly, I don’t know.

    • NormLeahy

      I saw a part of that debate, but then realized that The Masters was on. One does not miss the final round at Augusta.

  • Antoninus

    So now expressing conservative outrage over the abandonment of the Constitution and the destruction of America is redefined by the author as mere vanity. I suppose the patriots who wintered at Valley Forge endured the hardships of deprivation because they were vain. I suppose it was mere vanity which caused the Founders to risk their lives, their honor, and their sacred fortunes to put pen to paper and declare the American colonies free from the tyrannical rule of King George III and Great Britain.

    We conservatives blog because we are outraged at what is going on and are left with no other way to express this outrage. We are lied to by a complicit media feeding us the progressive talking points and refusing to inform us of the truth they so haughtily claim a right to publish when their access is challenged. We have a government whose checks and balances have been corrupted to the point of being useless. We have a president who points to the Constitution as the basis for his power, then pointedly ignores it to rule as a tyrant. We have an opposition party that is more interested in reelection than investigation. We have foreign powers laughing at our lack of resolve.

    And you dare call us bloggers vain? You sir are the epitome of the establishment GOP attacking us conservative bloggers as being mean spirited for daring to challenge the establishment abandonment of conservatism! One effect of the pushback we conservatives have exhibited towards establishment attacks on the TEA Party has been you establishment types attacking us in much more subtle ways. You guys are learning from your progressives masters. You’ve moved from declaring open war on us to insidiously attacking nebulous bitterness and divisiveness you know full well will be ascribed to TEA Party conservatives by your readers without you having to be blunt about it. Subtle or not, this is still an attack on TEA Party conservatives for calling out your establishment abandonment of conservatism for the sake of winning elections and retaining power!

    • Um…no. I pretty much agree with all your points in the second paragraph. My concern is with just a small handful of people who have seemed to have forgotten – or failed to learn – manners and how to respectfully disagree without being disagreeable. This is not an “attack on the TEA Party.” I was just theorizing as to the timing of when the Virginia blogging community started to become less collegial and supportive. Don’t read so much into it.

    • BrianKirwin

      Yes, I am guilty of winning elections. All you’ve done is lose them. Wonderful job! Keep making us spend all our money in incumbent primaries so the Democrats can sit back and win in the General election. What a winning strategy!

      • jory12

        A wolf in sheep’s clothing is much worse than a wolf in wolf’s clothing. Lackeys and careerists in service to the multinational, cheap labor cabal are just as dangerous to the health and well-being of the United States whether they call themselves Ds or Rs. We are no longer fooled. The phonies will be primaried out, one by one.

        • BrianKirwin

          Meanwhile, I defeat Democrats.

      • Antoninus

        I can well remember a time in the Deep South when that lament came from the Democrats tired of watching the Republicans select their candidate, save their money as the Democrats slogged it out in the primaries, then unleash a fresh round of attacks on the already bruised and battered Democrat candidate in the general election.

        According to you, standing up for conservatism and resisting the establishment GOP leadership’s penchant for tacitly supporting the progressive agenda is causing you establishment guys to lose elections. Perhaps you establishment types should stop warring against us TEA Party conservatives and start listening to us instead of getting mad at us for insisting upon fidelity to conservatism. We conservatives have been the base of the Republican Party and you establishment types have taken positions completely at odds with us and over our objections, yet you blame us for losing elections. Perhaps what you’re peddling isn’t selling and you should get a new line of products.

        • BrianKirwin

          It’s selling just fine. I’m on a career winning streak that impresses even me.

          • Antoninus

            Not in my neighborhood.

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  • Chuck Hansen

    Here’s a question: let’s say Shaun and K6 pitch their business to a campaign and are rejected. Then Shaun goes on to blog about the campaign on Bearing Drift, criticizing it regularly. Should Shaun and Bearing Drift have disclosed the fact that he tried and failed to win the business when he criticizes the people who rejected him?

    • Chuck Hansen

      This is not a hypothetical question. It happened.

    • That’s what we have comments for, Chuck. If this isn’t a hypothetical, you could have made this point when it happened.

      • Chuck Hansen

        Brian, when he did that, should he and BD have disclosed it? I would argue yes. What is your response?

        • Chuck, you’re clearly making an accusation, and before I can evaluate your question, I need to know more information. Which campaign are you saying Shaun pitched and then criticized later?

          • Chuck Hansen

            I don’t have permission from the campaign to share. So I don’t want to bring them into this debate – otherwise this becomes an opportunity to attack them rather than answer the question. So please answer the question before you: what is BD’s disclosure policy when a blogger has unsuccessfully pitched a campaign and then writes about that campaign? Do you see any conflict there? Do you think your readers would?

          • So, you’re speculating about something in order to manipulate the dialogue and don’t have permission from a spineless campaign to share, which probably put you up to writing the comment in the first place. Yeah. Okay.

          • Chuck, I understand.

            I would hope that if any of our contributors were motivated by anything other than their honest opinion, they would disclose that bias.

            We do not have a disclosure policy for failed pitches, because, honestly, we’re not big brother with our contributors and don’t demand that they tell us every time they get turned down by a potential client. I think that would be going a step too far.

            Honestly, this entire line of reasoning has always bothered me. We’re talking about blogging here, not being a Supreme Court justice. Everyone has their own personal biases, and most of those are clear from the pieces they write. Trying to discredit somebody because of conflicts of interest or pay-to-play is just a way to spin away from criticism. If the criticism is valid, it shouldn’t matter what the author’s motivation is. Should it?

          • Chuck Hansen

            Brian, thanks for the thoughtful response. I hope the same as you do. A couple points:
            1. As we saw with our last governor, the appearance of impropriety is a serious issue as well, which is why diclosure policies typically address both impropriety and the appearance of it.
            2. Put yourself in the position of a campaign receiving a social media pitch from an aggressive blogger for an influential political site, and the blogger does not disclose when he writes about campaigns who’ve rejected him. Is it conceivable that the campaign might believe it is risking negative coverage from that blogger if it doesn’t hire him? I think that is a reasonable concern – which would be mitigated by disclosure.
            3. Your bloggers should only need to disclose when they write about a candidate / campaign that they pitched, not every failed pitch.
            4. This would not allow a campaign to spin away from criticism – the blogger would still criticize, but any potential conflict would be out on the table.
            5 And criticism can be accurate from a blogger who failed to land a client. I’m just saying he should be above board and disclose.

          • Chuck,

            There’s a difference between being an elected official or a candidate for office and blogging. Trust me, I heard that plenty was I was a candidate. I do not understand why so many people are so willing to question the integrity of those of us who blog nowadays when that was relatively rare in the past. Bearing Drift has basically been run the same way by the same people (for the most part) for a decade now, and only in the last four months have people started to accuse us of conflicts of interest and being paid for good coverage.

            I’ve been in a campaign and I’ve had sales pitches from folks affiliated with bloggers – Brian Kirwin pitched me when I ran to be my general consultant. I couldn’t afford him. I wish I could have, because maybe I would have won. But I didn’t believe that he’d run to Bearing Drift and trash me because I didn’t hire him. Regardless, I don’t think that every time he responds to me or writes something I disagree with that he has to disclose that I didn’t hire him.

            You’re going to far down the rabbit hole with the disclosures here. Why stop at failed pitches? What about personal snubs? What about personal relationships? What about past work experiences? Should bloggers have to disclose every conversation they have with a candidate because there could be an appearance of impropriety? Do I need to disclose that X candidate called me a name and that’s why I write critical articles about them?

            At some point, you have to draw the line at what is rational and what isn’t. We have drawn that line at paid relationships. If you are working for a campaign and there’s a financial relationship, we expect you will disclose that in the article and we have always frowned upon even writing in that situation. But I think taking it a step further simply goes too far.

          • Chuck Hansen

            I disagree.

          • And that’s a perfectly acceptable position.

          • Chuck Hansen

            But this entire episode is resonating because MANY people disagree with your argument. The black eye that BD is getting today is the result of that line of reasoning, and it would have been prevented to a large extent by disclosure. Was it legally required? No. But it would have prevented the appearance of impropriety. You can argue that people with axes to grind or your competitors are creating an artificial firestorm, but it appears Shaun provided them with the wood, lighter fluid and matches. And now BD is dragged into it thanks to Shaun’s affiliation and the concern among some who think that maybe this apparent style of business went beyond this one instance with Cantor.

          • Chuck, it’s resonating because many people have an axe to grind against Shaun and/or Eric Cantor – which you yourself note and are correct about.

            The “black eye” is the result of people desperately looking for things to attack both Shaun and Eric on. If there wasn’t a primary in the 7th, no one would care that a Republican blog had a contributor who was working for a Republican incumbent.

            There is not a single blog that I am aware of, either here or nationally, where the contributors disclose the level of detail that you are suggesting should be disclosed. And, frankly, it’s rare to find blogs from people who aren’t in some way making money off of politics, so disclosure should be all over the place. It rarely is.

            I honestly don’t think we’re getting a black eye – at least, not in the eyes of people who regularly read Bearing Drift. Those who are looking for a reason to bash us, well, they can find plenty without this story.

            What I find most frustrating is the insinuations that are based on nothing more than pettiness. Shaun, me, Norm, and Scott – along with all of our other contributors – are constantly having our integrity challenged and with little reason. I’m tired of it.

          • Chuck Hansen
          • Tom is wrong and his false accusations do him no credit.

          • Marta D. Saltus

            As pointed repeatedly throughout, this IS a blog, aka opinions are published, and not a news organization ! For those of you so suspect and skeptical about the content published, and how it could be potentially influenced, I have a really easy answer for you: don’t read BD! This whole discussion has truly turned almost ridiculous. No one is forcing anyone to read this blog.

      • Chuck Hansen

        Is that seriously BD’s disclosure policy for that situation???

        • Steve Waters

          That would be pretty easy to verify on BD I guess, lol!

      • Chuck’s point and he is correct, when anyone blog’s on Bearding Drift or anywhere they should make full disclosure or not report on it. When you have a team of bloggers who work together for the same company and the same blog, they should disclose that another member has a connection.

  • JR, this is not an accusation or an attack. But just because each individual does not write about who they particularly work for at K6, this does NOT mean there is NO conflict of interest. All or most of you guys work for K6 and write for Bearing Drift. Its so easy to get each others back. I write support articles about their client and they write support articles about mine. Not saying this takes place, but even unintentionally this could go on. But this ALL smacks of conflict of interest. Not to mention you guys all profit from each other clients.

    Also, you said that Cantor was Jason’s client, not Shawn’s. Well they are brothers, and it would be easy for me to do things to benefit my brother’s client or vise versa. Technically or legally there may be no conflict of interest, but its possibility is there.

    • Kirby, get your facts straight. We have 22 contributors on Bearing Drift. Of those 22, 3 are affiliated with (or have been affiliated with) K6. Three.

      That’s not “most.” That’s barely “some.”

      I do not profit from any of Jason or Jim’s clients. In fact, I have criticized one of Jim’s clients, and I criticized one of Jason’s past clients.

      Nobody on this site is taking money to write favorable articles, nobody is engaging in pay-to-play, and nobody is shaking down campaigns for advertising in exchange for positive coverage, or any of the other myriad lies that have been spread about Bearing Drift.

      Read what we right and determine whether you agree or disagree, whether criticism is fair or unfair, based solely on what’s written. Stop trying to discredit authors by attacking their motivations.

      • Brian, get your panties out of its wad. I said “All or most” of the writers because I did not know how many worked for K6. Plus, I wasn’t referring to the contributing writers, just the ones on the board. And even if its only three a conflict of interest is there.

        And you say NONE of that is going on, but we (the public) don’t know that. That is the whole point of all the articles and comments bringing this up.

        • Okay…I’ve held my tongue here for long enough. I have served my country for 20 years. Been in combat. Seen starvation and abject poverty. And, I come home, help build up a company with friends, and now we’re being accused of being shills when we’re doing nothing different than what we were doing before? I have been posting positively about Cantor for a decade. Why? Because he rocks. Get over it. You want to take me on for it based on policy, do so. Since when is it a bad thing for clients to hire people who believe in them? Hell, I would think that would be a prerequisite.

          • JR, didn’t you read my statements? I never accused you of anything. I just said that there is possible conflict of interest. Conflict of interest can happen indirectly through collusion. Not accusing you of it, just said the potential is there.

            Your taking my observations that there COULD be a conflict of interest as attacks when none were leveled. Why?

          • Kirby, if somebody said “It’s entirely possible that Kirby’s Rivendell Christian Television Network is actually a front group for space aliens” would you consider that not to be an attack?

          • That is a terrible anolgy. Because that has NO chance of being true. Politicians, Elections, ect. and BD and K6 and its members having conflicts of interest are very possible.

          • But it COULD be true, couldn’t it?

            See where these games get you?

            Bearing Drift is not receiving any money from Eric Cantor. Period.

          • No, one is a very real possibilty the other is not.

            And No one said bearing Drift the org was, but those who write for it and are closely connected to it do get money from Eric Cantor, so there is a conflict of interest.

          • What I am telling you Kirby is simple: Shaun Kenney and Bearing Drift have not taken money from Eric Cantor in exchange for anything. It is more likely that you are a space alien than that statement being false.

          • Also, Cantor does NOT rock! he has a crony capitalist, bad on civil liberties record. He is a horrible conservative.

          • And I can deal with that. Let’s have that conversation. I’m just getting tired of reading about people questioning my and my friends’ integrity.

          • Well when you have people like Brian S who question people’s integrity regularly and when your blog does (as do my blogs), your gonna get that done back to you, when it looks like you have conflicts of interest.

          • Whose integrity have I questioned today?

          • I never said today!

          • I’m pretty sure that my questioning someone’s integrity is a relatively rare occurrence. I’m pretty responsible in that regard.

          • Nick Bukowski

            Your Bob Marshall hit piece for one…

          • I didn’t question his integrity. I said he should go away.

          • Steve Waters

            You said a lot worse than that and he is an honorable man, much more so than yours, Brian.

          • We can let the man, many people who have read your comments over the years decide rather I am correct or not.

          • Steve Waters

            I don’t question your credibility JR but one or two, with Shaun being the worst offender, I do. To defend him would be degrading yours so don’t. I think more of you.

        • Kirby, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t say things that aren’t true.

          There is only 1 person on the Board who is affiliated with K6. Not me, not Norm, not Scott Lee.

          We have been as upfront and forthright about this stuff as we can. I don’t know what you expect us to say or do to convince you that we haven’t already done or said.

          • Brian you miss the whole point again. Its not the numbers. How many people work for a political company and a political media outlet doesn’t matter. What matters is there are any at all that COULD cause a conflict of interest.

          • That doesn’t matter, either. What are you so concerned about? That you may read something that you disagree with?

          • No, that a person paid by a power player might bias news coverage. Or appointed leaders closely tied to a candidate might do all in his power to skew a primary.

            Its a very legitimate concern.

          • Unless your part of the power player’s team.

          • No, it’s not a legitimate concern.

            This isn’t a news site. We’re a blog.

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  • David McKissack

    The bottom line to this kerfuffle is that, to win this year, Republicans badly need an Executive Director who can unify all elements of our coalition, and that Shaun Kenney is not that person.

  • Normally, public masturbation like this is a criminal act.

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