Kenney’s honeymoon ends amid squawking from the nattering nabobs of nativism

Knowing Shaun Kenney as well as I do, I was surprised that his honeymoon as the new RPV Executive Director even lasted more than a few hours.  Never one to shy away from fights that need fighting, Kenney hit the ground running on April 2 and hasn’t looked back.  In addition to announcing a $25,000 donation from Ken Cuccinelli to RPV (one that I hope is followed by checks from other former statewide candidates), Shaun has demonstrated that one of his best attributes hasn’t left him as he’s transitioned back to RPV – a willingness to listen.

So when a group of hard left liberals came to RPV’s doorstep promoting their “Fast for Families” campaign, Shaun didn’t do what I would expect from many other statewide Republican or Democratic Party operations when confronted with a group of people hostile to your stance on their issue.  Instead of turning them away, calling the police or having them meet with an intern, he did what he does best – he sat down with them and he listened.

One thing that I’ve learned in my decade plus in politics, especially since I often find myself working as the lone Republican in overwhelmingly Democratic circles, is the power of just being a willing listener.  Even when you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t agree with someone’s views on an issue, simply demonstrating the willingness to sit down and have a dialogue can work wonders.  I applaud Shaun for not turning these folks away and actually sitting down with them.

Of course, by actually doing that, he sent the nativists in the party into high orbit.

Enter first, our old favorite race baiter and Bearing Drift defamer Greg Letiecq.  After taking time out of his busy schedule working for Bob Marshall and others, he wrote his first blog post in almost a month accusing Kenney of being part of some kind of conspiracy with Ed Gillespie to support blanket amnesty for illegal immigration.  Despite the fact that this is clearly insane, Greg seems to believe it.  It’s nothing unexpected – in fact, it’s typical from those in the nativist community.  Kenney sits down with people who disagree with Republicans and treats them with respect, and we’re mere moments from the end of the world as we know it.

To paraphrase Sigmund Freud – sometimes a meeting is just a meeting.

And, of course, since Pete wrote on the issue, you can guarantee Repeat will follow him.  The Bull Elephant, in another of their soon-to-be-Pulitzer-prize winning pieces, decided to graft all of Shaun Kenney’s writings and political stances onto RPV as a result of this meeting.  You know, because when somebody is hired somewhere, the organization takes on all of that employee’s stances, rather than the other way around.  Despite the fact that anybody who has even remote passing knowledge of RPV realizes that State Central, not the party’s Executive Director, set policies for RPV, that didn’t stop the Bull Elephant crew from spewing out more random hate supported by nothing more than very thin, poorly reasoned air.  And, of course, we also got our dose of the Texas view on Virginia politics from Sara James, who at least was kind enough to credit Bearing Drift when she ripped off our photo.

Clearly, based on the caliber of the people criticizing Shaun, he’s done the right thing here.  Regardless of where they stand on the immigration issue, there is no reason why Republicans can’t sit down and listen to either side in this debate.  I would expect Shaun to sit down with Greg and Jeanine and the rest of their klan if they decide to show up at RPV and want to meet with him.  That’s part of his job, after all.

There is nothing wrong with sitting down and listening to people, even if you disagree with them.  For somebody in Shaun’s position, it’s the least he could do.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Kenney.

  • Bill Steinbach

    Here here. Shaun conducted himself with class.

    • Law Student

      Callng conservatives names is not “class”.

    • Dykebiker

      I suppose it is classy to sit down with others and cast dispersion about the other others that the others you are talking to hate.

  • Good luck. You’re going to need it dude. Notice that this “nuttering nabob of nativism” doesn’t call you names. But, you’re the classy one, eh?

    By the way, the “Texas view” is closest to the border if you haven’t noticed. I would think you’d care about my view. But you so smaht young grasshoppah, you already know it all.

    • What am I going to need luck for? And, no, Sara, I don’t really care what you think on this issue. If you’re going to throw your lot in with Greg and Jeanine, you’ve demonstrated that your views on the issue should be ignored.

      • Well actually to set the record straight….I posted first and they linked to me. Does that count? 🙂

        • MD Russ


          I’m with you, Greg, and Jeanine. But your solutions are impractical and ineffective. Illegals caught crossing our borders should be short-drop hanged from the nearest tree and their bodies left twisting in the wind as a warning to other illegals. Doing this to women and small children would be particularly stern and send a strong message.

          I also propose the same punishment for people in the supermarket who sneak through the express line with more than 12 items.

          • Ah…. so supposedly that’s my solution to illegal immigration? That’s news to me, considering my solutions are more market based. Such as building businesses along the other side of the border (particularly in the basin) so there will be opportunities there… Do you know how much oil is on the Mexican side of the Eagle Ford shale? Massive amounts.
            How about working with other governments south of the border to create jobs in those countries…rather than importing people who really don’t have that much interest in assimilating here?

            Look at the popularity of Univision and Telemundo – Spanish speaking TV. Are they representative of a culture that wants to learn English and assimilate? I don’t get that impression. Do you?

          • MD Russ

            I forgot to mention the instances when ICE opens a container from the western Pacific and finds illegal Chinese in it. They should close the container and pump it full of carbon monoxide.

            You really don’t get satire and sarcasm, do you? We need immigrants in this country, but they need to be screened so that they are capable of being contributors to our society and not a multi-generational burden on our economy or contributors to crime. We cannot fix the failed political and economic problems of Mexico, but we can take advantage of their excess labor force and use it to our mutual advantage.

            BTW, the lady who owns the small business that cleans our house is a legal immigrant from Peru and her husband is an x-ray technician at a hospital. They love Univision and Telemundo for the same reasons that I like the Discovery Channel and never watch MTV. Am I a bad American because I don’t like heavy metal music videos?

          • I thought you were using hyperbole. 🙂

            You are right — we can’t fix the failed political and economic problems of Mexico but we don’t solve them by trying to take advantage of their excess labor force by creating failed political and economic problems of our own. We agree there.

            But what many may not see from your vantage point (I’m not criticizing just giving you the facts) are REAL efforts to make Texas an extension of Mexico. There is huge resentment here of what immigrants see as US trying to take advantage — not mutual advantage.

            There IS corruption, there are real problems here. San Antonio will be the next San Francisco if people don’t wake up.

          • Of course. And then the UN is going to swoop in to Texas and take everyone’s guns. That way nobody can shoot at the drones when they’re spraying chemical mind control agents over Austin.

          • Wow Brian. Like I said, good luck. You are a good poster boy for the elitist attitude of the GOP and why it has so many problems.

          • No, I am the poster boy for “Republicans who are tired of the idiocy in our party and aren’t going to take it any more.” There are a lot of us. I’m just bigger than most of them.

          • Scout

            Brian is from the Three-Digit IQ Caucus of the Republican Party, a group that was ascendant from 1856 until the last decade of the Twentieth Century. Now, much diminished, it still shows a pulse from time-to-time and may be making a comeback.

          • MD Russ


            You left out the part where the UN would require Texas to pay reparations for global climate change because of their oil production. I can’t source that, but I’m pretty sure that I heard Rick Perry make that claim.

          • Doug Brown

            You can’t remember what Perry said for sure?

          • MD Russ

            I can usually remember two of the three things he said.

          • Right, right. My bad.

          • MD Russ


            I lived in central Texas for 4 years while in the Army. The biggest problems I saw, from my vantage point, were trailer trash white people who resented Mexicans who were willing to work a 10-hour day for minimum wage. How dare they!

            Today I am in the wine industry in northwest Virginia and we depend on skilled, and legal, vineyard workers from Latin America. And we pay them up to three times the minimum wage.

          • I have no problem with any nationality who wants to work. I just believe they need to come in through the front door.

          • Doug Brown

            However, Sara the front door is the problem. The agencies are thoroughly broken and need fixing. Fix the agencies, fix the problem.

          • Does fixing the front door require offering 11 million people citizenship? I don’t believe that it does.

          • Doug Brown

            Fix the agencies first, then deal with the status of the 11 million. Why does anyone in this country believe the USCIS and ICE can be trusted with carrying out any program given the chaos we are now dealing with? Here, you’ve done a really crap job for the last 20 years or so, here’s some new laws – fix it!???

          • I have yet to see any plan from either side that simply offers citizenship to illegal immigrants.

          • Doug Brown

            I have yet to see any plan to address the rampant corruption and dysfuction in either agencies.

          • I agree that this is a problem. But I think we can do both at the same time.

          • Doug Brown

            Nope, not really Brian. That’s been tried by this and the Bush administration, it doesn’t work.

          • It’s not really been tried at all. Neither administration was willing to use the political capital necessary to get both done.

          • Doug Brown

            That’s not completely true. The Bush administration did try and in a very half-hearted way so did the current administration. The difference was that the Bush administration wanted to “fix” immigration from a very simplistic national security perspective and at the same time court the Latino vote. The result was the mess in 2006-7. The Obama administration wants to appear to be fixing the problem and will make half-hearted efforts, but at the same time they don’t care if they fix it or not because it all works for them if the system is working or not.

          • War Piggy

            You don’t listen to heavy metal? You should get into it but start light, like with GWAR.

          • MD Russ

            GWAR is the best rebuttal to the First Amendment that I have ever seen.

          • DJRippert

            I am with you War Piggy although we may need to take MD Russ into the Way Back Machine and feed him some Led Zepplin – the original heavy metal band. We’ll get him to GWAR but not right away.

          • CVA Patriot

            MD, we may not see eye-to-eye on most things, however, I whole heartily support you in your choice not to watch MTV.

          • Watching “Sabado Gigante” under the influence of your choice of things is quite amusing.

        • If you’re disavowing them, that’s a step in the right direction. But I still don’t get what the concern is with Shaun having a meeting with these folks. Not even meeting makes us look weak and reactionary.

          • I did not criticize him for the meeting itself. I took issue with him going beyond listening into encouragement of their position. If he would have opened the door, smiled, offered a drink, heard a brief presentation and then said “Thanks for visiting” I would have been fine with that. He went too far.

          • No, he didn’t. You guys need to get a grip.

      • CVA Patriot

        Her views should be ignored? I could really care less what Shaun did, because let’s face it, the RPV is a punch line these days, but to ignore Texas conservatives is being blind to facts. First, they are a boarder state that continually produces solid conservatives/Republicans who win in landslide fashion in their races. Virginia on the other hand is turning more blue by the minute. Second, how is her view any less valid than your’s, Brian or MD? We have tried y’all’s “moderate” and friendly style of politics and we have gotten our teeth kicked in by progressives all over the Commonwealth. So excuse the unwashed masses when want to hear from Republicans/Conservatives who are actually winning. But keep at it. There’s nothing people from other states, and the southern part of this one, love more than a bunch of NOVA elites telling us how we should think and act.

        • Independence1

          What about Ted Cruz from Texas? It may be legal but his citizenship is a mess. His father didn’t become a citizen until 2005. Should we talk about that a little?

          • CVA Patriot

            Ted has proven that he is an American citizen. All the proper documentation has been approved and made available for public scrutiny. Raphael, to my knowledge, isn’t now nor seeking public office.

          • CVA Patriot

            To piggyback on that point, I have never been an Obama “Birther”. There is no sense chasing those rabbits down the hole. It’s exactly what progressives want, and, it makes no difference now anyway. Obama has been elected twice and nothing about a birth certificate is going to change that.

          • Independence1

            I appreciate your respectful answers. Of course he is legal, but he is a part of, and close to the community that you believe should be denied employment. What are we going to do with all the homeless illegals when the big government regulations and bureaucracies are created to fix the problem the way you are proposing? I really doubt they will just leave.

          • CVA Patriot

            Those are truly tragic circumstances for those who would find themselves there. But we can’t as a nation just toss out our laws. No, I’m sure they won’t self deport, and I want things to be done so that those individuals are allowed to keep their dignity. We just need to look at a way to get them back to their country of origin, then encourage them that if they truly want to be American citizens they do it the right way. That’s why it’s so vital that our boarders are secure. So that the number of situations as you described above, are reduced to almost none. One avenue would be for churches and private enterprises step in to help with these kind of situations.

          • Independence1

            With all due respect, yours sounds like a big government solution. Maybe the states should take more individual responsibility? I definitely feel it is a slap in the face to those waiting through the legal process. The immigration process is filled with big government red tape which is part of the problem.

        • I don’t care what her views are on Shaun meeting with a liberal group. And if she’s going to throw in with the nativists here, like Greg, then she has zero credibility with me.

          We are all against illegal immigration, but when you start playing footsies with racists and xenophobes, bad things happen.

          We are getting our teeth kicked in because of folks like that. And I for one don’t want to emulate Texas in anything.

          • DJRippert

            “And I for one don’t want to emulate Texas in anything.”

            While I laugh like a hyena every time Tony Romo fumbles a snap or throws an interception and knocks the Cowboys out of contention, I must say that your comment was a bit over the top.

            You are engaging in the same kind of internecine bickering which causes you to criticize Greg L.

            Let’s take something simple – George HW Bush. Would it be good for Virginia to be able to emulate Texas and produce that kind of national caliber politician?

            Insulting an entire state?

            C’mon, Brian – you are better than that.

          • Humor, DJ. Humor.

          • DJRippert

            Doesn’t humor require some level of wit Brian?

            What’s the real difference between a Virginia Zoo and a Texas Zoo?

            On the cage, a Virginia Zoo will have the name of the animal and then the scientific name in Latin.

            Whereas, a Texas Zoo will have the name of the animal and the recipe…..!

          • You know, your initials BS are very appropriate.

          • Ha! I’d never even noticed that.

          • Just another reminder.

          • Thanks for the reminder. It’s very helpful.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Brian, who cares who you think has zero credibility. On your high horse. Nobody gives a jig what you think. Man you are full of yourself. And Sara is a Virginia gal who moved to Texas. Brian trying to make it out to be some Texan getting in Virginia’s business.

          • You apparently do, or you wouldn’t be on our site commenting on my comments. Sara doesn’t live her anymore and has focused her attentions on Texas. That’s fine. You won’t see me telling Texas what to do, I expect the same courtesy, even from expats.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Brian, I don’t care what you think. Just happened to see you spewing rhetoric and nonsense, so had to call you on it.

          • Do you routinely waste time arguing with people whose opinions you don’t care about? How do you get anything done during the day?

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Brian, you think your witty, but your not. And your one to talk, when you must have no time for your union, when all you do is waste time arguing on here. I have swooped in one time to counter your assine statements, yet you say I waste my time? I can’t stand this tit for tat childish stuff on a regular bases. That is why I rarely engage in it. You seem to do it as a profession.

          • I’m pretty funny.

            One of the benefits of modern technology is I can write comments while stuck in meetings and hearings.

            But yes, one of my many jobs is to get readers and clicks for Bearing Drift. I’m pretty good at it.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            And you didn’t think this same technology that could allow you to do this, instead of paying attention to your meeting, could also be used by me in the same manner, especially when I rarely engage in the tit for tat.blame a name game. A little think aren’t ya?

          • You are the one who said you don’t care what I think. Again, if you don’t, you’re spending a large amount of energy to convince me about it.

          • I don’t care. You are getting caring and responding confused. Could be an ego thing I guess.

          • Like I said, if you don’t care, your are wasting your time responding. I’m not really concerned with your opinion either, but I’m trying to get more comments, so I have an ulterior motive in responding to you.

          • One, of course you don’t care what others think. Its called arrogance. I don’t really care what you think because your a phony. Two, I don’t care if you are making money or not. If pointing out your arrogance and hypocrisy makes you money, then so be it.

          • It’s not called arrogance. It’s called impatience.

          • DaveHolden

            It is every time the GOP takes a coward stance that they lose. You have it backwards. If they ran Pat Buchanan today he would win in a landslide.

          • No, they would lose in a landslide. There’s nothing cowardly about taking a position that’s unpopular with your base when it’s the right thing to do.

          • Law Student

            Calling conservatives names like “racist” and “xenophobe”. Typical liberal scum.

          • Nobody is calling “conservatives” racist and xenophobes. I’m calling racists and xenophobes that – and they aren’t conservative.

            Where do you go to school? UDC?

  • Greg Letiecq

    When posting videos provided by others of Shaun Kenny in his own words is considered defamation, I’ll wear that label as a badge of honor, along with the SPLC’s identification as a top “nativist.”

    • Who said anything about defamation? You have flashbacks to the last fight?

      • Greg Letiecq

        Um, you did, in your article.

  • Greg Letiecq
    • How heinous.

    • MD Russ

      Bunch of commies if I ever saw one, Greg. Particularly the ones who aren’t white enough to be real Americans.

      • Get your head out of the sand. These people are promoting policies that are destroying the country and you and Brian think it’s a joke.

        BTW Shaun, they probably stood for Wendy’s filibuster of pro-life legislation. You know, she’s the one who thinks abortion up to the time of birth is A-OK?

        • We oppose the policies “these people” are promoting, but I certainly don’t think anybody, especially not a Democrat, is capable of destroying the country.

          Guilt by association is bad. Don’t do it.

          What I do think is a joke are the folks here who are giving Shaun a hard time and defining their criticism with conspiracy theories and other nonsense.

          • Seriously.

            What you said is just really funny.

            Nobody “Especially not a Democrat” is capable of destroying the country.

            Sure you want to use the word “especially”? Are you saying that the Republicans would be more likely to? Yes, the GOP is in good hands with you guys running it there.

          • No, I’m saying that the Democrats are so incompetent that even if they wanted to destroy the country they couldn’t do it.

            This country is stronger than a lot of people, apparently including you, give it credit for.

          • Doug Brown

            Don’t underestimate incompetence it can be wildly successfully bringing down a country, ask any former Soviet Komsomol leader.

          • In a system where power isn’t diffuse, I’d agree. But the founders, in their wisdom, spread out political power to ensure that, among other things, the incompetent couldn’t do that much damage.

          • Sorta like mankind destroying the ozone layer, eh?

          • Bingo.

          • Doug Brown

            The shrinking American middle class would probably disagree with you.

          • And they’d be wrong.

          • Doug Brown

            Well they aren’t very smart or important anyway that’s why they are shrinking.

          • I don’t buy that they’re shrinking. They’re the majority and still are the majority.

          • DJRippert

            You don’t buy that the American middle class is shrinking? And I was just beginning to thunk you might be a rare example of a “fact based” RPV person.

            No doubt Bill Moyers is another nattering nabob of negativism. However, the facts in the following article pretty much speak for themselves:


          • There are a lot of statistics there, but I don’t see anywhere that the size of the middle class is shrinking. I know that things are harder and maintaining a standard of living is much harder, but the numbers are staying the same because the median income is staying essentially the same.

          • Doug Brown

            What’s the price of a half gallon of milk, Brian? Most of the “others” I know, whose opinions don’t seem to matter, are forced to take that into account when they go out shopping. Otherwise, yeah for the political elite in this country who have been such great stewards of the founding fathers legacy, everyone of them is constitutional law professor in the making just waiting to burst forth and tell their fellow citizen : take a number, sit down and STFU.

            My apologies for the last item, but I’m just trying to fit in with the spirit here and master the rhetoric of the BD literati.

          • I budget just like everybody else. What are you talking about “whose opinions don’t matter?” You weren’t asking about opinions, you were talking about facts. I don’t want to tell any rational person to sit down and shut up. I do get tired of having to debate facts and not opinions, though.

          • Doug Brown

            Excuse me, Brian. But I’m from Manassas and when you tell my friends and neighbors (MTP) who cares what they think, I take offense; and that’s a problem with what you’re doing on this thread right now and a tendency that you have on other threads as well. Okay, you’re driving traffic to the site but you’re also feeding exactly the divisions that Shaun in his meeting is saying is so wrong, you’re creating ‘the other.’ (A truly Al Franken – Deep Thought)
            I had no problem with Shaun sitting down with the group in the video. Great gesture. I did find it disappointing that he and no one in the pro-reform immigration wing of the Republican Party appear to have any idea of what valid complaints American citizens have with the way our immigration system now operates and what consequences it has for many Americans in their daily lives.

          • Doug, how many members does the Manassas Tea Party have? How many people actually showed up to that straw poll that weren’t working for or related to a candidate? That was my point – who cares about a tiny straw poll? I don’t care about the Loudoun GOP straw poll, either.

            What I’m doing on this thread now is what I always do – debate and discuss my pieces. You guys can talk all you want about how much I want to shut people up, but you will not find anybody more accessible and willing to discuss their writings with the commenters than me. Would I do that if I thought everyone’s opinion was invalid? No.

            I think we all know what the valid complaints and concerns are, and I agreed with you that we need to reform the agencies tasked with enforcement. I also agree that amnesty is not an option, and that most Americans who are concerned with illegal immigration aren’t nativists. But many of the most vocal are, and you can tell that immediately by how any proposal short of mass deportations is treated as amnesty. If we’re going to have a rational debate on this subject, it has to start with rational people speaking rationally, and unfortunately there is too little of that going on.

          • Doug Brown

            You do deserve credit for staying on and debating and defending your writings. We obviously don’t agree on some matters, however I usually understand and appreciate the logic of your arguments, but sometimes you might want to ratchet it back a bit. The MTP was one of the groups targeted by the IRS, their membership and the organization deserves a little more respect and understanding than you have given them

          • Fair enough.

          • Doug Brown

            And next time Shaun not only should you have gone into the negative impact a broken immigration system has on the average American citizen, legal immigrant and even well intentioned illegal immigrant, next time hit them up for a donation to the RPV as they are walking out the door. If I had been there Gerry Connolly would have been looking for his wallet by the time he got back to his office.

          • I remember this “Sara for America” character from the last time her head exploded. She’s quite the nutball but enjoys listening to herself.

          • Let’s see. So far I’ve been called a nuttering nabob nativist, and a nutball.

            What else, gentlemen? Maybe something that doesn’t start with an “n” this time.

          • DJRippert

            For the record … nattering nabobs of negativism was a term used by Spiro Agnew to describe the American media. The term was generally attributed to Nixon speechwriter William Safire and the full quote was, “In the United States today, we have more than our share of nattering nabobs of negativism. They have formed their own 4-H club — the hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.”

            Was Agnew really describing the American media of the late 1960s and early 1970s or the Tea Party of today?

          • I’m not sure. Why don’t you go ask him? 🙂

          • “Niggardly”

          • chicagorefugee

            I wonder, are 20 million (more) Democrats capable of destroying the country? Is there some logical and particular reason why not (given what we’ve seen in Democrat-run cities nation-wide) or is this just a normalcy bias fallacy?

          • Guilt by association is bad. Don’t lump me with racists and nativists.
            Like I said, what a smug hypocrite you are.

            Will Shaun Kenney show up here and disavow you?
            Thtat’s what I’m wondering.

          • I’m not lumping you in with them because of some tenuous connection. I’m lumping you in with them because you’ve all said the same things. If I had said that you must agree with their other political positions because you agree on this one, that would be guilt by association.

            Try to keep up, please.

          • Trust me, I’m keeping up. But the slime you leave in your wake is slippery and stinks.

          • No, you really aren’t. You’re still about four steps behind. And if you think that you’re doing anything other than looking foolish by continuing your nonsense here, think again.

          • Do you think so?
            Do you know what I care about what you think?
            I think you love the website hits you are getting.

            Smug misogynist hypocrite leftist loving big government establishment consultant that you are.

            But you are right. It’s time for me to write another post on my blog so I can get another 1,000 hits writing about the hypocrisy at Bearing Drift.

          • Please – I look forward to getting another google alert with my name in it.

            I also find it hilarious that someone who came here whining about name calling proceeds to launch into it like a toddler on the playground. Go back to Texas, Sara. This site is for grownups.

          • I love it when they (Brian) think they win by their stupid comments, when everyone sees how silly they look as they think they win and call others silly.

          • I’m winning every time you check back here to see if somebody responded to you.

          • One I don’t check back, my email tells me I have a response. And two you only win financially when Google counts all the clicks, but you don’t win the argument.

        • MD Russ


          Thank you for the compliment. Most people who disagree with me think that my head is somewhere other than in the sand.

          Keep that Texas charm coming. xoxo

          • MD
            I’m off form today, sorry for being so dull 🙂

      • CVA Patriot

        There are exceptions of course, but MD, it’s mainly from the fingers or lips of people like you does that silly nonsense of “not white enough” spew. Please tell us how the view is from the high horse on which you sit? Maybe it’s their constant pursuit to destroy America’s sovereign borders that has people upset. Not the pigmentation of their skin.

        • Independence1

          We are talking about people who are already here.

          • CVA Patriot

            Are their goals any different? They are seeking blanket amnesty for people here illegally. I don’t care if they are Lilly white Swedes, if they are here illegally they have broken the law.

          • Independence1

            That is my point. What do you suggest we do with all of the illegal immigrants? Yes, they broke the law and that is not to be forgotten, but what do you suggest we do? Please don’t say send them back. Who is going to pay for that?
            The boarders need to be tightened. That is just a matter of National Security.

          • CVA Patriot

            Well, deportation would be one step, however, the most effective would be to ensure that illegals can’t find work or, receive any form of government assistance. Also, as you said, our boarder needs to be fortified. I greatly admire those who have come here legally. It means they love this nation enough to do things the right way and live here for a better life. The whole “round up” idea is a great sound bite, however, it is unworkable. That’s why securing the boarder, that’s the most important, then cutting all government benefits, followed by regulations that cripple businesses who hire illegals. It could be done, it would just take elected officials with steel spines to enact.

          • CVA Patriot

            I respond to this but it shows up in a discussion below.

          • Nobody here is seeking blanket amnesty for anybody.

          • CVA Patriot

            Not the people on here, the group that Shaun met with.

          • What does it matter what they advocate? Are we so afraid of confrontation that we can’t listen to people who we are going to disagree with?

            There is a wide swath of middle ground between amnesty and deport everyone. The solution to this problem is in the middle of that middle ground.

          • Wait….
            So you’ll listen to Organizing for America, pro-Wendy Davis late term abortion, SEIU peeps…but not to me, because someone linked to my post? Because I disagree with you that Shaun went too far with his encouragement? Because you consider me a “nativist” tea partier?

            What a smug hypocrite you are.

          • I’ve given you ample opportunity to say that Jeanine and Greg don’t speak for you, and you have not availed yourself of that opportunity. If you want to say that, that would at least let me know that you’re reasonable.

            But no, if you are going to hang out with the next generation of folks who would have been wearing sheets fifty years ago, I’m not interested. And my concern with you has nothing to do with your ideology on any other issue. Just this one.

          • I don’t know who they are. Until yesterday I’ve never read their pieces. I don’t have to jump through hoops for you Brian. Is that how you normally treat women?

          • No, it’s how I treat people who bash my friends.

          • Good to know how close you and Shaun are. When you discuss party unity, do you talk about conservatives wearing white sheets, and stuff like that?

          • We are business partners. How long do you claim to be involved in Virginia politics again?

            And no, when we talk party unity, we talk about getting rid of the folks in sheets,

          • I’m buying a condo in Virginia soon. My son plans to go to grad school in VA. We lived in VA over 20 years over the past 30. How long do you claim to be involved in GOP politics? It would seem you belong somewhere else.

            Smug misogynist hypocrite you are.

          • My point is simple – you act like you have some clue about Virginia politics but don’t seem to be aware that Shaun and I are business partners here at Bearing Drift, despite the fact that the “About us” on this site has made that clear for going on three years now.

            I’ve been involved in GOP politics since I was 16.

            And, of course, here comes the trite nonsense of someone else telling me where I should be. When your resume comes close to mine, Sara, then you can make that kind of an attack.

            I am smug. Disliking you because you’re dislikable doesn’t make me a misogynist. It means I’ve got good taste.

          • Thanks I now have the perfect quote. 🙂

            Have a great day Mr. Schoeneman.

          • Toodles.

          • ahahaha look at this nerd have to have the last word in every exchange like an angry nine year old…I await his reply to this one, I know he won’t be able to resist

          • lol he didn’t answer how long he’s been in VA because it hasn’t been very long…this guy has a tin ear interacting with people which is why there seems to be no one on his blog defending him and a huge number of people telling him he’s an idiot

          • The Gipper

            Under the rules of the Internet, you automatically lose the argument by invoking the imagery of the KKK. (It is a corollary to Godwin’s Law relating to the invocation of Nazis.)

          • This is the first I’ve heard of any corollaries to Godwin’s law.

          • The Gipper

            Hence why you lose.

          • Um, okay.

          • CVA Patriot

            So you are telling me La Raza is going to walk away from that meeting so blown away by what Shaun said, or what any Republican would say, to the point they are willing to seek out your “wide middle ground”? You really don’t grasp the level of urgency and ferocity of the other side. Groups like this aren’t looking for middle anything. They are looking to destroy who ever they see as an obstacle to their goals. But keeping thinking a warm handshake and your charm are going to get you there. How did that thinking go for John McCain and Mitt Romney?

          • It’s not about them. That’s the point. It’s about the folks in the middle watching.

        • MD Russ

          I could try to explain sarcasm to you, Patriot, but my powers can only be used for good and never for evil.

          • CVA Patriot

            MD, I could believe you that the post was sarcastic, if your posting history hadn’t been so openly hostile towards those you deem to be “nativists”.

          • do your powers help you when you fill your Depends undergarment to bursting?

          • MD Russ

            Man up and post your insults under your real name instead of squealing like a little girl while hiding behind a screen ID, you coward.

          • “Man up”? Your outdated sexist language has no place on a truly conservative blog. Take your misogynistic filth elsewhere. You appear to hold girls in contempt. I wonder if you rape your daughter in preference to your son because her holes are smoother.

          • MD Russ

            It would appear that I know how to push all your buttons, you sick idiot. BTW, is your mother proud of the screen name that you use to hide behind?

          • lmao

          • MD Russ

            By any chance do you live in the Tidewater area? I think that I might have hooked up with your mother at a bar on Shore Drive. Bleached blonde with after-market tits who likes it up the ass and only charges $100 for half an hour?

    • War Piggy

      I quote Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys, “Nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks, FUCK OFF!”

      You are anti-American. Get educated, or get bent.

    • Independence1

      Please respond to the Bruce Lee comment I made. I understand that you spelled the name differently, however, we know who you are talking about?

    • Independence1

      I think you should respond to the fact of using Bruce Lee to promote your website. I know many Asian Americans, some immigrants, that would like to hear what you have to say. Seriously, this could become an issue. Please explain yourself.

  • Matt Hall

    Whoever this Greg person is needs to shut his mouth. Im so sick these whack jobs in the Far Right trying to destroy the Republican Party that I love. I want to grow our party, make it incluse to Hispanics, African Americans, and the LGBT community. So I APPLUAD Mr. Kenney for working with opposition groups and talking to them.

    • Kirby Whosoever Harris

      Matt, I understand you want to grow the party, but to what end? Do we grow it so much we allow liberal ideas to become GOP ideas, instead of making conservative ideas be attractive to these groups?

      Besides this group is NOT interested in joining the Republican Party. They despise it. One in that group, Jim Wallis, head of Sojourners, is a pure leftist and highly partisan, very left wing, and would only wish to usurp GOP who are soft on amnesty into backing the Democrats. That was this groups mission.

      Its the GOP leadership establishment (Cantor/Brian Schoeneman and I find out Shaun Kenny types) that is the cancer on the party, not grass roots Tea Party activist types. My party sure has left me.

    • Steve Waters

      So bring in the LBGT and illegal immigration folks into ur dem-lite GOP and what about our creed, do u think they’ll accept it, great if they do but what if they don’t, supposing you agree with the GOP creed.

    • lmao yes black people are lining up to vote for your Dem Lite party, damn you are retarded…I honestly can’t wait for states like Virginia and Texas to go blue because for there to be a real opposition party in this country the GOP will have to be trashed first, as it is right now they’re just for low taxes on billionaires plus whatever liberals think is a good idea

  • Independence1

    The fact that Greg has a website with Bruce Lee’s name on it just infuriates me. Bruce Lee was a SiFu that defied the elders and taught Kung Fu to everyone. The law was to only teach Chinese students. He had to fight Wong in Chinatown just to continue teaching the non-Chinese. This fact alone illustrates that he has no idea what he is talking about. Considering the above, how do you think SiFu Lee would feel about immigration reform?
    In other news, I saw a dead rabbit the other day. I think the population is increasing, but who knows.

  • VirginianVoter

    I absolutely applaud Mr. Kenney on this. For us to strengthen the GOP, we have to learn to listen to different groups. We need to find a way to broaden our tent and incorporate new groups. No, we don’t have to ‘pander’ to anyone. We need to engage with new groups and present our message in a coherent, positive light. This is a start.

  • Sue his ass again like you did last time… wait, what?

    • If writing dreck were actionable, we would. But it isn’t. So we will just have to stick with mocking. And hey, I got overruled on the last one.

      • You’ll never be a federal prosecutor with your correct interpretation of the law, counselor.

      • you seem like a dumb, chubby manbaby who got into politics after years of being the least popular person in your circle

  • Karen W

    The Executive Director of the VRP as moral crusader!

    The pandering, unctuous pietist conducting this condescending seance as if he is laird of the manor with his assembled serfs is utterly nauseating to watch. First of all, he’s doing none of the listening. He’s lecturing the “others.” He hardly recognizes their presence. He’s in his pulpit of moral superiority, preaching to his inferiors.

    And who does the new executive director of the VRP quote? Is it Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Patrick Henry? Nope. The only quote that pops into his politics addled brain is Emmanuel Levinas, a French Existentialist. Levinas was a serious thinker, but come on!

    These poor illegal immigrants were trying to make a point about their political aspirations and they got a sermon from an intellectual heir of Martin Heidegger. The glazed over looks on their faces says it all. The best that can be said of Kenney is that this You Tube video provides a great audition for a job at La Raza or MALDEF. They could hardly do better than Kenney – a self important, pompous ass who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Emma Lazarus.

    • jory12

      And with all that face hair he has that Taliban “Holier Than Thou” intensity. He must be right! After all, he’s the Executive Director of the RPV and he’s got this big office with doors he says he can lock if he wanted to. If only the rest of us mere mortals could assume Shaun Kenny’s enlightened state of human understanding the entire illegal immigration problem would vanish – overnight. Just listen to the benevolent sage sharing his deep wisdom…the fifteen to twenty million foreign nationals who gate crashed their way into our country are not the problem, the American people are the problem because we have the wrong attitude. Oh, its an attitude problem! We have an inability to identify with the “other.” Oh, that’s it. Thank you oh wondrous one for edifying the rubes, bigots and as you like to call them, nativists. Keep it up Shaun. What would the Republican Party do without you?

      • It’s not the American people who are the problem. A majority of Americans favor immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. It’s the vocal minority of nativists who are the problem.

        • jory12

          By insulting millions of Americans as nativists you show yourself as both ignorant and bigoted. Your assertion is also false. Anyone awake knows that “immigration reform” as used by Liberals and faux conservatives like you means “amnesty.” Huge majorities of US citizens, across the board, including Democrats, Independents and Republicans are opposed to any form of amnesty. You are conflating polls with different kins of questions and you know it.

          Mr Schoenman, its quickly obvious to the most casual observer that you and your website are fronts to justify and exploit the massive importation of cheap foreign labor, your high minded incantations notwithstanding.

          Amnesty of tens of millions of foreign nationals from countries all across the globe who have entered and remained illegally in our country, even widespread expectation of its imminent enactment, acts as a flashing green light for tens of millions more who are waiting and watching for their opportunity to migrate to America. This can and has been tracked. At the time of the passage of the CIR Senate bill in the summer of 2013, illegal border crossings surged. Nearly the entire world is connected by cell phones and the internet. Potential migrants know what’s going on and act swiftly to take advantage of political events in America.

          Everyone in Virginia and indeed across America knows that these millions of illegal migrants have driven down wages across the board. American workers in low skilled jobs have been hardest hit. And disproportionately, that would be African American and Hispanic American workers. We know that to be the case, both from statistical studies and from our own anecdotal experience with our own neighbors and friends.

          Whole sectors of the economy have been transferred from US citizen labor to illegal foreign labor. Landscaping comes to mind. As a Virginian, in the course of my own lifetime I’ve witnessed the economy around the sport of horses change from one with predominantly African American US citizen workers to predominantly Hispanic American non-ctizen workers. This doesn’t mean of course, that we think the immigrant Hispanics are less hard working or less “human” (as you and your pal Kenney would outrageously have us falsely believe). What it says, in fact, is that the illegal immigrants out bid the African Americans for these same jobs. Had US immigration law been enforced, this would never have happened. And this is what has occurred across whole industries.

          Of course many unscrupulous employers love it, because they get to keep the margin in lowered labor costs as profits, while the American taxpayer picks up the staggering costs of social welfare, education, policing, health care and the myriad of benefits offered to welfare state recipients. This is a classic case of government fostered wealth transfer – from the pockets of average American tax payers to the pockets of the employers. This is precisely what conservatives despise – government picking winners and losers – crony class capitalism.

          Contrary to your slanderous, insidious, false assertions, we do not blame the millions of foreign nationals who want to emigrate to America and seek every opportunity to do so. We do however, hold you, Shaun Kenney and your paymasters accountable for your unconscionable propaganda in luring these millions to our country and then exploiting their eager willingness to work for wages at which no American could support their families.

          This is a double exploitation – driving your own fellow citizens out of low skilled and medium skilled jobs while simultaneously taking unfair advantage of poor migrants desperate for any job anywhere, luring them away from their friends, their families and their homes in their own native countries so they can stand under freeways across America, waiting for you or Shaun Kenney to hire them to mow your lawns, wash your dishes and serve up your fast food so you don’t have to pay another nickel for your Big Mac.

          We know what you are doing and who you work for. The National Chamber of Commerce. The Essential Worker Coalition. We know who pulls your strings and who greases your palms. We are on to your game Mr Schoenman. We are on to you and Mr Kenney. Follow the money.

          • I work for a labor union, so I don’t think that I’m working for the Chamber of Commerce. Nice try though.

            I love how anybody who proclaims a different perspective on an issue must be a paid shill. I’m not, at least, not on this issue.

            And as for nativists, that’s a small subset of those who oppose immigration reform. But you are probably in it, given your propensity to throw around the word amnesty for no reason and your conspiracy theories about me and Shaun.

          • jory12

            Thank you. That clears up the money trail where you are concerned. Most labor unions favor amnesty and the importation of foreign labor. It didn’t used to be so in prior decades, but its the case now. There are exceptions of course, like the unions representing ICE employees and border patrol officers. But I doubt you’d be defending their interests anytime soon. We wouldn’t want you to do or say anything to jeopardize your cash flow. You have my sympathy.

          • Mine doesn’t take a position, as we are heavily involved in national defense and US citizenship is often a requirement to serve on our ships. I’m a Republican who works for a union – that’s why they hired me, so they generally aren’t surprised when I take. Republican position on issues.

            As for your sympathy, I’m not exactly sure what you’re sympathizing with me for.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            See that’s the problem, you take the “republican position” where we take the conservative position.

          • I don’t see that as a problem. If you don’t want to be a part of this party, no one is forcing you. There may be a few conservative Democrats left for you to hang out with.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Are you admitting that the leadership of the Republican Party is liberal er I mean moderate?

          • What are you talking about? When did I get promoted to being in the “Republican Party leadership?”

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            I meant to say “Are you you admitting that the the Republican Party establishment AND leadership.of the Republican Party is liberal er I mean moderate?” That’s what happens when you post to fast from a phone.

          • No, I think there are folks from all across the center right spectrum in leadership positions.

          • OK, that’s your opinion. I think there are very few.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            So you admit your a liberal in the GOP?

          • No, I’m a Republican. I don’t care about ideological labels, but I’m on the moderate side of conservative if you force me to describe my philosophy.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Yeah, a liberal republican working for a liberal labor union. Moderate conservative = liberal.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Funny, everyone’s a moderate now. Most who claim to be moderate republicans SCREAMED from the roof tops they were conservative just a few short years ago.

          • Not me.

          • I’m not a liberal, my union isn’t liberal, and moderate conservatives aren’t liberal. Is this all you’ve got?

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            This isn’t about one upmanship, as it seems it is to you. Its about perspective. To me you and your positions are you my kind is nattering nabobs of nativism? Really is that all you got?

          • I’m not interested in game playing. I don’t care what your opinions are on my ideology. Debates over who is more liberal or more conservative are a complete waste of time. If you want to be wrong, feel free to refer to me however you want, I don’t see what the point is, frankly.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            LOL. your the game player..Every time I do happen onto this site I see your games. This is supposed to be a conservative blog, not a moderate blog. Not sure why they have you on here.

            I typically stay away from this rag. But when you WRONGLY attack people for RIGHTLY attacking Shaun Kenny for his WRONG stance on immigration and him hanging with leftist radicals like Jim Wallis who desire to see the conservative republicans neutered or dismantled, then I do come and comment.

            I mentioned your leanings because it sheds light to conservative how you, Shuan and this rag Bearing Drift are psudeo conservative.

          • Independence1

            I apologize that some of us do not pass your conservative test. The reality of the situation is that the Dems. like to use immigration as a political issue. They could have done whatever they wanted in Obama’s first 2 years, but chose to let immigration linger because it gets them votes. The Dems love you because you won’t allow Republicans to secure the boarders, find a solution to the millions of immigrants currently here, and move on. This gives them a solid social issue to run on in every election. Now who is really helping the liberals?

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            Independence, you have NO clue what you are talking about. One, Brian is the one who was attacking conservatives. Two, he is a self confessed moderate, NOT a conservative. Three, the Dems don’t love me at all, because I am for securing the border, its the more moderate and liberal republicans who don’t want the border secured (though this isn’t so in every case). And Four) Amnesty gives them a voting majority and Not allowing amnesty also gives conservatives a solid social issue. So who again are helping the liberals by allowing amnesty (millions of new dem voters)?

          • Independence1

            No one said anything about amnesty. Everyone who is a “Conservative” has produced the same divisive talking points in here. Also, that is why the Immigration bill failed because Republicans wanted the boarder secured.
            You say this issue has no impact on the economy which is incorrect. Many illegal immigrants are working in the shadows and not paying taxes. Some of them have Bank of America accounts with tens of thousands of dollars and their own construction company creating jobs in this country. Pretty American if you ask me. We are a nation of immigrants.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            First, this is all about amnesty. Its the purpose of the whole meeting with the extremists and Shaun.

            Second, I guess you are wrong again or can’t read what I wrote. You said I said: “this issue has no impact on the economy”.

            I never said this issue has NO effect on the economy?? Where did you see me say this??

            And third you said: “Many illegal immigrants are working in the shadows and not paying taxes. Some of them have Bank of America accounts with tens of thousands of dollars and their own construction company creating jobs in this country. Pretty American if you ask me. We are a nation of immigrants.”

            I answer: Yeah, its pretty American when you come here as a “LEGAL IMMIGRANT”!! You infer I or others who don’t want amnesty ARE anti-IMMIGRANT. Sounds like a liberal talking point.

          • Independence1

            You are correct. I read someone else’s post and attributed it to you. I’m sorry about that. Either way, illegal immigrants are not paying taxes and some are making a tone of money.

            This whole thing is not about amnesty, it is about Shawn meeting with a group to show our party is open to dialogue with people that we don’t agree with. That is called politics. You can not change someone’s mine if they will not even talk to you.

            I really do not think you are Anti-Immigration, however, what are we going to do with the millions of people that are already here? Some will have to become citizens eventually. The good decent people, not the drug smugglers or terrorist. I’m curious, what do you suggest we do with them?

          • No biggie. I’ve done it before.

            But Shawn didn’t just meet with a group to show our party is open to dialogue with people that we don’t agree with” He was actually pandering to them by saying he was sympathetic to their views on illegal immigration, even trying to speak their language (that is reminiscent of the bad type of politics where you are all things to all people, instead of sticking to your principles).

            I say we do nothing, until we find out they are an illegal, then deport them. We don’t reward them breaking our laws to get here. And I know dozens of people who can’t get jobs or contracts because illegals have those jobs and contracts. We need to remove them when we find them and let our citizens (natural born and legal immigrant) have them.

          • A meeting is just a meeting, and if you think for a moment that Shaun having a meeting with these folks is going to translate into any policy changes, you need to retake high school civics.

            A state Republican official isn’t going to have a lot of impact on federal policy.

          • Independence1

            You forgot that Eric Cantor and John Boehner are actually the puppet masters pulling
            the strings. They have time to serve in the house and strategically maneuver political appointees like chess pieces to make the country more liberal when they are admitted republicans with conservative voting records. Ed Gillespie is in there somewhere. Hold on I’m dizzy.

          • Right, right. It’s hard to keep up with the cabal of people trying to destroy the universe.

          • Independence1

            Nice. That is absolutely hilarious…

          • As I said to Anonymous, er I mean Independence1.

          • Independence (anonymous poster?), who said anything about Boner and Cant or Won’t being puppet masters, they are just puppets pure and simple. They vote how they are supposed to vote based on who bought them. They are progressive republicans pure and simple. No cabal, no conspiracy, just plain bought and sold corrupt politicians. And Ed and his mentor Karl Rove are bought and sold by the same folks. Period. Quit being so disingenuous.

          • Don’t be so cynical.

          • Not cynical at all. Just a realist. And speaking facts about political sellouts.

          • Not Federal policy directly but indirectly, especially when others like the bought and sold Cantor are for Amnesty too. But a meeting is NOT a just a meeting when the the meeting is pandering.

          • Independence1

            I just did not see the meeting that way, but I understand your point. We may have to agree to disagree on that one. However, deporting all of the illegal immigrants is going to cost a lot of tax payer money, and they are going to come right back.
            The boarder has to be a separate issue. It has to be a national security issue. Mexican military officers are breaching the boarder, along with drug smugglers and terrorist. That needs to be addressed immediately.

          • I agree border security, then deportation when caught, NOT all at once a huge man hunt.

          • Independence1

            Now that I think about it, the Boarder issue may be tied to Immigration as a political tactic to get it secured. That is good politics if that is what is going on.

          • kid_you_not

            If the US is a nation of immigrants then Israel certainly is! So why is their immigration policy so different than ours? In fact, the whole world’s policy is different than ours. All countries could be said to be a country of immigrants (a NATION is different – a NATION of immigrants makes no sense at all.) It is a meaningless term.

            People who steal tvs could be said to creating jobs, too. You don’t seem to understand how society works.

          • Independence1

            With all due respect, I do not even know how to respond to that.

          • kid_you_not

            It is good that you know your limits.

          • Independence1

            Your right. My limit is a legible coherent paragraph.

          • With all due respect you should. No one else allows illegals to enter without deportation. And illegals creating jobs is the same as the broken window fallacy or the stolen TV fallacy. That broken windows and stolen TVs are good economic policy because they create more purchasing to replace the broken window or stolen TV.

          • Independence1

            You know, I saw another dead rabbit this morning. I’m positive that the population is increasing, and there is nothing you can do about it.

          • cargosquid

            Of course its amnesty.

            Are the illegal aliens being allowed to stay here after breaking the law?
            Are the plans that demand restitution, penalties, taxes, etc, still going to let them stay after taking money from them and then become citizens?



            Since any plan that allows them to become citizens is objectionable to conservatives and any plan that deports them is objectionable to the open borders crowd like Kenney,

            We must compromise.

            Seal the border as well as we can.
            Enforce the immigration laws.

            Deport those we catch…not this farce that Bush and Obama have done.
            Penalize companies that hire illegal aliens.

            Those that are still here….can report themselves as illegal aliens. THEY can never be citizens. Ever. They get special ID and become legal. They do not get any of the benefits of being a legal immigrant. No special loans, etc. If they commit a crime, they are imprisoned here until time served…and then dropped off in their country of origin.

            But they get to stay here.

          • You are basically arguing for the status quo, which isn’t working.

          • cargosquid

            How so? In the scenario above, they are here legally. That is what they want.

            What they don’t get is rewarded for coming here illegally and adding to the Democrat voting roll.

          • I’m not attacking conservatives. Nativists aren’t conservative.

          • Real nativists, which those you mentioned by definition are not, can be conservative. I guess it depends on your definition of conservative. But again none of the people you mention are nativists, so its pure strawmen.

          • actually a lot are, but I have a feeling your definition of conservative is pretty open to debate if you even have one in mind other than “people I think like”

          • DaveHolden

            Open border types are not Americans.

          • I don’t see any open border advocates anywhere here. Even if there were, if they’re citizens, they’re citizens.

          • There are a lot of writers on this site, most of whom are far to my right. This blog is a right of center blog, and even I fit that category.

          • Kirby Whosoever Harris

            I agree this blog does have conservatives, and even libertarians writing for it, so let me correct myself this rag run by pseudo conservative establishment GOPers.

          • I am the only one here that comes close to meeting that definition. If you don’t like me, that’s fine, but don’t lump the rest of our folks with me.

          • I disagree. Though I did say you had some conservatives.

          • lmao

          • kid_you_not

            I wonder who is paying for this controlled opposition site. “Conservative” – I wonder who is fooled by that?

          • We are partly paying for it every time we comment and Google registers a Google ad view.

          • I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

          • Our advertisers do. Thanks for the clicks.

          • Oh most of us who think your whacked don’t click the ads, we just register the page views for google ads. That’s bad enough, but worth the smackdown we give ya.

          • lmao you only get revenue from google when someone clicks on the ads, retard, which no one here is doing, we’re just laughing at your fat ass and your feeble retorts…you look like an Amway salesman on his way to a bathhouse, btw…oh and keep shining those pennies you get from Google, I’ll bet it adds up to huge money, take my advice and spend it on condoms for your ravenous weekend bottom parties

          • kid_you_not

            Small business owner and labor unionist – just throwing things at the wall, now?

          • Nope. I happen to be both. Shocking, I know. But don’t let the stereotypes get in the way of reality.

          • Scout

            In the years I have been following this issue, I have never seen an “amnesty” proposal. Every initiative that I’m aware of requires (or required) the payment of fines for unauthorized entry or visa violations. “Amnesty” has become some kind of voodoo incantation designed to rile people who don’t have the ability or inclination to study the problem.

          • jory12

            When you break a law and are forgiven for breaking it and suffer no meaningful adverse consequences, that’s amnesty. When you break a law, are forgiven for breaking it and then get rewarded with American citizenship for breaking it, that’s Gold Plated Amnesty. Did that clear it up for you?

          • And nobody is proposing either of those as a solution.

          • kid_you_not

            What difference does fines make? If they stay it is amnesty. Why should the GOVERNMENT get rewarded for failing to do its job to begin with. Thus it is obvious those who support this are really liberals no matter what they try to say.

          • Steve Waters

            These enlightened folks don’t even know where the term, nativists, originates. Shaun should know and shame on him for calling us that in a recent post on BD.

          • kid_you_not

            Being called a “nativist” is not an insult, though. Travel the world. Try to explain to someone in Japan what the concept is. That would be a hoot. You would first have to explain that there are crazy people who actually want to genocide native populations for profit such as “Shaun” apparently does.

        • Steve Waters

          As an Irish catholic, you calling me a nativists is highly offensive. “Changing hearts and minds,” who may I ask is Shaun wanting to change, republicans, to offer more entitlements to more people in this economy!!! Are we republicans who believe in the creed or what?

          • If you’re not a nativist, I’m not calling you one.

          • The whole nativist things you two dreamed up is just a another strawman. None of the people you mentioned are nativist who are against a certain race…its bullshite

            I need to invest in straw. You guys would make me rich.

          • That’s not what nativist means.

          • Uhm yes it is. Based on your explanation of it and the one dictionary’s use: Nativism is the political position of demanding a favored status for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to claims of newcomers or immigrants.

            And this applies to LEGAL IMMIGRATION, not ILLEGAL. No one is demanding anyone is a favored group IF they are here legally. So again your argument is a strawman.

          • It applies to all immigration, and those who think the only solution to illegal immigration is deporting everyone is a nativist.

        • kid_you_not

          No they don’t – a majority of people want an end to all immigration.

          BTW, how come those who have positions like yours curiously oppose the right of the Palestinians to return to their land? Funny, that. Are the Israeli Jews “nativists”? Or is it only Whites who oppose genocide called that?

          • No, actually, they don’t. Here’s some polling.

            “Here are some questions about how the U.S. government should treat illegal immigrants who have been in this country for a number of years, hold a job, speak English and are willing to pay any back taxes that they owe. Would you favor or oppose a bill that allowed those immigrants to stay in this country rather than being deported and eventually allow them to apply for U.S. citizenship?

            Favor – 81%

            Oppose – 17%

            No opinion – 3%

            Would you favor or oppose a bill that allowed those immigrants to stay in this country rather than being deported but would not ever allow them to apply for U.S. citizenship?

            Favor – 35%

            Oppose – 62%

            No opinion – 3%

            I have no opinion on Israeli politics. I don’t want them interfering in our politics, I won’t interfere in theirs.

            Here’s the link to the polling.


          • kid_you_not

            No, why do they frame the question that way except to intentionally skew things (revealing their agenda to begin with.) “who have been in this country for a number of years, hold a job, speak
            English and are willing to pay any back taxes that they owe.” It isn’t limited to them so why is this even asked? And why do I care if they pay taxes or not?

          • If they pay taxes, they are not a burden on the entitlements system if they join it. The requirements in that question are, by the way, the requirements that were included in the most recent immigration proposals.

          • DaveHolden

            1) that is assuming they pay more than they take and that is NOT the case for most (especially with EITC)

            2) If they aren’t in the country they aren’t a burden to the entitlement system – a far more elegant way of addressing the issue.

            Do you even believe this stuff? So they refuse to learn English – how is that punished?

          • kid_you_not

            “I have no opinion on Israeli politics. I don’t want them interfering in our politics, I won’t interfere in theirs.”

            They do (AIPAC.) You can find video of Netanyahoo boasting about controlling the US.
            So, you let them interfere in yours against your *supposed* objection?

          • I’m not interested in arguing about Israeli politics. Sorry.

          • who cares about a poll that could be WRONG!!..and even if it isn’t what..90% of people wanted blacks enslaved back in the day.

          • You made a claim that I contradicted using data. Don’t change the goalposts. You said a majority of Americans want an end to all immigration. Thats simply not true.

          • I never made a claim you used contradicting data. And I did NOT say a majority of Americans want to end ALL immigration. I might have said they want an end to all ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and if I did say ALL, then it was a typo.

          • Downstater

            So where do you draw the limit on illegal aliens being allowed to stay and suck up our jobs? Back in the 80s, it was “well, there’s only 2.something million of them, let them stay” now its 11 million. A recent Washington Post article bragged about how many the Obama administration had deported, but then said there were still approx. 11.5 million. Well, if there were 11 million back in 2008, and he is claiming record deportations, how come there’s 11.5 million now?

          • There are plenty of places to draw the line. And the reason why here are more is we didn’t pair reform of the agencies and legal immigration processes with the amnesty. The reality is we have no idea how many illegals there are. The 11 million number is a guess.

          • Independence1

            Here is a story…….

            I knew an older lady, very strong and supported herself. 70 yrs. old and still working full time. She has two grown children. One of those children joined the navy after 9/11 and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. That old lady would never admit it, but she was illegal. I’m glad her daughter fought for our right to have this conversation. It sounds sappy, but how could you deport that lady?

          • kid_you_not

            So? So he got a government job that I pay for.

            ” I’m glad her daughter fought for our right to have this conversation.”

            How did “she” do that? And with the revelation of that pronoun the story become all the more dubious to begin with.

          • Yes, serving in the armed forces is just “another government job.”


    • It’s always amusing when a guy who never graduated from college can make so many people feel insecure about their education.

      • DJRippert

        Never graduated from college? What’s with the picture of Shaun wearing the Virginia sweatshirt? Just another Wal-Mart Wahoo?

        Just kidding. He sounds pretty articulate in that video. Was the video supposed to make people dislike Shaun? Didn’t work for me.

        As for Shaun’s point about people not having seen people like the ones who came to visit him – what does that mean? People aren’t used to seeing Hispanics? Really? where is Shaun living? Walton’s Mountain?

        • He’s still going to UVA. I’m trying to con him into going to law school.

          They’re not used to seeing liberals.

          • DJRippert

            They are not used to seeing beards like that either!

            Did Shaun recently see Argo?

            Is he trying to impersonate Ben Affleck?

            It ain’t workin’

            I’ll make a donation to the RPV if they promise to use it to buy Shaun a membership in the Dollar Shave Club.

          • No budget, no shave!

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  • jonathonmoseley

    The fact that someone is effective in pushing an agenda that will destroy the US economy and throw legal Hispanics, Blacks, and other minorities out of work, and make the Republican party extinct, means that — well he is very effective at doing all the wrong things.

    • He did all that? Wow, I thought this was just a meeting.

    • Turtles Run

      What the heck is a legal Hispanic as opposed to an illegal one? As a Hispanic male I would love to know because I thought I was an American plain and simple.

      • jonathonmoseley

        A legal Hispanic is someone who is most likely to lose his or her job in the United States, along with all minorities, if illegal immigrants from anywhere around the world are given amnesty. A Hispanic US citizen or legal resident supporting amnesty is like a turkey voting for Thanksgiving. Amnesty will drive up unemployment in the USA, and drive down wages. And don’t forget: The unemployment rate in Mexico is only 5% !!!! So we shmucks in the USA are destroying our economy to help people who are better off than we are. And don’t forget to adjust for purchasing power: You have to multiply the wage in Mexico by 8.07 times (says the IMF) to adjust for the lost cost of living. The result is that the average Mexican earns more than the average US citizen.

      • chicagorefugee

        Great and glad to hear it! You are, sir, “an American plain and simple” to the extent you wish to be one. I only wish more people would actively identify with the nation as a whole, rather than only their “identity group.” -cough,LaRaza,cough-

        I’ve previously been informed, however, that such views make me a filthy racist oppressor who needs to check her privilege. I’ve also been informed that ‘We have got to eliminate the white man. We have got to kill him.'(UTexas prof & La Raza founder) I hope that context helps explain any initial caution you might experience.

        But yes, Kenney’s plan will throw Americans out of work and contribute mightily to the increasing balkanization of our Republic.

      • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

        you’re not

  • jonathonmoseley

    But remember: THERE ARE NO LABOR SHORTAGES. Even the engineering group IEEE found that the USA is graduating twice as many Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics professionals than there are jobs available for those high-tech workers in the USA

    • jonathonmoseley

      IEEE says NO shortage of STEM professionals in the USA

    • jonathonmoseley

      So basically Shaun Kenney, Jeannine Martin, and all the other Republicans are simply trying to help crony capitalist businesses drive down the salaries of American workers to enrich fat cats, particularly low wage workers who will be hurt first and compete directly with illegal aliens.

      • MoptopTheConservative

        That is how I see it.

    • Independence1

      Everyone already argued about this 2 days ago. Let’s use this as a lesson. Work ethic has a lot to do with who gets hired. If you show up to work on time, you can keep a job.

      • Rednecksrule

        And if you are willing to work at third world wages you can keep your job. That is the first condition.

  • MoptopTheConservative

    He’s right you know. There is no economic argument against immigration. It will drive down wages, what’s not to like? Then we can all get behind raising the minimum wage because we will all be working for it! Talk about unity. Oh yeah, billionaires like Zuckerberg have a major problem paying the going rate for American programmers, so he needs help too driving down those costs. Best of all, all arguments against it are racist!

    • It’s hard to tell if you are arguing against illegal immigration or all immigration.

      • MoptopTheConservative

        Right now, at a time of high unemployment and brutal economic realities for unskilled labor, I am arguing against importing high numbers of unskilled immigrants, regardless of whether they enter our country in violation of our laws or according to them.

        As for HI-B visas, I think they should be limited as they are specifically brought here to lower the price of American labor. Have you looked at the labor force participation numbers?

        • Unemployment is below 7% and while the labor force participation rate is dropping not all of that is attributable to long-term unemployment. We are now in baby boom retirement time, and the labor force participation rate is going to continue to drop as they leave the workforce.

          Anecdotally, there are contractors in my area that I talk to who can’t find legal unskilled laborers for wages far above the minimum wage.

          The importation of cheap labor is a product of globalization, and one of the downsides. Labor unions used to stop that.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            So the interest of your contractor friend outweigh the interests of unskilled workers. I understand that you feel that way. That is the basic argument from the Chamber of Commerce types in the Republican Party. I just think maybe your friend ought to try a little harder before I am going to vote to condemn millions of others to lower wages, in fact, I am willing to see him go out of business if the cost of keeping him in business is to depress wages for million of others.

          • No, the interests of my contractor friend are the same interests of unskilled workers – that’s the point. Those workers want jobs, my friends want employees. They only hire legal workers, and that’s making it difficult for them to do their jobs. They pay good wages, but recruiting is still difficult.

            I don’t get where these attacks on the Chamber are coming from. Are we now turning our backs on business? And, I also think it’s funny that you’re lumping me in there, considering I’m a labor Republican, and I work for a union.

            Perhaps we shouldn’t have worked to eviscerate the labor movement if we are now going to complain about depressed wages.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            I live in an area where it is still possible for unskilled laborers to earn a decent wage doing yard work, plowing snow, cutting firewood, etc. I moved here from Florida, where these jobs, or their equivalent, have been almost completely lost to illegal immigration. I understand that you probably don’t know any such people, which is why you are so happy to sweep them out of work, or to knock their economic pins out from under them.

            You sure have funny positions for somebody who “works for a union,” trying to knock down wages for those who don’t.

          • And I live in an area where it isn’t possible for them to do that. Not every area is the same, but again, my friends are offering good jobs at livable wages and they still can’t find folks willing to do the work.

            As amazing as it sounds, I know plenty of people that fit that category. But feel free to continue making false assumptions over and over again.

            And no, I don’t have funny positions for a union official. I’m not trying to knock down anybody’s wages. The reason why we call it “comprehensive” reform is that it has to address the incentives that currently exist to use illegals and to take those incentives away. That benefits everybody, including legal unskilled workers.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            Maybe your friends should raise their offered wages even more, or get into a line of work that doesn’t require depressing everybody else’s wages? Naah!

          • When you’ve got an argument that doesn’t rely on false assumptions, come on back.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            My argument relies on the assumption that the law of supply and demand is operable.

          • No, your argument relies on the assumption that every business that employs unskilled workers is desperate to have an illegal fill that job and will depress wages to do so. That’s simply not the case. I’m telling you that these folks can’t find workers and they’re paying above market rates and they still can’t. You are trying to argue that there are wide swaths of unskilled legal Americans who can’t find work. If so, send them up to Prince William County.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            You are obviously engaged in highly motivated reasoning. Good luck convincing large numbers of Americans to go against their own best interests.

          • The Democrats have been doing that for years.

          • chicagorefugee

            Uh huh, I was right. Who would an honest job when you can become a scum-sucking federal bureaucrat and actively harass your political opponents to boot!

            Advertise those positions in Pennsylvania or Ohio – you’ll be flooded with applicants.

          • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

            go ahead and show us the job listings with hourly pay that are going unfilled

          • chicagorefugee

            Well, then your friends need to advertise out of their area. Real unemployment (U-6) is over 12% in country. Black unemployment is double that. ALL sources report an utterly brutal job market for job seekers.

            Or wait, let me guess – are your contractor buddies in greater metro-DC, our real-life Capitol City? You know, the only place in the whole damned country where incomes are going up rather than down? Home for seven of the ten richest counties as all the nation’s wealth gets sucked into its ravenous maw?

            Well, then they do have a problem. I would suggest they spread their net further afield and advertise those positions in the decaying cities of Pennsylvania where there are many, many Americans in dire need of employment.

          • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

            “it’s unpossible for my friends to raise wages to attract workers, simply unpossible”/

            *has no friends and is making all this shit up*

          • cargosquid

            Maybe the unions and labor movement should have tried to stay relevant and not become a branch of the Democrat party. All the while being more interested in pocketing money for the labor bosses instead of working to help the industries grow. Now the unions want the illegals to be allowed in….seeing new union members.

          • chicagorefugee

            Uh, no thanks on the labor movement. I understand that it’s your ricebowl, but as the screen name says, I was from Chicago. I know not only the utter frustration of dealing with rapacious union ‘labor’ at McCormick Place, I’ve also seen the union execs rape their membership while living like royalty (gee, why does that sound familiar these days?), and dive gleefully into the mob-connected slime that constitutes politics in Chi-town. And then, there’s the outright theft of pension monies ….

            In the end, the price of wages is a function of supply. It’s not rocket science. Increase supply, and price (wages) goes down. Indeed, unions only work because they artificially decrease labor supply by disqualification. More low-skilled immigration will mean lower wages for Americans, as well as higher education/social service/welfare costs. A low-skilled immigrant will never pay enough in taxes to cover the services he and family consume (studies show 57% of immigrant households are on at least one major federal welfare benefit), he will use tax money that cannot then be spent on Americans.

            There’s a reason Cesar Chavez loathed illegal immigration (hate the game, not the player!) I wonder why Kenny and his supporters loathe their fellow citizens to the point where they actively favor the interests of foreigners over Americans.

            That’s the ‘hate’ that needs to be marginalized and driven out of the realm of polite opinion.

          • Dykebiker

            Give Brian a few weeks to respond, I’m sure he is very busy responding to others.

          • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

            “I work for a union” they call them gay marriages now

          • chicagorefugee

            “Unemployment is below 7%” only if you don’t count the discouraged and the long-term unemployed who have been ‘disappeared’ by being no longer counted.

            A better measure is the U-6 unemployment rate, which still stands north of 12%. Neither hours worked nor wages, nor household income has recovered in the four years (really!) since the end of the last recession.

            Your contractor friend must not be advertising these positions very effectively, because (anecdotally, of course) I know there are tons of unemployed young men living in their parents basements because they simply can not find work, not to mention media reports of large crowds and long lines at job application events.

            Perhaps your contractor friend should be talking to local high schools about offering jobs to their exiting graduates.

          • cargosquid

            The fact that you are actually using that unemployment rate is ridiculous. It does not take into account the millions that have dropped out of the labor force yet aren’t retired.

          • We don’t know what that number is. So I am using the only official numbers we’ve got.

          • cargosquid

            Then don’t use it in such glowing terms.

            The U-6 rate shows that it is inaccurate and that the gov’t has used it to lie.

          • Will
          • DaveHolden

            The number of unemployment is the number of those unemployed divided by the population. Are you saying that is only 7%. All other cooked stats are meaningless.

            “We are now in baby boom retirement time, and the labor force
            participation rate is going to continue to drop as they leave the

            So after 20 years of stagnant wages they will go up….right in time to pay for those retiring boomers. Perfect.

          • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

            lol you have never talked to any human being without using a computer

          • Rednecksrule

            One thing that gives me great joy is that you will never win office in Fairfax where you live you no borders fool… immigration has seen the end of a political career for you there. Good riddance to bad lobbyist rubbish..

          • Please come out and campaign against me – you’ll earn me far more votes than you cost me. Glad to see that I’m still living in your head two weeks after this thread ended.

        • DaveHolden

          If they are here to lower the price of American labor why not end it altogether? I think we should.

          • There is no reason for us to end legal immigration.

          • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

            there is no reason for us to have it as we already have over 300 million people in this country you fat stupid fuck…how many will be enough you mentally retarded fuckwit

  • JetsFan1984

    Dude, you are calling people names. Shaun seems to be actively promoting a third party vote in November. It is admirably he is so comfortable in his position that he is telling hundreds of thousands of voters to vote for the other guy. He doesn’t need republican votes.

    • Why would folks vote for the Democrats over this issue?

      • MoptopTheConservative

        Why would we bother voting if neither party will protect our interests? If both parties are determined to destroy what is left of the labor market to get cheap labor for their billionaire contributors.

        • Because there are more issues than just this one.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            Right, so you think that business elites can take this issue out of the hands of voters and get them to fight over something else. I can see that you don’t seriously believe in democracy.

            Ask George W. Bush how his support for illegal immigration worked out politically. When he took that stand, his numbers collapsed because he lost his base.

          • This isn’t about class warfare. It’s recognizing that not everyone votes on pocketbook issues. This may be the biggest issue for you, but it’s not for other people. And it’s not the only issue that is out there that has to be addressed. That’s the point of democracy – everyone has a vote, and can choose to exercise that vote for whatever reason they want to.

          • MoptopTheConservative

            Or I can choose to stay home. It has happened before and it will happen again. It is about class warfare. This is about the owning class trying to stick it to the working class.

          • DaveHolden

            Not really. And what chance will you have on those other issues after Amnesty? Gun control? Smaller government? You must be on the take from the Democrats – no other explanation.

          • A pretty good chance, because it’s obvious based on voting patterns that economics and money issues aren’t the only driving force behind your average voter’s decision making process. Otherwise, you’d see states with the most affluent populations voting Republican and states with the poorest populations voting Democrat, and it’s the exact opposite.

      • DaveHolden

        To send a message to them to get rid of the pro-Amnesty types like you. Better yet, why vote for Democrat-lite when you can vote Democrat. You are in a losing position by design. Are you hoping to pick up the Obamaphone lady as a voter or something?

        • I’m not pro-amnesty. But I do want to pick up the Obamaphone lady as a voter – I want everybody to vote Republican. That’s how you win elections. Not by alienating people, which is exactly what is happening when folks treat any kind of reform as amnesty.

  • kid_you_not

    Your veiled attacks on White people will not be forgotten. You are attempting genocide (meets international definition) and you thus can be opposed by any means necessary.

  • kid_you_not

    “Kenney sits down with people who disagree with Republicans and treats them with respect…”

    I would like to see Kenney sit down with and respect a White nationalist group. No? See, this is all framed in code. Mexican nationalists wanting to colonize the US – no problem with them. But the people most like those who actually settled Virginia? No, the media tells people like Shaun to hate them so he follows their orders.

    • This was not a Mexican nationalist group, but thanks for putting this in racial terms while complaining that we think some of you are nativists. You’re making our point for us.

      • DaveHolden

        So what side to Mexican Nationalists like La Raza take on this issue, HMMMMMMMMM? Why are you ignoring that?

        • What does that matter? Again, this was a meeting where a group that is on the other side of us wanted to talk. Fine. They talked. Did it make a difference? Only insofar as they were listened to for a change. I don’t think they changed anybody’s minds.

  • kid_you_not

    Another thing the pro-Amnesty folks here don’t want discussed is even after an Amnesty – NOTHING CHANGES. Companies break the law because it is cheaper now. If you make the illegals legal they will still want the benefits of breaking the law and hiring illegals so we will just get more illegals!

    • That’s why ramping up enforcement and increasing penalties on businesses needs to be part of the reform.

      • cargosquid

        Why not try that FIRST?

        • Because we can’t get that passed without other reforms alongside it.

          • cargosquid

            And we won’t get it passed once we “reform” immigration.

          • It has to be part of the package.

          • cargosquid

            Then it won’t get passed.

            Liberals won’t vote for it.
            And conservatives don’t trust you to fulfill that part of the package.

          • I’m confident that we can craft legislation that can get a majority in both houses.

          • cargosquid

            I’m quite certain that you can. The GOP is pro-illegal amnesty.

            That is the problem. It can pass. And then, the strict penalties etc will not be enforced.

            We. Don’t.Trust. You. (by you….I mean the party…not you.)

            We’ve been lied to over and over again….and expected to back the GOP regardless of the fact that we keep moving left. See the entire Bush administration.

            The game has changed. After Obama…. we’ve seen how bad it is…. and that the GOP doesn’t want to change that course….only “do it better.”

            We want to reverse course. The “Great Society” is a failure. The New Deal was a seizure of power. But mainstream politicians like their power. They will not give it up.

          • DaveHolden

            No it doesn’t.

          • DaveHolden


          • We can’t. You think the Democrats are going to support tougher enforcement without any other reforms?

      • DaveHolden

        You mean more empty promises – “fool me again”? Why are you opposed to enforcement first?

        • Reform needs to happen all at once because if there is a “first” or a “second” nothing will ever get passed. There are things in immigration reform that both sides are going to dislike, and the only way to get the entire package done and in is to do it simultaneously. That’s the only way you get anything passed in the current environment.

  • kid_you_not

    Ramzpaul describes perfectly the folly of this approach:

  • you seem incredibly dumb even by pseudo-con standards

  • I mean I can’t decide if it’s the snarky language or the policy cluelessness or the bad writing or the local columnist flavor (not a compliment), but something really screams “mediocre blogger who wishes he was something more”

    • Thanks for reading – I appreciate the traffic.

      • lol I appreciate the motionless target that sits there while I piss on its face

  • Nick Bukowski

    Hey Shaun you just got slammed on the radio. Tune in to WMAL now to hear it.

    • Nick Bukowski

      “The new RPV executive director thinks many of you are racists”

  • MoptopTheConservative

    This guy has to be a mole.

    • It always comes back to this nonsense.

      • MoptopTheConservative

        You are the one spouting nonsense. You advocate massive importation of cheap labor, while we still have a massive problem with black poverty that any actual Republican would think is best addressed by improving the labor market for them, or does your friend refuse to hire black people?

        • Where have I advocated massive importation of cheap labor? We are trying to improve the labor market, but you guys aren’t trying to ignore the status quo.

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  • ShaunKenneyisaChalupa

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  • Law Student

    I dont live in Virginia, but when one of the first acts of the new Republican party executive director is to attack cultural conservatives in an emotional rant, theres a problem. The “meeting” with the invaders isnt the problem, its his own wtitings.

    The corporate shills who control the republican establishment think like this moron Kenney. They want to drive cultural conservatives out of the party. They disdain those who want to protect life, traditional marriage, and american sovereignty. But deep down, they KNOW that they cannot win elections without us, which makes them more and more agitated.

    • The funny thing is Shaun is the biggest social conservative that I know. Do yourself a favor and focus on your own state. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Dykebiker

    So Brian, are you saying that Shaun was just pandering to this group of nincompoops by saying: “And I think that we understand too that there’s a lot of people that are afraid, of you. Not for any reason that they ought to be but because you’re just not somebody, you’re just not people that they’ve ever had an opportunity to sit down and encounter, to talk to… A lot of people concern themselves with the Other, and it’s not a comfortable thing to have dialogue, and it’s not a comfortable thing to have that encounter with the Other,” Kenney said on the issue of immigration reform. Do you or Shaun fear socialist radicals? or do you just fear their ideology? or neither. What is a “Nativist” in your mind?
    “Not for any reason that they ought to be but because you’re just not somebody, you’re just not people that they’ve ever had an opportunity to sit down and encounter”. Pufh! Certainly, for no other reason, it has nothing to do with their ideology. “we understand too that there’s a lot of people” Your boy seems to be painting with a big brush for these “others”
    Are you or your boy for any type of amnesty for unskilled and/or socially dependent illegal immigrants?

    • I don’t fear anybody, nor do I fear anybody’s ideology. We’ve already said what we consider to be nativists – in the context of the immigration reform debate, I consider anybody who considers any kind of reform short of mass deportations is the same as amnesty to be a nativist.

      I don’t care what ideology somebody has, if you can’t even sit down and have a discussion with them about it, that means there’s something wrong with you. Shaun sat down and listened, and nothing he said was outrageous to me. Is there anybody honestly arguing that we don’t have nativists and racists in our midst? They’re not a majority, but they exist. The evidence is out there and obvious.

      I’ve explained what kind of reforms I want to see, but I am not for amnesty, at least not as how I define amnesty, which is essentially a pardon and immediate citizenship with no strings attached.

      • Dykebiker

        Sorry I’m ignorant of your positions or jargon of this immigration debate. I’m taking what Shaun said at face value, and your seeming
        support of such. I do not fear anyone’s ideology or shy away from dialog with them if, I am confident their words are not backed up by destructive harmful actions.
        -SEIU President Henry: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius served
        with honor and distinction in bringing affordable, quality, healthcare and
        landmark protections to hard-working Americans-

        nativists –“ anybody who considers any kind of reform short
        of mass deportations is the same as amnesty to be a nativist.”

        Nativist Any American who believes in a policy of mass deportations of “ “. fill in the blank. non native born or non-legally processed Americans living in the US. Anyone from Mexico, anyone who has broken the
        immigration laws,,,. Seems like a moving target to me, which would allow Shaun to say, “a lot of people”

        I’m a more simplistic person. Nativist: any native born person to natively born, “Americans”, we’ll say, whose position is, amnesty is the same as not deporting everyone who is not here legally, no matter the status of their immigration process , student work visas or positive long term contribution to America.

        na·tiv·ism noun ?n?-ti-?vi-z?m

        Definition of NATIVISM

        1: a policy of favoring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants

        2: the revival or perpetuation of an indigenous culture especially in opposition to acculturation

        — na·tiv·ist noun or adjective

        Using the Webster def. we now need to define “a lot”.

        Additionally, using this definition, Shaun sounds like the liberal with their talking points of anti-immigrant, anti-foreign born.

        Personal experience, studied and conversational evidence suggests
        to me, there are very few republican nativists, and if there are, they are marginalized. Possibly you and Shaun are speaking of rednecks or racists of all political affiliation. If this is the case, Shaun is being misleading or disingenuous as a representative of the Republican Party, given his expected knowledge of the perceptions of this socialist/democrat union group.

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  • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

    Brian W. Schoeneman, I really appreciate the tonguing you gave my asshole last night, it was eager and incredibly expert, I can only imagine how many of your fellow interns and bloggers you have serviced to earn those stripes…keep up the good work, eventually you may land a job as the catamite of a powerful congressional staffer

  • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

    also Brian sorry I went poop on you while you were in the act, I was just so relaxed that my bowels opened up, I also blame the taco salad I had for lunch, it did give my poop a sludgy quality but as I recall you didn’t mind

  • Dr. Stephen J. Krune III

    good luck with your marriage by the way, I understand it’s a struggle when you’re not making much money as a blogger and your overweight wife is spending it on lingerie without understanding your needs as a closeted gay man

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