Gruber: Cantor the “Nazi?” Oy vey.

Name calling is nothing new in politics.

It’s petty and childish, but rarely is it newsworthy (unless a Republican says something sensational about a Democrat).

However, from time to time, certain verbal hand grenades are worthy of our collective attention because of how outrageous they are, and how those comments allow us to peer into the darkness of one’s soul.

Enter Mr. Fred Gruber.

Mr. Gruber would like to be your next GOP Chairman in the 7th Congressional District. The Louisa accountant and Tea Party favorite has, for the most part, an impeccable resume, which includes being Executive Director of Blue Ridge Property Owner’s Association, and would be a certain challenge to Linwood Cobb, the incumbent.

That is, until he said this:

“I’m sure he’d like the glory of continuing to be district chair and driving that big black SUV that’s parked out front with the VA7GOP license plate on it. Looks like a government Nazi car. Eric Cantor drives one. Secret Service drives them. Big black, you’ve seen it, obviously, in some kind of government film.”

Oh, joy. Ladies and gentlemen, has the man never heard of Godwin’s Law?

Political physics aside…does he not realize who he is saying this about?

I can probably think of 100 examples of draconian government practitioners that could, conceivably, have made Gruber’s point. But comparing Eric Cantor, the well-documented ancestor of the much persecuted Eastern European Jews, to…Adolf Hitler? Huh?

I’m sure Majority Leader Cantor could care less about what Fred Gruber thinks or says, but it’s the outright absurdity of the comparison that warrants attention.

And so, Mr. Gruber, you have gotten your wish. You have your attention. And, once your fifteen minutes is up, you can rest assured no one will be thinking of you ever again.

Serious politicians say serious things. And, when they attack, it’s done with sharp focus and a design to hurt their opponent.

When a candidate’s comments end up coming back to not only damage them, but also have people questioning their capability, they have ruined their chances of ever winning elected office.

And so, Mr. Gruber, your fifteen minutes is up. End your campaign now. Please go away.

I’m tired about learning of Republicans shooting themselves in the foot. We should know better, we expect better from those who wish to lead our party, and Fred Gruber is not fit to lead.

Auf wiedersehen, Herr Gruber. Auf wiederehen.


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