Republicans need to learn to compromise

How’s that for a headline. I’m sick and tired of Democrats deciding what the definition of compromise is. I hear lots of talk about compromise, and what I hear is NOT compromise.

Democrats’ definition of compromise is for Republicans to agree to Democrats’ plans and they’ll give in on a few amendments to call it “bipartisan”.

That’s not compromise.

For example, Democrats (and some Senate Republicans) in Richmond think that just by throwing some private insurers into the mix, Medicaid expansion suddenly becomes a “free-market welfare program”. That the press applauds it should tell every free-thinking Virginian what an oxymoron that term is. It’s right up there with the “revenue neutral tax increase.”

That’s not compromise.

THIS is a compromise.

Pass medicaid expansion and eliminate the corporate income tax.

Pass medicaid expansion and outlaw all abortions after 20 weeks.

Pass medicaid expansion and pass universal school choice.


If the Democrats want us to pass one of their major priorities, then the compromise should be that they have to pass one of ours.

As long as compromise only means adding some right-wing wrinkles to left wing laws, we should walk away until the Democrats put up something meaningful to trade.