Mark Warner Makes A Funny (At Your Expense)

Warner imageI suppose U.S. Senator Mark Warner thinks this is humorous?

Mark Warner (D) @MarkWarner

Just a matter of time: waiting for the @VA_GOP to claim this winter storm was caused by The Affordable Care Act. #Snowbamacare

Mark Warner Deleted after 26 seconds about 1 hour ago, via web.

Hats are off to the Sunlight Foundation for archiving this one.   Glad to see that even Mark Warner had the same reaction I did — what a horrible, horrible thing to say.  People are losing jobs over Obamacare and it’s impact… and from behind Warner’s millions, he gets to say something as nasty and insensitive as that?

For something more helpful, stay warm out there folks, and if at all possible stay off the roads.   If you’re checking in on a cell phone, here are some helpful links:

Dominion Power Outage Map

Virginia 511 Map for Road Clearances

If at all possible, stay home and keep the roads clear for emergency personnel.   Virginia is expected to have another 3-5″ today, bringing snow totals to 12-15″ in many parts of the Commonwealth.

UPDATE:  Just in case you’re wondering how dangerous this storm has become… 14 lives have been lost so far.

Fourteen deaths have now been attributed to the winter storm that is wreaking havoc in the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast. A truck driver in Virginia who was working to clear snowy roads was hit this morning by another dump truck.

To the south, even though the worst of the storm has passed, trees and driveways are covered with ice, and hundreds of thousands are without power. Atlanta temperatures are rising today, but will drop below freezing again overnight.

This storm is no laughing matter.  Stay safe out there, and keep your emergency responders in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE x2:  …and with almost uncanny cat-like reflexes, JHPolitics not only manages to dig up the same intel… but manages to find the exact same report on the storm as well!

Geez… how’s that for Google.

UPDATE x3:  Looks like we got picked up by Twitchy!  Extra points to @NRSC for the sidewalk pic…