Terrence Boulden Declares For Prince William YR Chairman


Big news coming from Prince William County rising star Terrence Boulden this afternoon, as he has announced his bid for Virginia Prince William Young Republicans chairman:

After much prayer and encouragement from family and friends, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Prince William County YR Chair.

My focus is to open the door to everyone who wants to participate in the Republican Party. We must not narrow ourselves and the appeal of commonsense principles with litmus tests that drive out those who make our party diverse and welcoming. We must fight together to protect our values and ensure that the blessings of liberty survive.

We must grow a club that can stand strong in the face of an increasingly liberal Northern Virginia and show that there is an alternative: a free market party that puts individual liberty before big government and empowers the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this country great. Together, we will stop Prince William County’s slide into a swing county and back into the red county we all know it to be.

We have work to do and with the help of every activist out there we can accomplish great things — together.

Along with Mr. Joe Desilets who will run for the office of 1st Vice Chair , and Mr. JD Thorpe who will be running as 2nd Vice Chair, we intend on taking this club to the next level.

I ask for your support, your prayers and your vote.

Boulden is a long-standing conservative veteran in the trenches, having done yeoman’s work in northern Virginia and beyond.  Glad to see the emphasis on civil liberty too…

UPDATE:  Dammit… my exuberance gets the better of me every time…  PWYRs would do very well to elect Mr. Boulden to anything he wants!!

  • Pam Brown

    Go Terrence!

  • DJRippert

    Mr. Boulden seems like a fine young man. I wish him well … especially in his efforts to, ” … not narrow ourselves and the appeal of commonsense principles with litmus tests that drive out those who make our party diverse and welcoming”.

    However, I would encourage Mr. Boulden to spend a considerable amount of time with maps, election results and Excel spreadsheets. I write that because Mr. Boulden states, ” We must grow a club that can stand strong in the face of an increasingly liberal Northern Virginia …”.

    While Nothern Virginia has certainly become more liberal of late it’s far from the only example in Virginia of a political “blue shift”. I’ve always considered Henrico County the bellwether for Republican politics in Virginia. In the last state-wide election Cuccinelli received only 38% of the vote in Henrico versus 45% state-wide. Cuccinelli got 36% of the vote in Fairfax County and 45% of the vote in Loudoun County. While Cuccinelli did win in Virginia Beach he lost in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth.

    I would submit to Mr. Boulden that the real challenge for Republicans in Virginia is not just increasingly liberal Northern Virginia but the increasingly liberal “urban crescent” that stretches from Hampton Roads to NoVa (including the Richmond area).

    But Mr. Boulden is running to be head of the Young Republicans in Prince William County, not the state as a whole. So, his focus on NoVa is understandable. Yet even Prince William (aka “the land of Bob Marshall”) voted for McAuliife over Cuccinelli by just under 8%.

    Good luck, Mr. Boulden. Your party needs you!

  • Marta D. Saltus

    Go Terrence!

  • Paddycakes

    Scary that he would be seen on the same planet as George Allen, with his racist baggage, let alone have his picture popped with him. Is this the mea culpa from Allen that he is finally distancing himself from that past. If so, he still has a long way to go……

    • Alex70

      I confess that I felt precisely the same way.

    • DJRippert

      As a boy growing up in Northern Virginia I revered George Allen, Sr. So, I was excited when the coach’s son entered politics and became governor. They seemed like the kind of “first family of Virginia” that mattered. Instead of some fairy tale about being descended from Pocahontas the Allens seemed to be building a reputation based on achievement.

      Then, George, Jr developed diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the upper lip. Always the “dime store cowboy” George, Jr couldn’t resist pandering to the most base of Virginia’s redneck mentality. He lived in Mt Vernon but traveled to southern Virginia quacking about his love for “the real Virginia”. He was born in California and moved to Virginia as an adult but called some kid born in the state “macaca” because the kid had a swarthy complexion.

      I never thought of George Allen, Jr as a real racist. More an immature guy who, for whatever reason, tried too hard to fit in – especially with the good ole boys.

  • Why hasn’t there been an article on the other people running for other Young Republican seats?

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