Senate Democrats all about abortion

Virginia Senate Democrats are a puddle of scum.

My apologies to puddles of scum everywhere who are insulted by the comparison.

And Senator Mamie Locke leads them all.

It’s crossover day – the last day each house of the Legislature can work on non-budget bills, and I thought I’d tune in to see what the Democrat Senate was doing to improve the lives of recession-pummeled Virginians.

Jobs? NO! Education? NO! Transportation? NO!

They spent the afternoon debating abortion.

Hey, Lynnwood Lewis. Is this what you campaigned on? Remember how “moderate” you were when you won your Senate seat by a scant number of votes?

And the way Democrats got their whiny way today was what gave them the scum-crown.

An abortion bill came to the floor of the Senate today, and after long speeches by the Democrats, it failed 18-22.

One Democrat claimed to have mistakenly voted against it and asked the Republicans if they could reconsider the vote and allow her to vote correctly.

Senate Republicans said, “Sure – no problem” and gave unanimous consent 39-0 to vote again.

On the re-vote, it deadlocked 20-20 and LG Northam happily voted for the bill to have it pass the Senate.

Why the two vote swing? Because an opponent mistakenly voted for the bill intending to vote against it.

But when he asked the vote be reconsidered so he could correct his vote, the Senate Democrats REFUSED.

Sen. Mamie Locke REFUSED to allow a reconsideration that the Republicans gave her only minutes before.

That’s how Democrats play this game, boys. When they want something, it’s one set of rules. When Republicans want the same courtesy, they flip their middle finger at you.

Senator Salsaw – you sicken me. That you would let your colleague put her bill above the Senate while you stand by whistling is despicable.

LG Northam. LG stands for “Leadership Gap” since you applauded this Locke-step maneuver and condoned it by your vote.

And Lame Mamie, your bill will be lucky to make it on a House Subcommittee agenda. But now you’ve started a war in the Virginia Senate that you won’t be able to contain, and all over a bill that’s going nowhere anyway.

Get ready, folks. It’s clobberin’ time!

  • Manny

    Once again Republicans bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.

  • This has not been a very good session for Democratic “leadership” at any level of Virginia government. Between the Senate Dems bumbling, AG Herring’s obsession with gay marriage, LG Northam getting outflanked by Herring’s early bid for 2017, and McAuliffe’s utter silence on everything… been a wild six weeks.

  • Arlingtonvirginia

    You gotta ask yourself where there is so much violence in society. If women think it is a fundamental right that they be able to kill their children because they are inconvenient, how do you think that means they would treat a complete stranger, let alone the children they opt to not kill? And how does that impact the children growing up? Notice how we didn’t have mass shootings in the past yet less gun control? Liberals make sociopathy normal.

    • Patriot 86

      Yup agree 100 percent.when you reduce a human life to a lump of tissue that can be disposed of ‘ how is the next generation supposed to respect life from cradle to grave.

    • Patriot 86

      Exactly ‘ but try and explain that to any stupid liberal or woman First thing they start accusing you of is setting the rights of women back .When was it ever a womans right to murder her innocent child ..It should not be called abortion but genocide and those who do this horrible thing willingly should be incarcerated.

  • This session has demonstrated what we’ve been saying for a while – the Democrats can complain all they want about Republicans focusing on divisive social issues, but the minute they get a small amount of power, they’re off the races on their own divisive social issues.

    • Alex70

      Dear Mr. S.,

      I strongly suspect that the overwhelming majority of Virginia voters nearly threw up over the wretched excesses of reactionary social legislation rammed through or nearly rammed through by the members of the “Republic” Party when the GA last convened. (Mr. Kirwin is inclined to sever the last two letters from “Democratic” Party, so I guess I should respond in kind.) Funny how I don’t recall you raising a
      peep back them. Your party’s extremism accounts for its loss in all three statewide positions in the last election.

      Bet wishes,
      Alex Leidholdt

      • Alex70

        “Then” and “best.” Gotta stop buying those reading glasses at the Dollar Store. BW, A.

      • If you don’t recall it, Alex, it’s because you weren’t paying attention. Anybody who reads Bearing Drift knows that I hate wasting time on social legislation. I supported Governor McDonnell’s compromise legislation and had I been in the House I would have had a hard time voting for those bills.

        The point isn’t about the Republican party’s mistakes. The point is that the Democrats successfully bashed Republicans by saying we mouth platitudes about being for jobs, transportation and public safety issues and then as soon as we’re elected, we start passing laws against abortion and gay marriage. That’s one of the prime things all of these guys ran on – go read Jim Hoeft’s post about it from a few days ago.

        And now they’re turning around and doing exactly what they criticized us for. It’s rank hypocrisy.

        • Alex70

          Thanks for your response. I read your stuff closely and often appreciatively. Not sure that Governor McDonnell’s compromise—if it’s our existing law—was much of a compromise.

          Democratic legislators voting for the law’s repeal are hardly “scum,” as Mr. Kirwin asserts in one of his typically immature and nasty editorials. I would maintain that Democratic legislators are reflecting the views of the majority of Virginia voters.

          I’m all for legislation that promotes jobs and transportation solutions. But repealing
          the ultrasound requirement and TRAP regulations—which any sentient and honest
          human being can see are designed to make it as difficult and humiliating as possible for a woman to pursue her legal right to an abortion—is absolutely warranted. Working to repeal extremist legislation is not extremism.

          Thanks again. I’ve said enough on this topic.

          Best wishes,

          • Other then the fact that the bill failed to pass the first time, and would’ve failed the 2nd time if an opponent had not accidentally voted for it.
            The last piece of social legislation passed with a majority of votes. This one passed because a person mistakenly voted for it and was not allowed to change his vote, even though a supporter of the bill was given the courtesy to correct their vote.

    • Turtles Run


      Are you going to claim that Republicans do not do the same? The law repealed was one in which women were forced to undergo a state mandated unnecessary medical procedure. Was there a public outcry from Republicans when this law was enacted? I think not. It seems to me that the issue the Republicans have with Democrats is that they overturned the results of their own race to this divisive social issue.

      • First of all, the law wasn’t repealed. The Senate passed it, the House hasn’t. Second of all, this isn’t an “unnecessary medical procedure.” It’s one of Planned Parenthood’s “best practices” for abortion provides to provide an ultrasound. Third, as I noted, the biggest complaint from Democrats in last years election was that Republicans were spending all their energy on divisive social legislation on issues like abortion and gay marriage, and not on jobs and the economy or other issues where common ground can be found.

        So when they get elected, they turn around and start doing exactly what they criticized Republicans for doing. It’s hypocritical.

        • Turtles Run


          Yes, you are correct this only passed the Senate. Thank you for correcting me.

          Every election the parties out of office claims that the other side is focusing on things other than the things that matter. That they should focus on the economy and jobs, that is universal in all campaigns. But when put in office they then turn around and focus on core issues that unite their base. In this case Republicans are shocked that the Democrats dared to focus on a divisive social issue like abortion. I am going to guess
          the Republicans they replaced ran on a platform of jobs and the economy but somehow found time to enact these socially divisive laws.

          Why do politicians do this? Because we reward them with votes. Is it hypocritical? Heck yea. Will Republicans react with equal outrage when their politician win office and do the same? Heck no and neither will Democrats. They are both hypocrites and so are we.

          So when will it stop? When we stop rewarding them but that won’t happen because each side will insist that their version be the one to remain in place.

  • TVal

    A noteworthy detail: The opponent who voted incorrectly the second time was the 87-year-old WWII veteran from Prince William, Chuck Colgan, who also happens to be a Democrat and the president pro tempore of the Senate. The Democrats are so radically pro-abortion that they’ll shut out not only a member of their own party but the most respected member of the Senate to prevent informing women about abortions. Sick.

    • Turtles Run

      Do women that go to abortion clinics for an abortion not understand what happens there?

      • TVal

        Unfortunately, most feel they have no choice.

        • Turtles Run

          So lets give them a choice. Many time the issue deals with the financial situation they are in. They feel they cannot afford to have a child because of the financial burden. Lets remove that worry by:

          – providing free prenatal care and healthcare beyond birth

          – provide subsidized or free child care

          – at least 1 years worth of paid maternity leave

          – increase the SNAP and WIC programs

          – increase access to family planning devices and realistic sex ed training for all youths

          This would put a real dent in the need for abortions.

          • There is no such thing as “free” dude. Someone has to pay for it and it won’t be the “rich”

          • MD Russ

            Pardon me, but I haven’t heard such Socialist bullshit since the Occupy movement collapsed. TANSTAAFL, Turtle. The best way to put a dent in abortions is to have the male wear a condom. If he doesn’t, then track him down and make him pay for all the free stuff you propose.

          • Turtles Run

            MD Russ

            Well I happen to live in this reality and here the reason cited by 90% of women getting abortions is due to economic realities they face. They simply cannot afford to have these children.

            We can track men down and force them to pay but is that a realistic solution. What if they are unemployed, dead, cannot be found, cannot afford to support, or any number of reasons that would prevent them from paying up. Then what? How is the issue of reducing abortions addressed then? Nothing in this world is free, especially not realistically addressing issues.

          • There are plenty of people looking to adopt and quite a few that are willing to pay all of the medical costs.
            abortions aren’t cheap either.
            Condoms on the other hand are.

          • Patriot 86

            How about having a little control over your own body as well .GOOD LORD.

          • MD Russ

            I never cease to be amazed by the number of people here on BD who can pull statistics out of their ass with aplomb. Multiple studies show that women do not have an abortion for one single reason; one study showed that women have an abortion for a median of 3.7 reasons. Financial concerns rank only 73% and are shared with such issues as complications with the fetus, estrangement from the father, career consequences, as well as the pregnancy being the result of rape or incest. That is reality, Turtle, and you are not living in it.


          • Turtles Run

            Yes, women do not have abortions for any single reason but lets use the guttmacher stat that 73% of women cite financial reasons for obtaining abortions that is still 3/4 of abortions. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to help eliminate that reason. Also, this would help resolve other issues such as interfering with education (38%) or career (38%).

            To simplify the issue to strapping on a condom and forcing men to pay just ignores a whole host of other issues involved with that solution.

          • MD Russ

            Then open your wallet and start paying for unintended pregnancies, Bub, that happened as a result of two people not taking responsibility for their personal conduct. And leave me out of it.

          • Turtles Run

            See that is the problem. We all end up paying for it one way or another. We can do what I suggest and lower abortion rates or simply continue to make it more difficult to get abortions and then pay the costs of the social safety net system to help those that are financial unable to afford this child. If we do not want to spend there then be prepared to pay for additional prisons, court costs, and increase in law enforcement.

            In the end we all end up paying, it is simply a matter of what we want to pay for. Someone gave me an acronym once, what was it…….I remember.


          • Patriot 86

            If they cant afford to have them then keep their legs closed .Good god cant they have some control .This may sound mean but its the truth ; no woman ever got pregnant by keeping her legs closed .

          • Turtles Run

            So a person should only have sex when they want to have a child? I also love the fact that you place the sole responsibility on women.

          • Patriot 86

            Never said that at all ‘ stop putting words in my mouth ‘ men are just as much to blame as women for all the immorality but women and men should have more control over their bodies and realize there are consequences to sex outside of marriage and a baby is not something to be punished and disposed of because the mother has poor choice in men and thinks she can do whatever she wants with her body .

        • Patriot 86

          Oh thats complete bullshit .In any hospital you can find a sign that says a child can be dropped off with no questions asked .So much for the argument that they had no choice .There is always a choice CHOOSE LIFE.

          • TVal

            I meant that most feel pressured into getting abortions they don’t want.

          • Patriot 86

            Have to agree with you on that one .Abortion clinics dont want you to keep the baby cuz then they wont get paid .God have mercy on these pathetic human beings who profit from this horrible practice.There will be a special place in hell for all who harm his little ones.

      • Patriot 86

        Most dont give a damb ‘ they only want to get rid of the unwanted result of their lack of morals and failure to have any control over their own bodies .What i will never understand is how any of them can live with themselves after ending a innocent little life that didnt ask to be the result of their parents selfish lifestyles . And I dont want to hear from any of the ‘ what about rape and incest crowd ‘ cuz its still a little life that has value and there are thousands of couples out there unable to have children of their own who are on a waiting list to adopt .Yes its tragic that rape and incest happens but killing a innocent life for something they had nothing to do with is wrong any way you look at it .Life trumps any argument there is for ending a innocent life and anyone who believes abortion is ok and women who have had abortions ‘ some have had multiple ‘ what will you say to them one day when they ask you ‘ Mommy why did you kill me .

  • Chip Tarbutton

    If the Republicans were so offended by the lack of civility of not allowing another vote, why did the vote fail 37-1? Did Colgan (the Democrat you don’t identify) perhaps get nudged into the “mistake” by his fellow Democrats? Lots of possibilities in this story that were lost in the zeal to smack the pond scummy Democrats.
    Not that they don’t deserve a smack down on 123,449 different things.

  • Paddycakes

    To paraphase someone,pond scum is a dish best served cold..

    • Patriot 86

      Yup and like the good lord said [ vengeance is mine and i will repay on the last day.Better wake up people because they are not far off.

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