Senate Democrats all about abortion

Virginia Senate Democrats are a puddle of scum.

My apologies to puddles of scum everywhere who are insulted by the comparison.

And Senator Mamie Locke leads them all.

It’s crossover day – the last day each house of the Legislature can work on non-budget bills, and I thought I’d tune in to see what the Democrat Senate was doing to improve the lives of recession-pummeled Virginians.

Jobs? NO! Education? NO! Transportation? NO!

They spent the afternoon debating abortion.

Hey, Lynnwood Lewis. Is this what you campaigned on? Remember how “moderate” you were when you won your Senate seat by a scant number of votes?

And the way Democrats got their whiny way today was what gave them the scum-crown.

An abortion bill came to the floor of the Senate today, and after long speeches by the Democrats, it failed 18-22.

One Democrat claimed to have mistakenly voted against it and asked the Republicans if they could reconsider the vote and allow her to vote correctly.

Senate Republicans said, “Sure – no problem” and gave unanimous consent 39-0 to vote again.

On the re-vote, it deadlocked 20-20 and LG Northam happily voted for the bill to have it pass the Senate.

Why the two vote swing? Because an opponent mistakenly voted for the bill intending to vote against it.

But when he asked the vote be reconsidered so he could correct his vote, the Senate Democrats REFUSED.

Sen. Mamie Locke REFUSED to allow a reconsideration that the Republicans gave her only minutes before.

That’s how Democrats play this game, boys. When they want something, it’s one set of rules. When Republicans want the same courtesy, they flip their middle finger at you.

Senator Salsaw – you sicken me. That you would let your colleague put her bill above the Senate while you stand by whistling is despicable.

LG Northam. LG stands for “Leadership Gap” since you applauded this Locke-step maneuver and condoned it by your vote.

And Lame Mamie, your bill will be lucky to make it on a House Subcommittee agenda. But now you’ve started a war in the Virginia Senate that you won’t be able to contain, and all over a bill that’s going nowhere anyway.

Get ready, folks. It’s clobberin’ time!