Lind: “If you keep this up, I will ensure you don’t get a job in politics again.”


…and what precisely would encourage such a bruising e-mail from one-time U.S. Senate candidate Howie Lind?


Former Lind campaign manager Patrick Murphy kicked the rumor mill into high gear with a Facebook status about the former 10th District Chairman’s “serious moral defects”. Here’s what the status said, and it’s worth noting that someone put some money behind it to ensure it was seen:


Upon investigation, it appears Lind’s defects are as real as they are disturbing. According to sources, Lind has been separated from his wife for a year and is not pursuing divorce. Additionally, the candidate resides in Washington, D.C. on a majority of nights, in a condo blocks away from the U.S. Capitol.

That property is apparently owned by Lind’s mistress, whom he has maintained an affair with since at least the beginning of his ill-fated bid for Senate.

Not the way to start your Monday morning.  Read the rest over at JHPolitics, as Justin Higgins has done phenomenal work exposing this bullying tactic.

When pressed about his marital status, Lind told one source he was not pursing divorce so his wife would continue receiving health benefits from her husband’s military benefits. In reality, if divorced, Lind’s wife would continue to receive the same benefits, while also becoming entitled to half of Lind’s military retirement pay.


Of course, knowing this… Lind in a presumably separate note to his former confidant and right hand man issued the following threat:

From: Howie Lind <>
Date: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 1:36 PM
Subject: Facebook
To: Patrick Murphy <REDACTED>

Patrick, if you keep this up, I will ensure you don’t get a job in politics again.

Lind announced last week that he would seek the GOP nomination for outgoing Rep. Frank Wolf’s seat in VA-10 against frontrunner Del. Barbara Comstock.  Other notable (though not necessarily for good reasons) contenders have been perennial Kansas candidate Rob “Lamb Chop” Wasinger, former Bush administration staffer Stephen Hollingshead, and Delegate Bob Marshall — who is expected to announce this week.

Comstock is widely speculated to have a comfortable if hard fought lead over the rest of the divided field.

UPDATE:  JHPolitics gets a phone call from Howie Lind:

Howie Lind has responded to the story, reinforcing that he is legally separated from his wife but not divorced. He maintains that he must remain married so that his wife continues to receive military retiree health insurance benefits. He also maintains that he lives in McLean, but spends time with a “friend” in Washington, D.C..

As for Murphy, Lind argues a different series of events.

“I actually fired Patrick about 3 weeks ago,” Lind said. “He maintains that he left the campaign because of ‘serious moral defects’, but I fired him. It has nothing to do with that. He’s an incompetent campaign manager.”

You can read the entirety of the exchange here.

  • Guest

    Another great reason to support Barbara Comstock. Thanks for bringing that to light. I feel sorry for Lind’s wife and kids.

  • So Bob Marshall is running? well he’s less likely to get the nomination then Black was.

  • I’m still amazed at how many people are lining up for an opportunity to lose to Barbara Comstock.

    • JReynolds79

      Hopefully she doesn’t allow herself to be pushed too far right…the DNC is going to pump millions into this race so even the mere appearance of a “Tea Party” candidate might cost the best candidate we have the general…I’d love to be wrong, but I’m definitely concerned.

      • John Hill

        The “Tea Party” is people who want less taxes/limited gov…. not some extremist fringe. People need to stop being so afraid of the term that the media has twisted into a negative meaning. Let’s call it what it is. Plus no matter who we put up, they’ll smear em all day, but it’s up to us to set the record straight.

        • JReynolds79

          That’s how the “Tea Party” began before it was co-opted by the religious right…

      • You haven’t been paying attention to the national news, the Donks have all but given up on the House, the “millions” they were planning on spending are going to be spent trying to save Reid’s hide.
        And Comstock doesn’t have to tack right, she’s as conservative as anyone could want. Your contempt for the conservative movement is noted however.

        • JReynolds79

          Perception is reality in politics…and in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a strong movement claiming she isn’t “pure” enough-just go out west in the 10th, reason and rationality are completely absent. It’s Ted Cruz territory out there.

          • That’s hilarious considering the fact that Cruz would probably endorse her if he hadn’t already sworn off getting involved in the primaries.

          • JReynolds79

            I’m sure he would have…and it would most likely cost her votes in the general per the guilt by association. Unfortunately politics has devolved into the equivalent of a large scale, high school popularity contest wherein substance doesn’t matter if you’re running with the “wrong crowd.”

          • Pelosi would gain Comstock more votes then she’d lose from a Cruz endorsement.

          • JReynolds79

            I don’t disagree. But implicit within that argument is the notion that Cruz (aka the socon movement) is a lesser force than the potential protest contingent.

          • I just think the counter-protest contingent ( anti-Pelosi) is bigger then the anti-Cruz contingent.
            It helped Sandford beat Colbert-Busch, and arguably helped Romney barely carry the district in 2012

    • Jax

      It’s no secret that some Loudon County and PWC activists are conducting an ABC (Anyone But Comstock) campaign because she is not as far right as they want her to be.

      • MD Russ

        Out here we spell it “Loudoun.” But I do not dispute that our Tea Party and Libertarian activists do not support Comstock. In my Virginia House district, they tossed out a fine and honorable Delegate in favor of a Bible-thumping anti-tax zealot. One of the problems we have in the 10th CD is that too many of our voters have eleven toes and a DNA very similar to their spouse.

        • Nick Bukowski

          Your “Fine and Honorable Delegate” voted for the biggest tax increase in the history of VA and then after losing the primary, he ran as an independent for Herring’s open Senate seat (helping a democrat win by taking away Republican votes) bc he knew he couldn’t win the republican nomination in the senate district. I’m not sure what constitutes “Fine and honorable” in your opinion bc your ousted delegate would be better characterized as an unprincipled sore loser.

          • JReynolds79

            Or maybe we’re tired of a fringe element of the party trying to annex the brand via their revisionist history…and everyone’s tired of the “biggest tax increase” hoax. What would you have proposed, allowing the state to run out of transportation funding by 2017-because that’s precisely what would have happened with further inaction…or maybe we should have indexed the gas tax that remained untouched since the 80s (and still hasn’t been touched)…start researching a bit before you begin mimicking your talking points.

          • MD Russ

            “…the biggest tax increase in the history of VA…” is Tea Party bullshit. The McDonnell Transportation Plan is generating billions of dollars for highway improvements in Virginia while lowing the cost of gasoline to the consumer at the pump.

            More and more would-be Republicans, like me, are now independents because of the radical right shift by the RPV. Better get used to it; the days of the Republicans in Virginia are numbered if they keep clinging to their unsustainable and hypocritical policies. Did you learn nothing last November?

          • Ryan Gleason

            “The McDonnell Transportation Plan is generating billions of dollars for highway improvements in Virginia.”

            And where do you think those billions of dollars are “generated”, from thin air? No, we work for our dollars and then the Gov’t takes it from us in taxation.

          • MD Russ

            Those billions of dollars are generated from the windfall profits of the oil companies. You need to take a course in economics. Unlike consumer goods and services which are priced on the cost of production and delivery, oil is a commodity similar to gold, silver, grain, etc. The price is based not on the cost of production but on demand. When the demand for oil increases, the price rises regardless of supply. And vice versa. When wholesale taxes on oil are increased, as they were by the McDonnell Transportation Plan, suppliers must absorb those taxes out of profit and continue to provide product at the market demand rate. Meanwhile, you are no longer paying the retail gas tax at the pump. Between the time that “the greatest tax increase in history” was signed into law and now, the price of gas at the pump has declined about 75 cents per gallon.

            Can you get your head around that, Bunky? Please tell us how the McDonnell Transportation Plan has cost you tax money out of your pocket. You can’t; all you can do is to bleat the Tea Party nonsense about “the greatest tax increase in history.” Frankly, it is tiresome to know that such ignorance motivates voters.

          • Ryan Gleason

            Actually, I have a degree in Economics, and there is no way oil companies are just paying the tax and not passing the taxes onto the consumer. Gasoline is a very inelastic good. So, you have to prove that the price of gas wouldn’t have fallen even FURTHER if the transportation bill hadn’t been passed in order for your statement about how much gasoline has fallen to have any logic to it.

            That’s just one issue, the Vehicle tax increased, Sales tax increased, A new Real Estate Transfer tax was imposed, AND the wholesale gasoline tax will increase from 3.5% to 5.1% in January if Congress doesn’t pass legislation to allow VA to tax outside business selling over the internet.

            The transportation bill was a massive tax increase, and there really isn’t any way to look at it other than that.

          • MD Russ

            Call the college where you got your Economics degree and demand your money back. Gasoline is a very elastic good. That is why the price of automobile gas goes up in the summer, esp. around Memorial Day and July Fourth, and the price of heating oil goes up when the weather gets cold. The price has nothing to do with the cost of production and delivery and everything to do with the demand.

            The price of gasoline in Virginia was climbing steadily until the McDonnell plan eliminated the retail gas tax. Claiming that the price at the pump would have gone lower without the wholesale tax is just plain silly.

            The ancillary taxes that you mention are Tea Party talking points and a small fraction of the revenue generated by the McDonnell Transportation Plan.

          • Jax

            Nick, here is a math reality check for you: Whitbeck + all of May’s votes = Wexton still winning comfortably.
            Wexton didn’t need any help from May to defeat Whitbeck.

        • John Hill

          I’m considered by many as a “Tea Party and Libertarian” conservative….but I support Comstock. Just for the record.

          • MD Russ

            Glad to hear it, John. And I do trust that you knew that the 11 toes and DNA comment was purely in jest.

      • And it’s a big a joke as the ABR ( Anyone but Romney) campaign was.

  • mezurak

    So who are the donors to Murphy’s brand new super PAC?

    • MD Russ

      Mrs. Lind?

  • Ryan Thomas

    In all fairness, let’s give Howie a chance to respond to these allegations. There is always two sides to every story and I think we ought to be careful rushing to full judgement when there is a dispute whether Murphy resigned or was fired. I really don’t know who is right, but I know Howie personally and I think he ought to be given a chance to tell his side of the story. Even though I don’t support him for the 10th district race, he still deserves a chance to tell his side of the story and let voters decide what is truth.

  • MD Russ

    Lind’s wife and children are only eligible for DoD health care (TRICARE) after a divorce if she was married to Lind for at least 20 years and those 20 years overlapped at least 20 years of his active duty service before he retired. If the marriage overlapped less than 20 years of his service but at least 15 years, then the former wife and children are eligible for TRICARE coverage for only one year after the divorce. If the marriage overlapped less than 15 years of his active duty service, then she and the children lose TRICARE coverage when the final divorce decree is issued.

    As to division of Lind’s retired pay, that is subject to the decision of the court granting the divorce decree and there is no automatic formula for dividing the pay, such as 50/50. It varies widely from state to state and most courts take into account the length of the marriage, how much of the marriage existed while the service member was on active duty, and other factors such as how much the spouse accompanied the service member during his active duty.

    To say that Lind’s wife would automatically continue to receive TRICARE coverage and would receive half of his retired pay upon divorce is patently false.

    • Russ, I welcome you to read the updated post with Lind’s responses on the matter, particularly in regards to TRICARE. I was unable to reach him prior to the story, but we discussed things this morning. Draw your own conclusions.

      • MD Russ


        Am I missing something here? It appears that Lind’s account of his marriage duration substantiates what I commented on about his wife’s TRICARE coverage and disputes your assertion that she would continue to receive TRICARE benefits.

        • The post was originally posted before Howie had offered a response. If you look down, you’ll see I noted to see Howie’s response for the TRICARE portion of the allegations. You’re not missing anything, it’s been updated to reflect.

          • MD Russ

            Are you going to correct your assertions of “half his retired pay?”

            BTW, the problem here is not that you have or have not updated your original post, but that Shaun has put your bogus information out on Bearing Drift. I don’t know Lind and I’m not a supporter of his. But it seems to me that he is being slandered on this blog thanks to your shoddy research. I figured out in a matter of minutes that his wife most likely was not going to remain eligible for TRICARE and that it was improbable that she would get half of his retired pay if they divorced. You could have reached the same conclusions, unless you were too anxious to stab Lind in the back.

          • Russ, in my phone conversation with Howie this morning he also used the phrase “half of my pension.” That’s worth noting. Also, his wife almost qualifies for lifetime TRICARE and my original source suspected that she did. You’re too anxious to shoot down real information.

          • MD Russ

            “Almost qualifies” is the equivalent of almost pregnant.

            I don’t shoot down “real information.” Just baloney straw man assertions that can be refuted with a couple of mouse clicks.

            Give it up, Higgins. You are an intellectually dishonest blogger with a very biased agenda. And most blog readers are not nearly as gullible as you and Shaun Kenney seem to believe.

  • Daniel

    with Howie Lind out, Del. Marshall has a real shot.

    • Ryan Thomas

      We might as well just give the Dems the seat then. Marshall is the sterotypical “War on Women” candidate the dems would love to face. The 10th has a Cook index of R+2, which means it is shifting towards being a swing district. McCain lost it and Romney barely won it. If Marshall could barely win in his HOD race last fall (which HOD district is more conservative than the 10th), what makes him, or anyone, think he can win if our nominee. The 10th is in the Dems top 5 target lists and they will pour tons of money into it. Marshall can’t raise that war chest and his past statements practically make this a gimmie for the dems. Bottom line, he simply is not electable.

      • Geographically he’s unelectable. He barely won reelection last November. Most of VA 10 is outside PWC.

    • Marta D. Saltus

      I must say there is a very small possibility that would happen! Having led several women coalitions within FCRC and RWCs, I can promise you Bob Marshall is exactly the poster child of the GOP “War on Women” mantra. While I am 100% pro-life, Marshall’s legislation and talking points surrounding the issue of abortion have been at best misguided. His infamous legislation mandating vaginal ultrasounds had a very negative impact on ALL GOP candidates during most of 2013. Were he to be our nominee, Democrats will not have to lie about the soundbites they use in campaigns against him as a candidate. He has also said some extremely controversial and offensive things about disabled children being a “punishment” from God due to abortion. Please spare us this embarassment; Marshal is Todd Akin on steroids.

      • Doug Brown

        That’s the Dem mantra . And Akin was and remains an idiot. Marshall deserves more respect and Comstock backers would be wise to keep it civil. If the two do square off whoever wins needs a positive, upbeat message.

        • Marta D. Saltus

          Correct, Doug, the mantra the dems repeat over and over to portray our candidates as women-haters, etc. That is what I meant. I was not aware I was being uncivil, just stating my opinion. Marshall has said many more stupid things than Todd Akin has. I don’t need to list them here, as they made headlines mutiple times last year.

          • Doug Brown

            Good luck Republicans. VA-10 tilting D.

          • Cook has it as a R+2 district.

          • If Comstock gets the nom. she’ll sleepwalk into the House of Reps.

          • MD Russ

            In your dreams.

        • MD Russ

          Bob Marshall deserves no respect whatsoever. He feeds the Democratic message machine with his stupid antics and inane legislative proposals. He is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

          • Marta D. Saltus

            and that is exactly my point. Dems are most likely sallivating at the prospect of having Marshall on the ballot. Heck, they might come out and vote for him just to make sure we lose come the general.

        • Marshall receives the respect he’s earned.

          At the end of the day, there is no way Bob Marshall can win anywhere but in the House district he’s currently in. It’s a waste of everybody’s time and energy to consider him for any other office.

          Matha is flat out correct. We play into the war on women mantra the Dems run against us when we run candidates like Marshall.

        • Dick Black stood a better chance of winning then Marshall.

    • JReynolds79

      In what universe do you live? Because we’re DOA if Marshall get anything but run out of the party soon

      • Jim McGuire

        I think Daniel was simply saying Marshall had a shot at the nomination. He didn’t say anything about November.

        • MD Russ

          And E. W. Jackson had a shot at the nomination for Lt. Gov. So how did that work out?

          • Steven Thomas

            Well, EW got more votes than any statewide Dem in 2009 did (AND 45% of the vote), and only 80,000 less votes than T-Mac (despite spending only $1.50 per vote to T-Mac’s $27 per vote). So all things considered, EW did fine in a tough Republican year in VA.

          • MD Russ

            Wonderful analysis. And who got sworn in at the January inauguration? Elections are like the NFL: there are only W’s and L’s. No credit for style, perfection, or creativity. And 45% of the vote is a big L.

          • Steven Thomas

            Well, it depends on other circumstances. If not for the shutdown and McDonnell’s ethics “issues”, we could have been talking about a Republican sweep in 2013. Then your point would be invalid. But as it is, you also have to account for someone like a Dick Black, every bit as conservative as EW and still a winner in his senate seat. Ergo, it’s not actually the NFL, as it turns out.

          • Marta D. Saltus

            Steven, you are fairly new to NoVA politics, and I hate to tell you this: at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what happens in coventions or the rest of VA, NoVA determines the outcomes, as we so clearly saw recently. And running candidates that support policies that can in any way, shape or form be construed as a “war on women”, bigotry against homosexuals, or any other social issue along those lines, has a very small chance of winniing as it is. That is the political reality we live in. E.W. made some pretty stupid comments himself, and I won’t go into those here, but they also involved disabled children being a punishement from God.

          • Steven Thomas

            Actually Marta, I have been around VA politics for more than a decade, raised millions of dollars for a variety of candidates, run campaigns (including in Fairfax), lived in Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax, and have two degrees from Georgetown, including one in Latin American Studies… so no, I am not “new to NoVA politics”. And while no candidate from either party can afford to write off NoVA or not compete there, NoVA does not “determine outcomes”. To think so is hubris. 3/4 of the population of Virginia lives outside of NoVA.
            Second, if you think that somehow a Republican candidate is going to get nominated who is not going to be pro-life- that’s not realistic. The way to beat the BS War on Women crap is not to admit it and shrink like a violet. That has already been proven to FAIL. Romney, Allen, and a host of others failed using that time-tested loser of a strategy. THAT is political reality.
            The way to beat it is to take it head on, stand up for your convictions and lead. 55% of Americans are pro-life. There is no reason to let the media and Democrats make us ashamed of being conservative.
            The media and the Dems are going to accuse us of being extremists no matter what we do. And btw, EW did not actually say the disabled children thing you referenced- that was an accusation made on the leftist blog “Right Wing Watch” that was taken as a source by a couple of outlets. NBC had to print a retraction on it. You might want to research some of these things yourself before buying into that garbage.

          • MD Russ

            Raised millions of dollars for a variety of candidates?

            I’m calling bullshit on that one.

          • Steven Thomas

            On what basis? Take a look at VPAP- I did EW’s fundraising.
            Now, I don’t troll on conservative sites under a pseudonym or anything, but we can’t all be THAT cool!

          • MD Russ

            I did look at VPAP and Jackson raised about $1.3M, including in-kind contributions. Are you taking sole credit for that and other races to claim that you have raised “millions of dollar?”


          • Steven Thomas

            You know, you’re right, I don’t know what I was doing believing 15 years of experience and my bank account statements over an obnoxious, anonymous internet troll.
            Forgive me Mr. Troll. I won’t disbelieve you and your massive amount of credibility ever again.

          • MD Russ

            I am posting under my real name. Can you say the same, Mr. Thomas, since the only Steven Thomas I can find in Virginia of any notability is a realtor in Virginia Beach? I would think that someone who has raised “millions of dollars” would budge the needle on anyone’s search engine.

          • Steven Thomas

            So your birth certificate actually says “MD Russ” on it? Ouch. And I hope to God that’s not your picture.
            Fundraisers (good ones) are rarely in the news. But I used my FB account to post here so anyone can click on that… or see my picture… but can we say the same for you?
            I have also done a bunch of work as Chairman of the Spotsylvania GOP.

          • Marta D. Saltus

            I am curious to know which other campaigns you have fundraised or worked for, Steve. Are you willing to share? I really don’t have time to go to VPAP and do the research myself. I’m especially interested in the campaigns you mention in Alexandria and Arlington. Thanks.

          • Marta D. Saltus

            Touchy, aren’t we? Then the more the reason for you to understand the dynamics in suburban areas. At no point am I advocating not running a pro-life candidate. That is your interpretation of my comment, not what I actually said. Everyone that knows me personally will tell you I am unabashedly conservative. I have been on record whether ditigal, TV, or in writing, anywhere I have been asked to be, as an RNC pundit, all the way down to the local County level, for over 6 years, so I am not sure if your accusation of being ashamed of being conservative was addressed to me. Be that as it may, messaging, tone and the way things are said are always CRITICAL. You can be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage without being offensive at the same time. It’s unfortunate that candidates such as Bob Marshall and EW have failed in that respect. EW lost many votes at the Mt. Vernon Precinct I covered during elections due to those and other derogatory comments towards gays, as many GOP voters informed me on their way in or out. That is the reality, whether you like it or not. Perphaps your advice to candidates going forward should be to take a class in messaging. God knows we have a few that need it desperately!

          • Steven Thomas

            We can certainly do better as a movement in presenting our views. But the only candidates I have seen win are not those who hide from their conservatism- they are the ones who stand by and patiently explain how it’s better. And everyone can use help there.
            McCain, Romney, Allen and other lose because they did not excite Bush voters (social conservatives) to make calls, knock doors and most importantly vote. It turns out it is actually more statistically important to motivate our base than moderate and lose them.
            This can be done. But it bothers me when people recant something that is actually NOT true just because the Washington ComPost says it is.

          • Marta D. Saltus

            Ok, I can agree on that. Again, emphasis here, and this goes to anything, not only the social issues: conservatism will sell when it is properly packaged. If it’s not, we will continue to lose. A majority align with conservative principles, but when you have the main stream media, and the fantastic democratic political machine against us, we cannot afford a single mistake when it comes to messaging. Mike Huckabee comes to mind. If by a series of unfortunate events he were to be our presidential nominee, I can see the ads now reference his extremely idiotic comment on “women’s libido”.

          • There’s somebody out there even touchier than me. 🙂

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  • D.j. Spiker

    If Howie thinks he can prevent someone from getting a job in Virginia politics, he’s not plugged into reality. Virginia is one of the few states where CMs and consultants can lose cycle after cycle and still get a job.

    • MD Russ

      Don’t be so hard on Ben Tribbett.

  • WorriedinVA

    At least this one was revealed before any election process. Stop muddying the water! I met him at Advance – there was nothing there. He was all about baseball, but no substance.

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