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Here We Go Round The Wasinger Bush…

Or better put, why Barbara Comstock probably has nothing to worry about in VA-10:

harverd [1]

Ladies and gentlemen meet Rob Wasinger [2].  He went to Harverd.

Harvard Law?  Harvard for undergraduate?  I dunno… all we know from his public profile is that he went to Harverd.

harverd [3]

…but you shouldn’t judge him too harshly on that, gentle reader.  No no no, you should judge him harshly because this Wasinger fella loves sock puppets.  I mean, loves sock puppets in a way you haven’t seen since Lamb Chop’s Play Along sort of love.  Thor’s Hammer has the epic take down on Wasinger over at Virginia Virtucon… [4] and you can see all the anonymous IP sock puppet goodness going on over there.


I guess this was really popular at Harverd?

So let’s get down to some brass tacks on this Wasinger character, shall we?  This guy ran for congress as recently as 2010.  Where in Virginia, you might ask?  Well… it wasn’t in Virginia — it was in Kansas, Toto.

…and against which weenie moderate did our conservative superhero (consurvative supurhero?) run?

Rep. Tim Huelskamp.

Now for those of you who do not know Huelskamp, this is a fella that carries all sorts of great legislation in the U.S. House, including bills to protect military chaplains and their rights of religious liberty, a 92% rating from the ACU (don’t worry — Huelskamp’s orthodoxy still gets him invited to headline ACU events [6]), and the like.

No small wonder then that Kansans didn’t take kindly to Wasinger’s intrusion [2] into their political environment:

The fact of the matter is Rob Wasinger is a DC insider who can not win election in the first district. As many have said on other blogs, given any other year and no other qualified candidates, Rob would be someone that would warrant being considered. But with proven leadership like that of Tim Huelskamp in the race, there’s little point entertaining a longtime DC insider with no voting record.

What’s worse is that Wasinger has a very bad habit of ghosting IPs and trying to manufacture an online presence [7], especially be creating controversy among Catholic pro-lifers by trying to insist that his target is not-so-Catholic as one might think:

I think I’m beginning to understand why Sen. Brownback has refused to support Rob in his campaign. I can say with certainty it’s the dirtiest campaign ever seen in Kansas history, and it’s all due to the outside influence Rob has brought to the state to try and buy a House seat.

I don’t think this will stop Rob or his out-of-state supporters. However, I think this does give Republican leaders in Kansas reason to pause when thinking about supporting Rob in his campaign. And in fact it already has, as Rob has yet to gain the endorsement of any group active in state politics. Are these the kind of actions you want to see in your Congressman? Many in Kansas politics are saying, “No thanks!”

So the next time you see Rob on the campaign trail, why not ask him about his KSNBC-01 blog and what has been published there. Ask him about his connections to Franciscan University and the prolific bloggers found there. Ask him if he can explain the amount of information that is finding it’s way onto that blog with lightening speed. Ask him if he really meant it when he signed a clean campaign pledge or if he just signed it so he’d have cover while his out-of-state supporters did his bidding behind a thin veil of anonymity.

I doubt Rob will have many answers.

The entire post is worth reading, if for no other reason than it exhibits the clownish nature of some folks who drive up their comments section (Too Conservative was famous for this back in the day) in order to manufacture netroots activism.

It doesn’t work — at least when you know the scam.

What ol’ Wasinger doesn’t  know is that in Virginia, we figured this game out back in 2006.  You see, we keep IPs… we know who comments where.  We know that if you use an anonymous IP, we can track it back to the same 10-12 servers and tickle out other information as well.  Not to give away the store, but you’re never anonymous online.

So why exhaust all this time on this?  Well — it’s because conservatives need to be aware of it.

Already the DCCC is starting to drop oppo research on Comstock in VA-10.  How are they dropping it?  Through fake Facebook accounts attached to supposedly Christian/Conservative/Catholic “people” and made to look like Bob Marshall supporters.  Some are working in collusion with “Harverd” educated carpetbaggers from Kansas… you see the game now?

Folks, it’s a silly and stupid world out there.   Comstock will have to fight for her nomination contest (and she ought to — because it ought to be a Roman triumph at the end of April), but conservatives ought to know that certain groups have a great deal invested in making sure a pro-life, anti-tax conservative with a history of punishing bad guys never sees the light of day.

VA-10 is going to be a lot of fun, folks.  Comstock is precisely the sort of leadership conservatives want to see.



That’s freakin’ hilarious.