Shak Hill Calls Out Mullins Over Comstock Endorsement


Prospective U.S. Senate candidate Shak Hill did not take kindly to RPV Chairman Pat Mullins’ endorsement of Del. Barbara Comstock in VA-10.  From the release/fundraisng e-mail:

To make a personal endorsement is well within one’s right and duty as an informed citizen, but to do so, as chairman, on RPV letterhead is downright wrong.

In an electoral year that should be the best year Republicans have seen in recent memory, to intentionally divide the party based on one’s personal belief, under the guise of the party boss, will do significantly more damage to our party and the chances of our success in 2014.

Personally, I would rather be in a divided party fighting together for liberty, than in a united party fighting for the destruction of America. But when such actions intentionally create division, this will make all candidates and future candidates who are willing to fight for our common liberty beliefs, wonder if they have to go through the party boss or the people for election.

Point taken, though I’d casually note that “a divided party fighting together for liberty” is about as oxymoronic a statement as they come.  Does Hill really believe the GOP is “a united party fighting for the destruction of America” today?  Sounds more like an overzealous copywriter than the Shak Hill that I know and respect.

Of course, the campaign could be very much concerned about Republican leaders rallying to Gillespie’s standard, as they have done in numbers since Gillespie threw his hat into the ring.

Shak Hill is currently the only candidate challenging former RPV chairman Ed Gillespie for the US Senate nod in Roanoke at the convention this summer.

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