Pete Snyder Endorses Ed Gillespie

Pete Snyder comes out strong with an endorsement for former RPV chairman Ed Gillespie on FOX News:

“Mark Warner has, for many years tried to fancy himself as an independent thinker, business background, was supposed to coast to re-election. In fact he is in for the fight of his life against Ed Gillespie, a proven conservative. The party is uniting behind him. Millions of Virginians are getting behind him. I’m throwing my weight behind Ed because Mark Warner isn’t the Senator that he promised.”

Take note: Snyder is considered widely to be a rising star among conservatives, so earning the Snyder endorsement is a huge green light among young voters and new media savvy state delegates.

Nationally, the Gillespie/Warner race is starting to turn a lot of heads.  Warner’s popularity is in the tank post-Obamacare, and with polls barely showing the once-popular senator barely eking out 50% with Gillespie barely having spent a dime, Virginia isn’t just in play… Warner is in deep and serious trouble when you stack his volte face on 2A rights and marriage.

It’s on in Virginia.