A Second Wind? Coleman Up $90K Cash On Hand; Lewis Down To Only $13K


Virginia Senate 06 isn’t just a race… Coleman is winning the money race by a factor 7 to 1 according to VPAP — and that’s a big deal.

Go over some of the history of the 6th District too.  Nick Rerras held this seat for well over a decade.  The numbers aren’t exactly looking good for Lewis thus far, and inside sources close to the Coleman campaign are cautiously optimistic on the surface… but underneath they are positively giddy about Coleman’s chances.

This race isn’t just winnable folks.  Coleman has the edge — and it all comes down to turnout on Tuesday.

Lewis’ ads thus far have been borderline whiny — defensive, short, and long on explanation despite having a five-day introduction period before Coleman became the nominee.  In fact, some of the first ads Lewis put out was a defense of his liberal/progressive record.

Coleman meanwhile has been making all the right moves on technique, hitting on Lewis’ 96% lock-step voting record with the Democratic Party and a consistent support for tax hikes.  Given the last time Lewis has had to face serious opposition was in 2003, Lewis is proving to have an extremely thin skin when it comes to competitive State Senate seats.

Meanwhile, as Lewis whines, Coleman is running ads such as these:

That’s good stuff folks.  Doing what’s right when no one is looking is the definition of character, ladies and gentlemen.  If Coleman sticks up for his employees with excellent healthcare coverage, you know Coleman is going to do the right thing in the Virginia General Assembly.

So how could things improve even more for Coleman?  Simple — the Coleman campaign just made a key acquisition in Virginia political veteran Marissa Pugmire-Findlay.  Veterans like that should be given their due credit… because Marissa is going to make sure the GOP works down in the 6th.

…and the forecast for Tuesday?  Clear, sunny, and cold with a morning low of 16F and a high of 41F.

Turnout.  Turnout.  Turnout.  (and Obamacare)

Keep this in mind too.  Should Coleman pull things off in the 6th District, that’s a 21-19 Virginia State Senate, meaning that incoming LG Ralph Northam will not only have just promoted himself into obscurity, his ambition will have single-handedly given the Republicans complete control of the General Assembly — both houses, committee appointments and all.

Best of luck mismanaging the Commonwealth with that sort of watchdog, Governor McAuliffe.

  • midwestconservative

    The person who gains the most from this ( besides Republicans of course) is probably Mark Herring. Making Northam a figurehead puts Herring ahead of Northam in the Donk running for Gov in 2017.
    Person who gets hurt the most? Probably Terry McAuliffe. Northam still has the fact that he won the most votes of any Democrat in 2013. Northam also gets to avoid any votes that might come back to hurt him in 2017, by being just a figurehead. McAuliffe on the other hand really needs to have a Democrat controlled Senate in order to push Howell to work with him.

  • midwestconservative

    That’s a dang fine ad by the way.

  • Markos_Anderson

    Blue Virginia blog says they’re not worried about this race.
    That Lewis has it in the bag.

  • midwestconservative

    I hope Coleman has a good absentee ballot showing. Remember Steve Hunt won the Special Election on Election day back in 2010, but Marsden beat him in absentees.
    Lewis has like Marsden the advantage of already having run a campaign, and having it relatively still together.

  • D.j. Spiker

    Technically it makes the Senate 21-18, since the 33rd is vacated 😉 but this is our best chance at holding a majority, for sure

  • Downstater

    It would have been helpful if the writer had identified each candidate by party for those of us who don’t live in the area. I had to go back and refer to the other article “VA 11 HOD…” to confirm that Coleman was the Rep., although reading the commentary one could deduce that.

    Anyway, hope this is true and if so this is great news. Worried about how the weather would affect this race. Will keep my fingers crossed, really want my state back, or at least not to have it go over to the Dark Side of McAwfulldom entirely.

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