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Republican Party of Virginia Beach “Unanimously” Supports Primaries Over Conventions At Duly Called Christmas Party

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Well isn’t this interesting?  How many of you unit committee folks are used to voting on business at Christmas Party functions?

This past Monday, at our annual RPVB Christmas party, we conducted some brief Party business about our upcoming RPVB Mass meeting, the 2nd District Convention and our RPV state Convention, which will be held on Saturday, June 7, 2014 in Roanoke.

During the discussion a vote was taken on floor with our members who were present about the method of nomination in determining our Republican candidates, (i.e. Primary vs. Convention). Unanimously our members are in favor of our Republican Party holding a Primary as the method of nomination in lieu of a Convention.

Also, during the meeting there was a ground swell from our members who want Sen. Wagner to run for the 2nd District Chair next year, because he is a proponent of holding a Primary as our method of nomination.

Sen. Wagner also recently introduced legislation during the 2013 GA session to have no military personnel, including military reservists and Virginia National Guard personnel or any individuals unable to attend meetings excluded from participating in the nomination process.

How convenient.

Given the contention many conservatives feel over protecting the vote from Democratic influence in an open primary, and given further that certain moderates would love nothing more than to keep our open primaries so open that our principles fall out — does anyone buy this nonsense that somehow the Republican Party of Virginia Beach unanimously endorses primaries over conventions?

…and further, supports Senator Wagner over current 2nd District chairman Gary Byler?   Was it a party, or a putsch?

Please — if you’re a RPVB member and you support primaries over conventions, please talk to us in the comments section.  This seems too odd to be true.