Crooks, malcontents and McAuliffe appointees


On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee and I talk about how hard work, and maybe a call to Vance Wilkins, can help the GOP get back on the winning track statewide. Plus, we take a look at the checkered past of Levar Stoney, Gov-elect McAuliffe’s pick to be Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Later, Scott tackles Henrico county’s decision to lighten up on the student suspensions, and links it to a whopper of a statement from Oprah Winfrey. Later Scott examines the folks who hold government jobs and their moral caliber. But he ends on a higher note, with a Thanksgiving proclaimation from Virginia’s greatest statesman, George Washington.

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  • Jim Portugul

    Ya know Norm, when Big Al lost the 2000 presidential election to Bush he took it like a man.

    Although he won the popular vote by 550,000, he didn’t whin and cry for the next 4 years. He went out and made the most of himself.

    My point? Losing an election has become nothing but a starting point for a Republican.

    After they lose, which is becoming more and more frequent, they like to whine, cry, why, obstruct, and what if, for the next 4 years,

    I would suggest the Republicans find candidates who can take a loss like a man, rather than a street thug or 2 year old child.

    Or is it that all the real men abandoned the GOP long ago?

    • Britt Howard

      Jim Portugal, you’re talking about Bill Bolling? Heh…..

  • Jim Portugul

    Britt, the funny thing about the slimy rule change designed to keep Bill Bolling out? Try as I might, I cannot find anyone, or any group, that will man up and take responsibility for the rule change. Was it the Tea Party?

    Not even Limbaughistic wantabee’s like Scott Lee, along with their telephone booth sized audiences, can come up with a “suitable” lie to explain the who done it?

    And Scott, just who didn’t want a Republican governor?

    What was it, the Republican Party scared of having an honest man as a Republican governor instead of a “crooked” lawyer? That no longer acceptable?

    Or, perhaps Bill wouldn’t take orders from the real Governor of Virginia, Dominion Resources?

    Oh, and by the way, in his quest to become the world’s biggest hate radio liar, just where does Scott Lee rank these days?

    • Tommy Valentine

      Who kept Bill Bolling out of anything? He was free to run in the convention. He refused.

  • Jim Portugul

    Tommy, using your same line of reasoning Cuccinnelli could have run in a primary. And lost.

    Whoever wanted the rule change should come out of the closet. Why the secret?

    Man up to costing the Republicans the election. What are they afraid of?

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